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SAP PP Integration with Other Modules



  • Availability Check
  • MTO Scenario-MRP Run, Requirement Types
  • Variant Configuration - Selection/requirements of BOM Components and operation


  • Goods movements - Backflush, Auto Goods Receipt
  • STO, Reservation created for Production Order/Planning
  • Creation of Purchase Requisitions, Purchase orders with MRP Run
  • Quota arrangements/info record usage for sub-contracting/to choose the right vendor


  • Price update in material master
  • Assigning price to activity type for the specific period in the fiscal year.
  • Activity Type in the Cost center assigned in the WorkCenter
  • Order Type - Settlement Profile, Costing and Valuation Variants
  • Product cost Collector
  • Standard Cost Estimate
  • WIP and Variance Calculation
  • Costing Sheets for overheads


  • Account posting entries for each Goods movement related to PP with Valuation Class, Material Type and Movement Type


  • Inprocess inspection with Inspection Type 03-Discrete(After Production Order Release) and 13-Repetetive Manufacturing(Manually through MFPR)
  • Goods Receipt inspection with Inspection Type 04 for both Discrete and Repetitive Manufacturing 


  • BOM transfer (CN33) to required project with BOM usage 3 (Universal).
  • Components assigned to WBS and/or Network in the Project.
  • If the components are attached to WBS, than they are planned with respect the project system. MRP is run at Project level (MD51). The procured material attached to WBS are reseverd as project stock against the the particular project. 
  • The component attached to network are planned at plant level and are reserved as plant stock.

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Link to MRP relevant FAQs under PP FAQ

Useful OSS Notes


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  2. Guest

    Hi, today is my 1st day here. Good evening to every1. I am facing a problem during conversation of Planned Order to Production Order & MRP Run. Although 02 BOMs are there in the system showing Error message 52 No BOM attached / selected. Please guide me to solve the problem. I have checked both the BOMs are active and no Deleting flag is showing in any of the BOM.

    Narayan Mishra

  3. Hi very nice document thanks for sharing!!! this is very useful for us.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Santosh Sharma