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Plain unedited copy of the chat and questions during the SAP Mentor Webinar: Welcome New SAP Mentors Fall 2010

Matthias Steiner: the eGeeks songs is quite catchy (smile)
Martin Gillet: @Matthias +1 A must have
(g) John Appleby: woooo Demo Jam (big grin)
Matthias Steiner: I want one of these (smile)
Aslan Noghre-kar: that looks awesome
(g) Graham Robbo: Looks like one of @jonerp archive photos
(g) Gregor Wolf: Is Matt the only Mentor this year beeing a Demo Jam Finalist?
Martin Gillet: @Gregor that is @jonerp
(g) John Appleby: We have a submission
(g) Karin Tillotson: that one can compete against TdT's vault
(g) John Appleby: But I was barely involved
Marilyn Pratt: @Gregor John Astill to
(g) John Appleby: But I'm expecting you guys to support it in Berlin!
(g) Otto Gold: drumroll?
Brian Bernard: Sounds like someone just passed out
(g) Gregor Wolf: Sounds like a horse.
Martin Gillet: @
Martin Gillet: @Gregor Michelle ?
(g) Bryan Whitmarsh (Sybase): who all will be at TechEd in Berlin?
(g) Otto Gold: how comes we have matthias twice on the list?
Matthias Steiner: aaahhh
(g) Graham Robbo: Bring on the Mentorette
Matthias Steiner: I've just heard teh end of the sentence ....
(g) Gregor Wolf: @Bryan: Will be in Berlin. Are you there?
(g) John Appleby: @Bryan: Si
(g) Bryan Whitmarsh (Sybase): j
(g) Anne K Petterøe: Welcome fellow mentorette!
(g) Sylvia S: Congrats Michelle  !!
(g) Otto Gold: welcome!
Martin Gillet: Hi Michelle
Brian Bernard: Yeah Michigan!
(g) Gregor Wolf: @Bryan: When will you fly in? Already for innovation weekend?
(g) @JSpath55: U.P. Rocks!
Martin Gillet: Isolation cell ?
(g) Stephen Johannes: like the industrial look
(g) Bryan Whitmarsh (Sybase): monday afternoon
(g) John Appleby: Even if they don't have the shiny walls that SAP has
(g) Graham Robbo: Nice bridge but the approach road looks a bit ordinary
Brian Bernard: Michigan also has more coastline than California (smile)
(g) @JSpath55: The fog rolled in?
(g) Otto Gold: fog of war!
(g) Stephen Johannes: Western Michigan is very nice
(g) Graham Robbo: @brian that must by why they have so many great surfers (wink)
(g) John Appleby: It's one of Jim's scnottie submissions
(g) Vitaliy Rudnytskiy: Sounds like IRS getting into the building
Matthias Steiner: oh tell me about horse-riding... my girls are crazy over horses (smile)
Greg Chase: OK, Eva and I are finally logged in
(g) @JSpath55: See Michelle here too -
Greg Chase: Eva and I like Michelle's doggie
Matthias Steiner: did you bring her along?
(g) Butch McNally: don't think clemson fooballers can understand...
Greg Chase: She's with me in spirit
Mark Finnern: @greg did Eva bark?
Matthias Steiner: @greg ah...
(g) Stephen Johannes: Woohoo more Mentor Dogs.. Sounds like another Mentor ''wolfpack''
(g) Butch McNally: or is that michigan...not orange tiger paw huh
Greg Chase: Eva has something to say to Mr. Spath, I just haven't finished the translation on the new video blog
(g) @JSpath55: Hi Butch!
(g) Karin Tillotson: hey Butch - am wondering if you are EVER going to return my phone call from like 2 weeks ago (smile)
(g) Butch McNally: hey, Jim...liked ur fog comment... +2
(g) Butch McNally: calling u know...darn line is busy.  Will call right after this TC...
(g) @JSpath55: I'm working on the SCNotties nominees blog in another window.
