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SAP Mentor Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SAP Mentor Initiative?

The SAP Mentor Initiative identifies and provides special status to exceptional and high-value members of the larger SAP Ecosystem. 

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Who is an SAP Mentor?

SAP Mentors are the top community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem. Most of the ~130 mentors work for customers or partners of SAP. All of them are hands-on experts of an SAP product or service, as well as excellent champions of community-driven projects.

  • Hands-on expert in an SAP product or service
  • Collaborative attitude
  • Good communicator
  • Preferably working at a partner or customer of SAP
  • Interested in improving products and services of SAP as well as the relationship of SAP with its customers, partners and prospects
  • Proactive engagement

If you don't hit all 6 points, you can compensate by being exceptional in the other 5.

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What does an SAP Mentor do?

SAP Mentors engage in collaborative activities in their area of expertise that proactively improve or influence products and services of SAP along with the relationships of SAP with its customers, partners and prospects.

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How to become an SAP Mentor?

  • 2- 3 times a year there is a call for nominations blog that is asking the community to nominate possible SAP Mentors. (example)
  • After nomination a selection process takes place within SAP that involves fellow SAP Mentors, the community and subject matter experts.
  • Shortly after new SAP Mentors are announced (example)
  • Every year every mentor’s voluntary contributions from the last 12 months are reviewed and evaluated, SAP expects and looks for quality, quantity and level of impact of the those contributions to the larger SAP ecosystem. As SAP considers its mentors to be top community influencers we are careful to ensure that each and every one are meeting this high set of standards.
  • The SAP Mentor status can be revoked before the year is up.
  • Current list of SAP Mentors

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What are the benefits of being an SAP Mentor?

SAP Mentors are offered unique opportunities for access to SAP senior management, early access to information on products and programs and greater visibility in the online communities as well as at SAP events such as SAP Tech Ed.

  • Recognition as an SAP credited expert
  • Icon ! next to their name in the forums and Business Card
  • Invitation to SAP events
  • VIP Access to SAP Information
  • Private SAP Mentor Forum
  • Private SAP Network Wiki Space
  • SAP Mentor only webinars with SAP subject matter experts
  • VIP Seating (TechEd, Sapphire, etc.)

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