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content of this page will be deleted on Dez 2015,
please contact if this should not be deleted

Hello ,

I am attaching a brief list of sap tcodes which may be helpful for beginners (smile)

ABAP related :

STA New txn for runtime analysis 

USMM Pressing F8 will display all hotpacks applied.
SEARCH_SAP_MENU Show the menu path to use to execute a given tcode. You can search by transaction code or menu text.
DI02 ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Tables.
LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench. An addon available from SAP that can make data conversion a lot easier. Thanks to Serge Desland for this one.
OSS1 SAP Online Service System
OY19 Compare Tables
SM13 Update monitor. Will show update tasks status. Very useful to determine why an update failed.
S001 ABAP Development Workbench
S001 ABAP/4 Development Workbench.
S002 System Administration.
SA38 Execute a program.
SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool
SCU0 Compare Tables
SE01 Old Transport and Corrections screen
SE03 Groups together most of the tools that you need for doing transports. In total, more than 20 tools can be reached from this one transaction.
SE09 Workbench Organizer
SE10 New Transport and Correction screen
SE11 ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance SE12 ABAP/4 Dictionary Display SE13 Maintain Technical Settings (Tables)
SE12 Dictionary: Initial Screen - enter object name.
SE13 Access tables in ABAP/4 Dictionary.
SE14 Utilities for Dictionary Tables
SE15 ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE16 Data Browser: Initial Screen.
SE16N Table Browser (the N stands for New, it replaces SE16).
SE17 General Table Display
SE24 Class Builder
SE30 ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis
SE32 ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance
SE35 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36 ABAP/4: Logical Databases
SE37 ABAP/4 Function Modules
SE38 ABAP Editor
SE39 Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare
SE41 Menu Painter
SE43 Maintain Area Menu
SE48 Show program call hierarchy. Very useful to see the overall structure of a program. 
SE49 Table manipulation. Show what tables are behind a transaction code.
SE51 Screen Painter: Initial Screen.
SE54 Generate View Maintenance Module
SE61 R/3 Documentation
SE62 Industry utilities
SE63 Translation
SE64 Terminology
SE65 R/3 document. short text statistics SE66 R/3 Documentation Statistics (Test!)
SE68 Translation Administration
SE71 SAPscript layout set
SE71 SAPScript Layouts Create/Change
SE72 SAPscript styles
SE73 SAPscript font maintenance (revised)
SE74 SAPscript format conversion
SE75 SAPscript Settings
SE76 SAPscript Translation Layout Sets
SE77 SAPscript Translation Styles
SE80 ABAP/4 Development Workbench
SE81 SAP Application Hierarchy
SE82 Customer Application Hierarchy
SE83 Reuse Library.
SE84 ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE85 ABAP/4 Dictionary Information System
SE86 ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE87 Data Modeler Information System
SE88 Development Coordination Info System
SE91 Maintain Messages
SE92 Maintain system log messages
SE93 Maintain Transaction
SEARCH_SAP_MENU From the SAP Easy Access screen, type it in the command field and you will be able to search the standard SAP menu for transaction codes / keywords. It will return the nodes to follow for you.
SEU Object Browser
SHD0 Transaction variant maintenance
SM04 Overview of Users (cancel/delete sessions)
SM12 Lock table entries (unlock locked tables)
SM21 View the system log, very useful when you get a short dump. Provides much more info than short dump
SM30 Maintain Table Views.
SM31 Table Maintenance
SM32 Table maintenance
SM35 View Batch Input Sessions
SM37 View background jobs
SM50 Process Overview.
SM51 Delete jobs from system (BDC)
SM62 Display/Maintain events in SAP, also use function BP_EVENT_RAISE
SMEN Display the menu path to get to a transaction
SMOD/CMOD Transactions for processing/editing/activating new customer enhancements.
SNRO Object browser for number range maintenance
SPRO Start SAP IMG (Implementation Guide).
SQ00 ABAP/4 Query: Start Queries
SQ01 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Queries
SQ02 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Funct. Areas
SQ03 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain User Groups
SQ07 ABAP/4 Query: Language Comparison
ST05 Trace SQL Database Requests.
ST22 ABAP Dump analysis
SU53 Display Authorization Values for User.
WEDI EDI Menu. IDOC and EDI base.
WE02 Display an IDOC
WE07 IDOC Statistics

