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Here are some examples of Key Performance Indicators used in higher education.  Each KPI is classified under a perspective and objective.  A single KPI can be tracked uder multiple perspect

Perpective                                      Objective                                                              Key Performance Indicator

Academic Perspective

Student Success: Recruit, retain, graduate the best students 


Student Recruitment Metrics:
  Freshman Inquiries
  Freshman Conversion
  Freshman Applications
  Freshman Selectivity
  Freshman Accepted
  Freshman Yield
  Freshman Enrolled
  SAT/ACT Score Quality
  Top 10% Rank in Class
  Discount Rate
  % of Financial Need Met
Graduation Metrics:  
  Degrees Conferred
  % of Students Gaining Employment within x months
Retention Metrics:
  4-Year Graduation Rate
  5-Year Graduation Rate
  6-Year Graduation Rate
  1-year Retention Rate
Graduate Student Metrics:
  # of Research Assistants
  GRE Quantitative Score

Academic Perspective

Provide Quality Academic Programs and Support Services

% of Course Sections with an enrollment of 20 or less
% of Course Sections with an enrollment of 50 or more
Passing Rate for National Licenses or Exams (e.g. Nursing, Pharmacy, Law, etc)
Academic Support Spending per Student Headcount
Instructional Spending per Student Headcount
Student Participation in Study Abroad
Faculty-to-Student Ratio

Academic Perspective

Attract and retain outstanding faculty/staff

Average Faculty Salary and Benefits
Employee Satisfaction
Faculty Tenure Rate
Number of Endowed chairs and professorships
Staff Turnover Rate
Staff participation in central HR training

Financial Perspective

Optimize Expenditures 

Administration Spending per Student
Departments exceeding budget
Number of Financial Shadow Systems
Complete all capital projects on-time

Financial Perspective

Advancement and Endowment

Average Alumni Giving Rate
% of Campaign Goal Pledged
% of Campaign Goal Collected
Endowment per Student Headcount

Financial Perspective

Remain Compliant

A-21 Audit Findings
Cost of compliance as % of budget
Laboratory Safety Violations
OFAC Compliance Violations
Time to close fiscal year (in weeks)
Violations of OSHA, HFPA, BOCA, NRC, and FDA

Research Perspective

Increase Funded Research 


Contracts and Grants Funding Awarded
NIH Grants Funding Awarded
Number of Patents Issued
Proposal Success Rate

Research Perspective

Provide Adequate Research Facilities

New Lab space available for research
Laboratory Safety Violations
Sq Ft of Incubator Space

Research Perspective

Increase Faculty Scholarly Activities

Members of National Academies
Number of publications or performances in national outlets
# of Tenured Faculty

Campus and Community Perspective

Improve Campus Life 

# of Public Safety Officers
Campus Wireless Network Coverage
NSSE Supportive Campus Environment
Number of Students graduating late due to course availability

Campus and Community Perspective

Support Integrity and Service to Community

Community Perception Survey Score
Funding for Public Services Initiatives
Student Awareness of Code of Ethics

Campus and Community Perspective

Support superior athletics

Graduation Rate for Freshman Student athletes
Placement in Directors Cup
Student Participation Rate in Intramural Athletics or Sports Clubs

Campus and Community Perspective

Promote and Enhance Sustainability

Reduce CO2 Emissions to Target
% of Space LEED Certified
% Spend with "Sustainable" Vendors

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