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Installation and Configuration of the Duet Enterprise Starter Services 


To provide information on installing and configuring the scenario Duet Enterprise Starter Services.   


1) Duet Enterprise Landscape has been installed as per the SAP Installation Guide and the SAP Configuration Guide found on the SAP Service Marketplace Installation Guides ->SAP Business Suite Applications->Duet Enterprise->Feature Pack 1 for Duet Enterprise 1.0

2) Required SAP Notes have been applied to both the Gateway server and the SAP Backend system being used for Workflow as per Release Note.

Duet Enterprise Feature Pack 1.0: Release Information Note 1590752

3) Which SAP Backend systems in your landscape will be used as a source of customer and product information? The SAP backend system(s) used for Starter Services must meet the pre-requisite found in the Product Availability Matrix. Starter Services uses both web service calls as well as RFC calls therefore for full functionality an ECC-SE component is required on your SAP backend system.

Product Availability Matrix - Search for Duet Enterprise

Installation and Configuration Guides

SAP Service Marketplace Installation Guides Go to SAP Business Suite Applications->Duet Enterprise->Feature Pack 1 for Duet Enterprise 1.0 SAP Configuration Guide

Microsoft Guide - Configure reporting

Additional Resources;

Duet Enterprise – Uploading and Accessing SAP DMS Documents in a Starter Services Workspace
Duet Enterprise – Adding Report Template Links to the Starter Services Workspaces

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