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ABAP Connectivity

Moderator of this WIKI section is
Frank Mueller.

Welcome to the ABAP Connectivity Wiki space. Starting with this page you can find any kind of topics related to communication from an to an ABAP Server. In particular, the ABAP Connectivity Wiki covers the areas of Remote Function Call (RFC), Internet Communication Framework (ICF), ABAP Channels (AC), ABAP Connectors (SAP Java Connector, SAP Java Resource Adapter, (NW) RFC SDK, SAP Business Connector, SAP .Net Connector, SAP ABAP Connector) and Web Services ABAP. In other words: it is dedicated to all core technologies that connect an ABAP server to any other system (ABAP or non-ABAP) directly or over the internet. On this page you will find a lot of links to different information sources (like SAP documentation, SDN articles and blogs, related books, trainings) for each technology component. And - of course - you will find all the material added by our contributors.This main page is not intended for public changes. Feel free to add you content to one of the child pages below or create your own child page. 


SDN Articles, Presentations and Guides 

 ABAP Channels

WebSocket Communication Using ABAP Push Channels

Introduction to the ABAP Channels framework for message exchange based on the push concept. 

 Unified Connectivity (UCON)

Unified Connecitvity Overview

UCON Overview (Presentation): Securing RFC communication

Secure Your System Communications with Unified Connectivity

A Simple, State-of-the-Art Approach to RFC Security

UCON RFC Basic Scenario - Guide to Setup and Operations

How to Make Your RFC Connections More Secure in a Simple Way


Securing RFC Connections

Presentation that shows you how to design your individual RFC authorization concept.

 NetWeaver RFC SDK

Part I: RFC Client Programs

Part II: RFC Server Programs

Part III: Advanced Topics

Learn how to improve communication between Your C/C++ applications and SAP systems with the SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK

 Web Services ABAP

Concept and how-to guides

Concept and how-to guides explaining step-by-step various parts of Web Service framework in ABAP

Web Service Technology for SAP NetWeaver

Introduction to the Web Service technology in SAP NetWeaver.

Access SAP Business Functions ABAP via Web Services

Describes various options to access SAP ABAP business functions via web services.

Enterprise Services Repository and Registry - An Overview

Describes the features of the ES Repository and the Services Registry.

Providing and Consuming Web Services in ABAP

Presentation on the basic principles of providing and consuming web services in ABAP.

Develop, Monitor and Debug WS Consumer and Provider (Release: NW 7.0 SP14)

How-to guide including screenshots and step-by-step descriptions.

SOA Made Easy With SAP

Elaborates the concept of enterprise services: Web services, combined with business logic and harmonized semantics that enable end-to-end business processes.



Debugging a RFC call using JCo API (part 1)

Debugging a RFC call using JCo API (part 2)

Provides detailed information on how to analyse the dump of an RFC call using JCo.

Dynamic JCo creation

How to create dynamic JCo destinations in a WebDynpro environment.

 RFC Development

New developments in Netweaver RFC communication

Keep yourself up-to-date with the new RFC features like background RFC (bgRFc), class-based exceptions for RFC or basXML communication.

Statistical Records Part 2: RFC Statistics

Describes the structure and use of statistical records in the AS ABAP for RFC.

Python Connectivity

How to integrate RFC and dynamic languages in Web Application development. Provides a good overview of Python Connectivity with the ABAP stack. 

 SAP .Net Connector

A Spotlight on the New .NET Connector 3.0

Analyzes benefits and programming model of SAP .Net Connector 3.0

 Web Services ABAP
Service Modeling with the ESR

Learn more about service modeling and service definition capabilities in the Enterprise Service Repository.

Service Implementation in ABAP

Describes the generation of a server proxy for a Web Service. Including voice recorded demo.



 RFC, ICF, UCON, ABAP Channels, Built-In Connectors 
Components of SAP Communication Technology  (SAP Help Portal)

RFC/ICF Security Guide (PDF)

 Web Services ABAP

ABAP Web Services User Guide (SAP Help Portal)

 Standalone Connectors 

Connectors Homepage on SAP Service Marketplace

On the Connectors page you will find any kind of information on SAP's standalone connectors for ABAP: SAP Java Connector, SAP Java Resource Adapter, RFC Library, SAP NetWeaver RFC Library, SAP Business Connector, SAP .Net Connector and others. Here you can download product documentation as pdf file or learn more in the FAQ section for each component. You will also find information on trainings and workshops offered by SAP.

Follow these links and you will find the documentation of all topics related to the ABAP Connectivity core components.


Connectivity-related forums

 ABAP, General

 ABAP Connectivity

 Process Integration

 SAP NetWeaver .NET Technologies


Learn more about connectivity-related issues in these forums and discuss your topics with other SDN members and SAP experts.



 These books provide an introduction to ABAP Connectivity

 Connectivity with ABAP Objects

ABAP Objects - ABAP Prgramming in SAP NetWeaver

A very good introduction to ABAP Objects including an overview of ABAP Connectivity core components.

ABAP Objects: Application Programming from Scratch

State-of-the-art ABAP Application programming techniques that are useful for your connectivity procjects.

