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Welcome to the Sustainability Wiki

The Pitch

Sustainability has made it into many headlines. Sustainability is definitely a global trend today. Some companies are reporting on it, and there are new indicators that certainly will be in the annual reports of almost every public company in the coming years. To help define new indicators for our company, we decided to integrate you into this process from the very beginning. We believe in a completely transparent community-based approach, and this is one way that you can help SAP and the BPX/SDN community in our efforts to develop indicators specific to a software vendor in the high-tech industry.

The Approach

Tell what indicators we should use to measure its success and report on its status in different areas. For example, how could SAP contribute to the environment indicators? How does a company car policy contribute to the carbon footprint of a company? What could SAP do to limit CO2 emissions?

Provide your input and your perspective on these indicators. The Global Reporting Initiative?'s (GRI) Performance Indicators PDFs are available in the Knowledge Center on the CSR homepage. under Sustainability Reporting

Comment on the Corporate Performance Indicator pages below, or the non-Corporate pages, or become an editor of this wiki. (directions)

Editorial Board

James Farrar, List of Editors


Wiki Pages

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Corporate Performance Indicators

Human Rights Indicators

Labor Practices Decent Work Indicators

Product Responsibility Indicators

Society Indicators

Environment Indicators

Economic Indicators

Non-Corporate Performance Indicators

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    Non-Corporate Performance Indicators — If you are not a Corporate Executive, or not authorized to speak for your corporation, your input is still critical for this subject.

Recent Content - Drafts

The Road to a Zero Environmental Footprint Corporation
Making Sustainability a Core Operating Principle

Sustainability in the News

SAP Dives Deeper Into the Water Pool: It's one of the most challenging markets in the world, but IBM, GE and Siemens are there, too

CSR and Environmental Sustainability

CSR and Environmental Sustainability

Community Events and Contents


Introduction to Sustainability 8-week class starting 26 August 2013

ASUG 2009 Annual Conference / Sapphire - Environment and Sustainability Community Session Agenda Wiki page
Informal Online Meetup- Sustainability at-BPX
Sustainability at SAP TechEd 2008 EMEA
Jim's Transportation Choices for SAP TechEd 2008 EMEA

Recent Blogs

Most recent sustainability blogs

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