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Welcome to the gateway wiki page for SAP Master Data Management. Find useful information about MDM and its various components by browsing the space categories and/or following the links below.

If you are new to MDM, we highly recommend to get familiar with the MDM solution portfolio as shown in the MDM Positioning Tutorial. Then, you may go to the Getting started with SAP NetWeaver MDM section or find out more about SAP Master Data Governance.

Additional information is available in:

  • SAP NetWeaver MDM FAQ - the Wiki FAQ page for SAP NetWeaver MDM
  • MDM Forum - the SDN forum for SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP Master Data Governance
  • MDM SDN - the SDN main page for SAP MDM (covering SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP Master Data Governance). See articles, features and more on the page.
  • MDM Blogs - the SDN blogging page for SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP Master Data Governance
  • MDM eLearning - the SDN eLearning catalog for SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP Master Data Governance
  • MDM 5.5 and MDM 7.1 How-To Guides - the SDN how-to guides for SAP NetWeaver MDM
  • Further useful Links - a collection of various links related to SAP NetWeaver MDM outside the Wiki

Related Areas

SAP NetWeaver FAQ
is the Wiki FAQ page for SAP NetWeaver in general

SAP NetWeaver PI
is the Wiki home of Process Integration (eXchange Infrastructure) for connecting MDM with other remote systems like ERP, CRM, and so on

Categories of the SAP Master Data Management space

  • Page:
    SAP NetWeaver MDM Tools — SAP NetWeaver MDM consists of several software components. This category collects useful information about the MDM Clients (like Console, Data Manager and so on) and other generic MDM tools (like Enrichment Controller, Data Extractors, and so on) provided by SAP.
  • Page:
    MDM Content and Processes — MDM Content and Processes collects useful information about SAP NetWeaver MDM Content (like the predefined SAP repositories) and MDM processes (like Master Data in other (SAP) systems) in general.
  • Page:
    MDM APIs — SAP NetWeaver MDM contains several APIs that you can use to access and handle your master data with your own applications. APIs are available for the programming languages ABAP, JAVA and .NET. This category collects useful information, tipps and tricks, coding examples and many more related to the MDM APIs.
  • Page:

Your Contribution

If you are not yet familiar with Wiki and creating own pages, we recommend to browse through the pages of Getting Started with Wikis.

Categories & your contribution

Categories are used to sort and relate your contributions to the various components of MDM. Add your contribution to a suitable category by adding a child page for the category page. If you need to add a new category page, ensure to add the label mdm_category so that your new category appears in the list above.