 Connectivity Interface Programming

SAP Interface Programming

Gives you a good overview of SAP interface technologies, including RFC and RFC Library. With descriptive examples in ABAP, Java, C, and C#.
Note: the samples in C are still based on the out-dated classic RFC Library. For state-of-the-art examples see the article "NetWeaver RFC SDK" here in the "Articles" section.




This section presents a selection of intstructor-led courses that are essential for Connectivity-related topics. You'll find detailed information on the curriculum and course content in the training catalog .

 Web Services ABAP

BC416 Web Services ABAP (2 days) BIT420 PI - Proxy Development and Service Provisioning with ESR (5days)


No specific courses, but elements included in the curriculum for ABAP development: BC400 ABAP Workbench Foundations (5 days) BC401 ABAP Objects (5 days) BC402 Advanced ABAP (5 days) SAP JCo BIT526 SAP Java Connector Programming (5 days)

 SAP Business Connector

BIT 530 SAP Business Connector Introduction (2 days)

 SAP .Net Connector

BIT528 SAP .Net Connector Programming (5 days)




In this section you will find a collection of links to SDN articles, blogs and presentations which do not necessarily represent offical SAP statements but may provide useful ideas on how to apply ABAP Connectivity components. 


Disclaimer and Liability Notice: The documents in this area may discuss sample coding or other information that does not include SAP official interfaces and therefore is not supported by SAP. Changes made based on this information are not supported and can be overwritten during an upgrade. SAP will not be held liable for any damages caused by using or misusing the information, code or methods suggested in this document, and anyone using these methods does so at his/her own risk. SAP offers no guarantees and assumes no responsibility or liability of any type with respect to the content of this technical article or code sample, including any liability resulting from incompatibility between the content within this document and the materials and services offered by SAP. You agree that you will not hold, or seek to hold, SAP responsible or liable with respect to the content of these documents.



ABAP calls Java via RFC (5 parts)

Blog series providing some thoughts on the background of JCo development including a sample scenario for the communication between AS ABAP and AS Java.

Are there still use cases for direct RFC calls?

Discusses the question when to use Web Services or RFC communication.

Twitter as a potential notification tool for SAP

Make your SAP system twitter using SAP JCo.


Finding Your (RFC) Destination

Did you ever get lost in SM59? Here's how to find a way out. This short article shows how to name your RFC destinations in a logical way and how to change them dynamically for test purposes.

Show RFC Workload Statistic to build authorizations for authorization object S_RFC

Building authorizations for authorization object S_RFC easily by using information about the function groups and filtering the result by user group or user type.


Real Web Services with REST and ICF

Some interesting thoughts on creating REST-based Web Services with the Internet Communication Framework in this article.

 SAP Business Connector

Setting Up The XSI Interface for UPS with the SAP Business Connector

Get your SAP system connected to UPS for parcel tracking using the SAP Business Connector.

 Web Services ABAP

Web Services with SAP Part 1 - Concepts

Web Services with SAP Part 2 - Web Service Creation

Web Services with SAP Part 3 - Web Service Consumption

This article series will take you through some basic concepts of Web Services, various Web Service creation and consumption methods in the releases 6.40, 7.0 and 7.1 (CE).

The SOA Restaurant

Have you ever heard of terms like SOA, Service Registry or Composition Environment? And what about BPM, ESR and Service Provisioning? An unorthodox approach to the world of Web Services in this short blog for everyone who's not familiar with the concepts of Web Service communication.

 Cross Topics

PHP Integration in SAP

How to integrate PHP applications with the SAP system through the use of RFC connections or Web Services.


Recently Released: New ABAP Connectivity Components

  • Unified Connectivity (UCON): Increased security and simplified configuration for your RFC communication. Find details in the UCON documentaton..
  • ABAP Channels: Event-based messaging based on Web Sockets. See also: ABAP Channels documentation.
  • SAP ABAP Connector: enables you to consume RFC Services on remote ABAP systems, even if the interface of the remote function or related dictionary types are not available on the ABAP servers involved, or only available in different versions . More information: SAP ABAP Connector documentation.


First Public Release of SAP Python/ABAP Connector
The Python/ABAP Connector was designed to support the scripting language Python for web applications development, RESTful hardware integration and ABAP extensions. Please find further information on:

New Release of SAP .NET Connector
We are pleased to announce release 3.0 of the SAP .NET Connector. It supports current Windows releases (Windows XP 32 Bit, Windows 2003 32/64 Bit (x64), Windows Vista 32/64 Bit (x64), Windows 2008 64 Bit (x64) and later Windows 7) as well as up-to-date Microsoft .NET Runtime versions (2.0, 3.0 and 3.5). If you are interested, please check out the details on the Connectors SMP Hompage





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    RFC Master the Five Remote Function Calls (RFC) Types in ABAP, Part 1: A Comprehensive Guide for SAP Programmers and Administrators In this SAP Professional Journal article, the SAP authors discuss the five Remote Function Call (RFC) types available within SAP Basis systems 4.0B and higher, and show how to use them within your ABAP programs. First part of a 2-part article series. Explore the technical procedures and settings for creating and securing RFMs in ABAP Best practices for creating RFC-enabled function modules with a special focus on security awareness.

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     WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refusedCOUNTER 
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