Greg Chase: Eva says you can dump me and just award something to her
Matthias Steiner: @greg I thought dogs are loyal?
(g) @JSpath55: No clones Greg.
Greg Chase: I'm really her clone, not the other way around
Greg Chase: @Michelle-> SCN is like crack
Greg Chase: easy to get addicted, hard to stop
Marilyn Pratt: @michelle - Dipankar and Abesh should know about that xMII connection!
(g) Stephen Johannes: @michelle +1 developers knowning the business processes
Greg Chase: *learn how to be a mentor - you are already being one hence you were chosen (smile)
(g) @JSpath55: tweet mor
(g) Otto Gold: mor means plague in my language(smile) )
(g) Otto Gold: twitter is a plague(smile) )
(g) Paul Aschmann: Attend Innovation weekend +1 (smile)
(g) Stephen Johannes: @otto +1
Greg Chase: Frist thing - drink more red bull?
(g) @JSpath55: @Otto oops.  It's IM-spk for ''more'' (smile)
Greg Chase: long term politician slide is an oxymoron
(g) Matt Harding 2: @Michelle - Good summary of what Innovation Weekend is about
(g) Otto Gold: just kidding(smile) ) kidding every day to stay alive
(g) tbroek: very welcome to #sitNL on november 20th
(g) Stephen Johannes: @michelle you are always welcome @ #sapitstl
Matthias Steiner: nice Michelle!
Martin Gillet: Michelle I'll help you for the SIT shall the poney ride be included (smile)
(g) Otto Gold: I am so glad about thic political stuff(smile) ) means the ideas was not odd...
Martin Gillet: welcome aboard Michelle
Greg Chase: Michelle already knows how to be a mentor (smile)
Greg Chase: like your hair today mark
(g) Gregor Wolf: Welcome Michelle, Help on CodeExchange ABAP Projects always welcome. Hope we can also work on simpler Terms of Use.
Martin Gillet: @greg ditto A few Good Men you don't need a rudby shirt to be a mentor, most mentors were already one (smile)
(g) Michelle Crapo: @Gregor - Thank you I'll have to ping you
Matthias Steiner: @martin nice quote (smile)
(g) Michelle Crapo: Thank you for the nice WELCOME
(g) @JSpath55: Hi Peter McNulty!
(g) Gregor Wolf: Hi Vitaliy, I think I follow you for years on Picasa after you've posted pictures of TechEd.
(g) Otto Gold: code exchange nees adobe form for registration!!
(g) Otto Gold: don´t make me to fax anything!
(g) tbroek: google maps in fog (sad)
(g) @JSpath55: fuzzy pixels (sad)
Martin Gillet: @matthias I'm a movide buff can't help it
Greg Chase: HP recently acquired leo (smile)
(g) Gregor Wolf: @Otto: I hope SAP will some time allow standard Open Source licences.
Matthias Steiner: @martin same here... usually I quote from Star Wars (smile)
Martin Gillet: @matthias nice references too !
Greg Chase: i thought mentors had to quote from star trek
Greg Chase: Or Dr. Who
(g) Stephen Johannes: @greg No Hitchhikers Guide
(g) Otto Gold: @gregor +1 free licenses(smile) )
Greg Chase: well hitchhikerrs for any geek, not just Mentors (smile)
Matthias Steiner: ''Who's the more follish - the fool, or the fool who follows him?'' (wink)
(g) Stephen Johannes: +1 my 8 month old would love that (smile)
(g) @JSpath55: brb - @cadillac_dog feeding time.  [ ]
(g) Matt Harding 2: Have to go to Project meeting now - so have to run - nice meeting everyone (online), and see everyone coming to Vegas in a couple of weeks (Woo Hoo)
(g) Otto Gold: have a nice day, matt!