MM related :

IH09 - Display Material 
MM01 - Create Material  
MM02 - Change Material  
MM03 - Display Material 
MM50 - List Extendable Materials 
MMBE - Stock Overview 
MMI1 - Create Operating Supplies 
MMN1 - Create Non-Stock Material  
MMS1 - Create Service 
MMU1 - Create Non-Valuated Material 
ME51N - Create Purchase Requisition 
ME52N - Change Purchase Requisition 
ME53N - Display Purchase Requisition 
ME5A  - Purchase Requisitions: List Display 
ME5J  - Purchase Requisitions for Project 
ME5K  - Requisitions by Account Assignment 
MELB  - Purch. Transactions by Tracking No. 
ME56 - Assign Source to Purch. Requisition 
ME57 - Assign and Process Requisitions 
ME58 - Ordering: Assigned Requisitions 
ME59 - Automatic Generation of POs 
ME54 - Release Purchase Requisition 
ME55 - Collective Release of Purchase Reqs. 
ME5F - Release Reminder: Purch. Requisition 
MB21 - Create Reservation 
MB22 - Change Reservation 
MB23 - Display Reservation 
MB24 - Reservations by Material 
MB25 - Reservations by Account Assignment 
MB1C - Other Goods Receipts 
MB90 - Output Processing for Mat. Documents 
MB21 - Create Reservation 
MB22 - Change Reservation 
MB23 - Display Reservation 
MB24 - Reservations by Material 
MB25 - Reservations by Account Assignment 
MBRL - Return Delivery per Mat. Document 
MB1C - Other Goods Receipts 
MB90 - Output Processing for Mat. Documents 
MB1B - Transfer Posting 
MIBC - ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting 
MI01 - Create Physical Inventory Document 
MI02 - Change Physical Inventory Document 
MI03 - Display Physical Inventory Document 
MI31 - Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc. 
MI32 - Batch Input: Block Material 
MI33 - Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance 
MICN - Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng 
MIK1 - Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons. 
MIQ1 - Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock 
MI01 - Create Physical Inventory Document 
MI02 - Change Physical Inventory Document 
MI03 - Display Physical Inventory Document 
MI31 - Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc. 
MI32 - Batch Input: Block Material 
MI33 - Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance 
MICN - Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng 
MIK1 - Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons. 
MIQ1 - Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock 
MI01 - Create Physical Inventory Document 
MI02 - Change Physical Inventory Document 
MI03 - Display Physical Inventory Document 
MI31 - Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc. 
MI32 - Batch Input: Block Material 
MI33 - Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance 
MICN - Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng 
MIK1 - Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons. 
MIQ1 - Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock 
MI21 - Print physical inventory document 
MI04 - Enter Inventory Count with Document 
MI05 - Change Inventory Count 
MI06 - Display Inventory Count 
MI09 - Enter Inventory Count w/o Document 
MI34 - Batch Input: Enter Count 
MI35 - Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balance 
MI38 - Batch Input: Count and Differences 
MI39 - Batch Input: Document and Count 
MI40 - Batch Input: Doc., Count and Diff. 
MI08 - Create List of Differences with Doc. 
MI10 - Create List of Differences w/o Doc. 
MI20 - Print List of Differences 
MI11 - Physical Inventory Document Recount 
MI07 - Process List of Differences 
MI37 - Batch Input: Post Differences 
CT01 - Create Characteristic 
CT02 - Change Characteristic 
CT03 - Display Characteristic 
CL01 - Create Class 
CL02 - Classes 
CL03 - Display Class 
CL04 - Delete Class 
CL2B - Class Types

