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Concept of DaRT:
 SAP's Data Retention Tool (DaRT) was developed to meet legal data retention and reporting requirements.
 The design of DaRT was based on what data a typical company may need in an audit. However, every taxpayer must decide what additional data may be needed and configure DaRT accordingly. The configuration consists of adding fields to existing DaRT segments and creating new ones.

  DaRT Extracts:
 DaRT allows to periodically extract data from online R/3 applications into sequential files called DaRT extracts.

 Key features:
 DaRT Used to extract data from online R/3 systems. 
DaRT functionality transforms Data base objects into flat files and
also contains a View tool which enables to export the filtered data to different formats (csv, SAP-audit...)

 DART Functions:

 Data Extraction:
  *The R/3 database represents a huge pool of information necessary to run a business.  Of this data, only a small portion may require retention to meet legal requirements.*

 Archive Retrieval (T/c: FTWB):
 Companies may have utilized the Archived Development Kit (ADK) to reduce data volume within SAP and improve performance.  To provide clients with coherent transaction data, SAP provides a tool to retrieve the archived data into the DART tool's own tables. (This tool should be used only in "emergency" situations since not all application tables will be reloaded!)
  Data Merge (T/c: FTWC):
 The data extraction tool can create monthly segments of data stored from each module and from ADK.  These segments can then be merged into one complete year file.  Master records are merged and duplicate records are deleted.
  View Tool (T/c: FTWY):
 The generic query tool allows users to view the data in a specific structure, i.e.    FI Document Header or FI Document Line Items.
  The following Transactions are used in Data Retention Tool in SAP
 Transaction code for DaRT Functions is - FTW0
 Transaction code for DaRT Configuration- FTWP
 Transaction code for DaRT Extracts is - FTW1A
 Transaction code for Extract Browser - FTWF
 Transaction code for Extract Verification - FTWD/FTWE
 Transaction code for Convert the Extract to Xml file - S_P6B_12000352
 Program used for Merging of several Xml Files: RDART_FILE_MERGE
 Transaction code for Downloading Xml file: S_ALR_87009939

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