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Duet Enterprise Prerequisites


This page will provide information on the prerequisites for Duet Enterprise.


1) Duet Enterprise Feature Pack 1 is based on SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0. This requires a SAP NetWeaver ABAP Stack 7 with Enhancement Pack 2 (NetWeaver 7.02) Service Pack 08.
2) General information on what SAP NetWeaver Gateway is and how you can install it can be found here: and in the How-To Guide:
Installing and Configuring SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0

3) Once NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 is installed, you have to install the Duet Enterprise Feature Pack 1 add-on and perform certain configuration tasks. In the end you should have the following in place:

- SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Server with Claims Bsed WebApplication (in case you want to use Role Sync)
- Gateway 2.0 SP2+ ABAP (based on NetWeaver 7.02 SP08)
- IW_TNG 200 SP01 installed
- SAPCryptoLib on 1.555.29 or higher
- If required (for development): ESR System on required level (see PAM)
- If required (for out-of-the-box): Backend system on required level (see PAM)
- Users / Roles created on Gateway system

- No Firewall (or at least the required ports should be open) between SharePoint & Gateway & Backend system & ESR System
- Profile settings for SSL (
- Single Sign On (login/accept_sso2_ticket = 1; login/create_sso2_ticket =2; see Config Guide)
- User with “enough” permissions on SharePoint (Farm Admin), Gateway system (to run the Wizard) and in the backend system (to create Trust, RFC destination, Logical Ports, …)
- If required: “service users” for Reporting and Workflow
- For Role Sync: “special” user in Active Directory for User Profile Sync (see MSFT documentation)

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