ME01                 Maintain Source List                  
ME03                 Display Source List                   
ME04                 Changes to Source List                
ME05                 Generate Source List                  
ME06                 Analyze Source List                   
ME07                 Reorganize Source List                
ME08                 Send Source List                      
ME0M                 Source List for Material              
ME11                 Create Purchasing Info Record         
ME12                 Change Purchasing Info Record         
ME13                 Display Purchasing Info Record        
ME14                 Changes to Purchasing Info Record     
ME15                 Flag Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion    
ME16                 Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion    
ME17                 Archive Info Records                  
ME18                 Send Purchasing Info Record           
ME1A                 Archived Purchasing Info Records      
ME1B                 Redetermine Info Record Price         
ME1E                 Quotation Price History               
ME1L                 Info Records Per Vendor               
ME1M                 Info Records per Material             
ME1P                 Purchase Order Price History          
ME1W                 Info Records Per Material Group       
ME1X                 Buyer's Negotiation Sheet for Vendor  
ME1Y                 Buyer's Negotiat. Sheet for Material  
ME21                 Create Purchase Order                 
ME21N                Create Purchase Order                              
ME22                 Change Purchase Order                              
ME22N                Change Purchase Order                              
ME23                 Display Purchase Order                             
ME23N                Display Purchase Order                             
ME24                 Maintain Purchase Order Supplement                 
ME25                 Create PO with Source Determination                
ME26                 Display PO Supplement (IR)                         
ME27                 Create Stock Transport Order                       
ME28                 Release Purchase Order                             
ME29N                Release purchase order                             
ME2A                 Monitor Confirmations                              
ME2B                 POs by Requirement Tracking Number                 
ME2C                 Purchase Orders by Material Group                  
ME2J                 Purchase Orders for Project                        
ME2K                 Purch. Orders by Account Assignment                
ME2L                 Purchase Orders by Vendor                          
ME2M                 Purchase Orders by Material                        
ME2N                 Purchase Orders by PO Number                       
ME2O                 SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor)                       
ME2S                 Services per Purchase Order                        
ME2V                 Goods Receipt Forecast                             
ME2W                 Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant                
ME308                Send Contracts with Conditions                     
ME31                 Create Outline Agreement                           
ME31K                Create Contract                                    
ME31L                Create Scheduling Agreement                        
ME32                 Change Outline Agreement                           
ME32K                Change Contract                                    
ME32L                Change Scheduling Agreement                        
ME33                 Display Outline Agreement                          
ME33K                Display Contract                                   
ME33L                Display Scheduling Agreement                       
ME34                 Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement                
ME34K                Maintain Contract Supplement                       
ME34L                Maintain Sched. Agreement Supplement               
ME35                 Release Outline Agreement                          
ME35K                Release Contract                                   
ME35L                Release Scheduling Agreement                       
ME36                 Display Agreement Supplement (IR)                  
ME37                 Create Transport Scheduling Agmt.                  
ME38                 Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule                 
ME39                 Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST)               
ME3A                 Transm. Release Documentation Record               
ME3B                 Outl. Agreements per Requirement No.               
ME3C                 Outline Agreements by Material Group               
ME3J                 Outline Agreements per Project                     
ME3K                 Outl. Agreements by Acct. Assignment               
ME3L                 Outline Agreements per Vendor                      
ME3M                 Outline Agreements by Material                     
ME3N                 Outline Agreements by Agreement No.                
ME3P                 Recalculate Contract Price                         
ME3R                 Recalculate Sched. Agreement Price                 
ME3S                 Service List for Contract                          
ME41                 Create Request For Quotation                       
ME42                 Change Request For Quotation                       
ME43                 Display Request For Quotation                      
ME44                 Maintain RFQ Supplement                            
ME45                 Release RFQ                                        
ME47                 Create Quotation                                   
ME48                 Display Quotation                                  
ME49                 Price Comparison List                              
ME4B                 RFQs by Requirement Tracking Number                
ME4C                 RFQs by Material Group                             
ME4L                 RFQs by Vendor                                     
ME4M                 RFQs by Material                                   
ME4N                 RFQs by RFQ Number                                 
ME4S                 RFQs by Collective Number                          
ME51                 Create Purchase Requisition                        
ME51N                Create Purchase Requisition                        
ME52                 Change Purchase Requisition                        
ME52N                Change Purchase Requisition                        
ME52NB               Buyer Approval: Purchase Requisition               
