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Welcome to the SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM)  WIKI. Feel free to create new entries or add to existing ones.

The SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) application provides you with a 360-degree-support for all product-related processes - from the first product idea, through manufacturing to product service. SAP PLM is part of the SAP Business Suite, which gives organizations the unique ability to perform their essential business processes with modular software that is designed to work with other SAP and non-SAP software. Organizations and departments in all sectors can deploy SAP Business Suite software to address specific business challenges on their own timelines and without costly upgrades.

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  1. Guest


    I really want to thank you folks to put together this group.  This would surely help for those who wanted to look into the PLM Suite..

    My simple suggestion would be if you can add more information on the Integration of xRPM/cProjects with R/3,  This will be of great help for everyone to clearly understand the  data flow from all other system into one box.

    Keep up the good work,


    Praveen Kumar

  2. Guest

    Hi all,

     Just one question, are you considering SAP EHS (including Product Safety, Dangerous Goods, Waste Management, Industrial Hygiene and Safety and Occupathional Health)?

     Many thanks and best regards,