Matthias Steiner: bye matt
(g) Stephen Johannes: @jspath @cadillac_dog needs to go on a monkey free diet
(g) @JSpath55: @matt cya down under in 2011
Aslan Noghre-kar: @Stephen maybe we should give out mentor Towels next year
(g) Stephen Johannes: @alsan +1
(g) Otto Gold: @aslan +1
(g) Matt Harding 2: @JSpath55 - shame you're not in Vegas, but Mast Tech will be great too!
Martin Gillet: @Greg not mentors, Chuck Norris has to quote Star Trek!
Matthias Steiner: HANA
Greg Chase: ok, who's this chuck norris guy?
Greg Chase: i mean the one on twitter
Matthias Steiner: a dedicated fan boy I'd say (smile)
Martin Gillet: @Greg just dunno... he/she likes to keep it low profile (smile)
Matthias Steiner: sounds really interesting vitaliy
(g) @JSpath55: Peter ''B'' McNulty!  w00t!
Greg Chase: Yay, Peter!
(g) Karin Tillotson: Peter!  Yeah!!
Greg Chase: OMG, I'm so surprised you aren't here already
(g) Graham Robbo: Welcome Peter - yay!
(g) Stephen Johannes: Congrats Peter
Greg Chase: Peter is 33 years old
(g) Butch McNally: everyone knows u!  Congrats on becoming an SAP Mentor, Peter!
Greg Chase: Oracle has the most impressive excel sheets you've ever seen
(g) Otto Gold: oracle? I was said it is accenture(smile) )
Greg Chase: Talk about event definition for Business Suite
Greg Chase: ooh he said BPM
Greg Chase: Peter now knows what a pro at SAP connect really is
(g) @JSpath55: Peter is shy.
(g) Otto Gold: lol, webcam on the way(smile) ))))
(g) Sylvia S: haha...we have proof..very funny
(g) Karin Tillotson: Peter probably does have a webcam - its just not on
Aslan Noghre-kar: That's a nice picture
Martin Gillet: yeah I have two mentors on the way too, one for my wife one for PR stuff rofl
(g) @JSpath55: Awesome tem.  #BITI rocks!
(g) @JSpath55: team
Matthias Steiner: (smile)
(g) Karin Tillotson: Peter - hehehe
(g) Butch McNally: hey...friends in the Portal Communities also...
Greg Chase: Eva approves
(g) Otto Gold: did you order a webcam for the dog?(smile) )
(g) @JSpath55: Butch - your heart is still in BITI.
(g) Michelle Crapo: @Greg @Otto my dogs would have to share
Greg Chase: Eva wants a web cam where she can smell other dogs butts
(g) Otto Gold: @Michelle I don´t have a dog, but have two squirrels(smile) )
(g) Karin Tillotson: hey look - squirrel!
(g) Anton W: got to run. hello to all the new ones again. have fun!
Matthias Steiner: servus
(g) Michelle Crapo: @Otto my dogs would love your Squirrel
(g) @JSpath55: Where's Abesh?
(g) Karin Tillotson: Abesh is chasing the squirrel
(g) Otto Gold: @Michelle My squirrels eat dogs, dolphins etc(smile) )
Greg Chase: Overdue
(g) @JSpath55: group hug.
Matthias Steiner: or forever be silent (smile)
(g) Karin Tillotson: RT @Jspath55 group hug >> +1
(g) Stephen Johannes: lol..
(g) Butch McNally: fact now that I'm taking another 'tour of duty' in Basis...Basis may actually be a better fit for me again...any SIG openings?   (smile)
(g) @JSpath55: thumb up or down...
(g) Otto Gold: you cant hear me
(g) Bryan Whitmarsh (Sybase): nien
(g) Otto Gold: damned
Matthias Steiner: no
Aslan Noghre-kar: nope we can't hear you
(g) @JSpath55: Butch - Mobile, or another SIG?
(g) Otto Gold: will arrive at sunday afternoon and leave when the party is over
(g) Karin Tillotson: @jspath55 jiji

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