ME53                 Display Purchase Requisition                       
ME53N                Display Purchase Requisition                       
ME54                 Release Purchase Requisition                       
ME54N                Release Purchase Requisition                       
ME55                 Collective Release of Purchase Reqs.               
ME56                 Assign Source to Purch. Requisition                
ME57                 Assign and Process Requisitions                    
ME58                 Ordering: Assigned Requisitions                    
ME59                 Automatic Generation of POs                        
ME59N                Automatic generation of POs                        
ME5A                 Purchase Requisitions: List Display                
ME5F                 Release Reminder: Purch. Requisition               
ME5J                 Purchase Requisitions for Project                  
ME5K                 Requisitions by Account Assignment                 
ME5R                 Archived Purchase Requisitions                     
ME5W                 Resubmission of Purch. Requisitions                
ME61                 Maintain Vendor Evaluation                         
ME62                 Display Vendor Evaluation                          
ME63                 Evaluation of Automatic Subcriteria                
ME64                 Evaluation Comparison                              
ME65                 Evaluation Lists                                   
ME6A                 Changes to Vendor Evaluation                       
ME6B                 Display Vendor Evaln. for Material                 
ME6C                 Vendors Without Evaluation                         
ME6D                 Vendors Not Evaluated Since...                     
ME6E                 Evaluation Records Without Weighting               
ME6F                 Print                                              
ME6G                 Vendor Evaluation in the Background                
ME6H                 Standard Analysis: Vendor Evaluation               
ME6Z                 Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables                 
ME80                 Purchasing Reporting                               
ME80A                Purchasing Reporting: RFQs                        
ME80AN               General Analyses (A)                              
ME80F                Purchasing Reporting: POs                         
ME80FN               General Analyses (F)                              
ME80R                Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts.              
ME80RN               General Analyses (L,K)                            
ME81                 Analysis of Order Values                          
ME81N                Analysis of Order Values                          
ME82                 Archived Purchasing Documents                     
ME84                 Generation of Sched. Agmt. Releases               
ME84A                Individual Display of SA Release                  
ME85                 Renumber Schedule Lines                           
ME86                 Aggregate Schedule Lines                          
ME87                 Aggregate PO History                              
ME88                 Set Agr. Cum. Qty./Reconcil. Date
ME91                 Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding                
ME91A                Urge Submission of Quotations                     
ME91E                Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind.              
ME91F                Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders                 
ME92                 Monitor Order Acknowledgment                      
ME92F                Monitor Order Acknowledgment                      
ME92K                Monitor Order Acknowledgment                      
ME92L                Monitor Order Acknowledgment                      
ME97                 Archive Purchase Requisitions                     
ME98                 Archive Purchasing Documents                      
ME99                 Messages from Purchase Orders                     
ME9A                 Message Output: RFQs                               
ME9E                 Message Output: Sch. Agmt. Schedules               
ME9F                 Message Output: Purchase Orders                    
ME9K                 Message Output: Contracts                          
ME9L                 Message Output: Sched. Agreements                  
MEAN                 Delivery Addresses                                 
MEB0                 Reversal of Settlement Runs                        
MEB1                 Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)               
MEB2                 Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)               
MEB3                 Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)               
MEB4                 Settlement re Vendor Rebate Arrs.                  
MEB5                 List of Vendor Rebate Arrangements                 
MEB6                 Busn. Vol. Data, Vendor Rebate Arrs.               
MEB7                 Extend Vendor Rebate Arrangements                  
MEB8                 Det. Statement, Vendor Rebate Arrs.                
MEB9                 Stat. Statement, Vendor Rebate Arrs.               
MEBA                 Comp. Suppl. BV, Vendor Rebate Arr.                
MEBB                 Check Open Docs., Vendor Reb. Arrs.                
MEBC                 Check Customizing: Subsequent Sett.                
MEBE                 Workflow Sett. re Vendor Reb. Arrs.                
MEBF                 Updating of External Busn. Volumes                 
MEBG                 Chg. Curr. (Euro), Vend. Reb. Arrs.                
MEBH                 Generate Work Items (Man. Extension)               
MEBI                 Message, Subs.Settlem. - Settlem.Run               
MEBJ                 Recompile Income, Vendor Reb. Arrs.                
MEBK                 Message., Subs. Settlem.- Arrangment               
MEBM                 List of settlement runs for arrngmts              
MEBR                 Archive Rebate Arrangements                       
MEBS                 Stmnt. Sett. Docs., Vend. Reb. Arrs.              
MEBT                 Test Data: External Business Volumes              
MEBV                 Extend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog)               
MECCP_ME2K           For Requisition Account Assignment                
MEDL                 Price Change: Contract                            
MEI1                 Automatic Purchasing Document Change              
MEI2                 Automatic Document Change                         
MEI3                 Recompilation of Document Index                   
MEI4                 Compile Worklist for Document Index               
MEI5                 Delete Worklist for Document Index                
