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Overview :

This wiki details about manual configurations needed to configure ADS in case configuration using automated wizard failed or not possible to use as described in

Version EP7.3

Technical Details :

To change or correct specific settings related to ADS , perform the basic ADS configuration manually as shown below.

1. Create the system user required for the secure communication between the PDF Object Layer and the ADS :

The secure communication between the Forms Processing Framework (Java) and the Adobe Document Services (ADS) running on the AS Java, requires the system user ADSuser with a special UME role delivered by SAP. If the user has not been created automatically by the configuration tool, it should be created manually.

Start user management tool using http://host:port/useradmin , access identity management . Create the system user  ADSuser.

Create the ADSCALLERS group ,assign UME Role SAP_ADSCALLER which was created during installation automatically.assign this group to ADSUSER as well.

2.Set up the basic authentication between the forms processing framework and the ADS :

To process PDF forms in a Java environment, set up the basic authentication between the PDF Object Layer and the Adobe Document Services (ADS) as shown below.

Login to NWA using url http://host:port/nwa and navigate to SOA -> Technical Configuration -> Destination Template Management. Choose New to Create Destination with Name ConfigPort_Document.

Choose Destination Type as WSIL.In the URL Field , enter http://<host>:<port>/inspection.wsil.

Note : Host name is the host on which ADS is running.

Choose HTTP Authentication in the Authentication group box and select the User ID/Password(Basic) indicator. Click on the Details button. Enter ADSUser in the field User ID and the user's password in the Password and Confirm Password fields.Choose Save and Finish.

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