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Scripting Languages

Welcome to the Scripting Language Wiki at SAP Developer Network. Its purpose is to offer you information about using Scripting Languages with SAP Systems. Here you can find information about existing SAP connectors for scripting languages, SAP scripting supporting tools and other documentation.


  • Development support
    Tools, supporting the scripting development with SAP backend systems.
  • Scripting runtime
    Information about existing SAP connectors for scripting languages, capabilities, authors, license information, etc.
  • SAP scripting FAQ
    Basic questions and answers to connecting a scripting language to an SAP backend system.
  • Additional Tools
    Tools for graphical development.
  • Frameworks
    Tools for MVC programming.


  • Must read weblogs
    Blogs to read if you are looking for Scripting Languages and SAP Applications.


Often this area will feature links to Community Projects such as:




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