MEI6                 Delete purchasing document index                  
MEI7                 Change sales prices in purch. orders              
MEI8                 Recomp. doc. index settlement req.                
MEI9                 Recomp. doc. index vendor bill. doc.              
MEIA                 New Structure Doc.Ind. Cust. Sett.                
MEIS                 Data Selection: Arrivals                          
MEK1                 Create Conditions (Purchasing)                    
MEK2                 Change Conditions (Purchasing)                    
MEK3                 Display Conditions (Purchasing)                   
MEK31                Condition Maintenance: Change                     
MEK32                Condition Maintenance: Change                     
MEK33                Condition Maintenance: Change                     
MEK4                 Create Conditions (Purchasing)                    
MEKA                 Conditions: General Overview                      
MEKB                 Conditions by Contract                             
MEKC                 Conditions by Info Record                          
MEKD                 Conditions for Material Group                      
MEKE                 Conditions for Vendor                              
MEKF                 Conditions for Material Type                       
MEKG                 Conditions for Condition Group                     
MEKH                 Market Price                                       
MEKI                 Conditions for Incoterms                           
MEKJ                 Conditions for Invoicing Party                     
MEKK                 Conditions for Vendor Sub-Range                    
MEKL                 Price Change: Scheduling Agreements                
MEKLE                Currency Change: Sched. Agreements                 
MEKP                 Price Change: Info Records                         
MEKPE                Currency Change: Info Records                      
MEKR                 Price Change: Contracts                            
MEKRE                Currency Change: Contracts                         
MEKX                 Transport Condition Types Purchasing               
MEKY                 Trnsp. Calc. Schema: Mkt. Pr. (Pur.)               
MEKZ                 Trnsp. Calculation Schemas (Purch.)                
MELB                 Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.                
MEMASSIN             Mass-Changing of Purch. Info Records               
MEMASSPO             Mass Change of Purchase Orders                     
MEMASSRQ             Mass-Changing of Purch. Requisitions               
MENU_MIGRATION       Menu Migration into New Hierarchy                  
MEPA                 Order Price Simulation/Price Info                  
MEPB                 Price Info/Vendor Negotiations                     
MEPO                 Purchase Order                                    
MEQ1                 Maintain Quota Arrangement                        
MEQ3                 Display Quota Arrangement                         
MEQ4                 Changes to Quota Arrangement                      
MEQ6                 Analyze Quota Arrangement                         
MEQ7                 Reorganize Quota Arrangement                      
MEQ8                 Monitor Quota Arrangements                        
MEQB                 Revise Quota Arrangement                          
MEQM                 Quota Arrangement for Material                    
MER4                 Settlement re Customer Rebate Arrs.               
MER5                 List of Customer Rebate Arrangements              
MER6                 Busn. Vols., Cust. Reb. Arrangements              
MER7                 Extension of Cust. Reb. Arrangements              
MER8                 Det. Statement: Cust. Rebate Arrs.                
MER9                 Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. Stats.              
MERA                 Comp. Suppl. BV, Cust. Rebate Arrs.               
MERB                 Check re Open Docs. Cust. Reb. Arr.               
MERE                 Workflow: Sett. Cust. Rebate Arrs.                
MEREP_EX_REPLIC      SAP Mobile: Execute Replicator                    
MEREP_GROUP          SAP Mobile: Mobile Group                          
MEREP_LOG            SAP Mobile: Activity Log                          
MEREP_MIG            SAP Mobile: Migration                             
MEREP_MON            SAP Mobile: Mobile Monitor                        
MEREP_PD             SAP Mobile: Profile Dialog                        
MEREP_PURGE          SAP Mobile: Purge Tool                            
MEREP_SBUILDER       SAP Mobile: SyncBO Builder                        
MEREP_SCENGEN        SAP Mobile: SyncBO Generator                      
MERF                 Updating of External Busn. Volumes                
MERG                 Change Curr. (Euro) Cust. Reb. Arrs.              
MERH                 Generate Work Items (Man. Extension)              
MERJ                 Recomp. of Income, Cust. Reb. Arrs.               
MERS                 Stmnt. Sett. Docs. Cust. Reb. Arrs.               
MEU0                 Assign User to User Group                         
MEU2                 Perform Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate                
MEU3                 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate                
MEU4                 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate                
MEU5                 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate                
MEW0                 Procurement Transaction                           
MEW1                 Create Requirement Request                        
MEW10                Service Entry in Web                              
MEW2                 Status Display: Requirement Requests              
MEW3                 Collective Release of Purchase Reqs.              
MEW5                 Collective Release of Purchase Order              
MEW6                 Assign Purchase Orders WEB                        
MEW7                 Release of Service Entry Sheets                   
MEW8                 Release of Service Entry Sheet                    
MEW9                 mew9                                              
MEWP                 Web based PO                                      
MEWS                 Service Entry (Component)                         
ME_SWP_ALERT         Display MRP Alerts (Web)                          
ME_SWP_CO            Display Purchasing Pricing (Web)                  
ME_SWP_IV            Display Settlement Status (Web)                   
ME_SWP_PDI           Display Purchase Document Info (Web)               
ME_SWP_PH            Display Purchasing History (Web)                   
ME_SWP_SRI           Display Schedule Releases (Web)                    
ME_WIZARD            ME:  Registration and Generation

