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Welcome to the APO-DP page.

APO Demand Planning is a set of functionalities around Demand Management, Statistical Forecasting, Promotion and Life-cycle Planning processes. It is an integral part of any organizations Sales & Operations Planning Process.

Demand Planning can primarily be divided in two areas - Data Mart and Demand Management Functionalities. The Data Mart portion of APO DP is basically the SAP BW component with all BW related transactions and objects available.

Enterprise Services for Demand Planning are here.

Some useful FAQs and tips on Demand Planning are available here. The Configuration Guide from SCM Best Practices for DP is here. Best practice document on Demand Planning in Service Marketplace.

Hot notes and KBAs in Demand planning
  • 2081285 - How to get best results from an SAP search?
  • 1170745 "COM error Index out of range/Invalid data status" while running program /SAPAPO/RTSCOPY.
  • 1068603 Handling of initial key figure values using macros
  • 1167136 Correction for DP-PDS to get updated when SNP-PDS is changed
Common issues in Demand planning
COM Error 40134