SD related:

VS00 - Master data
VC00 - Sales Support
VA00 - Sales
VL00 - Shipping
VT00 - Transportation
VF00 - Billing
At Configuration:
1. VOV8 - Define Sales documents type (header)
2. OVAZ - Assigning Sales area to sales documents type
3. OVAU - Order reasons
4. VOV4 - Assign Item categories(Item cat determination)
5. VOV6 - Schedule line categories
6. OVAL - To assign blocks to relevant sales documents type
7. OVLK - Define delivery types
8. V/06 - Pricing
9. V/08 - Maintain pricing procedure
10.OVKP - Pricing proc determination
11.V/07 - Access sequence
1. Customer Master Creation-VD01 and XD01 (for full inclu company code)
    VD02 - Change Customer
    VD03 - Display Customer
    VD04 - Customer Account Changes
    VD06 - Flag for Deletion Customer
    XD01 - Create Customer
    XD02 - Modify Customer
    XD03 - Display Customer
2. Create Other material ----MM00
3. VB11- To create material determination condition record
4. CO09- Material availability Overview
5. VL01 - Create outbound delivery with ref sales order
6. VL04 - Collective processing of delivery
7. VA11 - Create Inquiry
    VA12 - Change Inquiry
    VA13 - Display Inquiry
Sales and Distribution
Sales order / Quote / Sched Agreement / Contract
- VA01 - Create Order
- VA02 - Change Order
- VA03 - Display Order
- VA02 - Sales order change
- VA05 - List of sales orders
- VA32 - Scheduling agreement change
- VA42 - Contract change
- VA21 - Create Quotation
- VA22 - Change Quotation
- VA23 - Display Quotation
- VF02 - Change billing document
- VF11 - Cancel Billing document
- VF04 - Billing due list
- FBL5N - Display Customer invoices by line
- FBL1N - Display Vendor invoices by line
- VL02N - Change delivery document
- VL04 - Delivery due list
- VKM5 - List of deliveries
- VL06G - List of outbound deliveries for goods issue
- VL06P - List of outbound deliveries for picking
- VL09 - Cancel goods issue
- VT02N - Change shipment
- VT70 - Output for shipments
- VKM3, VKM4 - List of sales documents
- VKM1 - List of blocked SD documents
- VD52  - Material Determination

SD Integration points with other modules
SD module is highly integrated with the other modules in SAP.
Sales Order - 
Integration Points                      Module
•Availability Check             -       MM
•Credit Check                   -       FI
•Costing                        -       CO/ MM
•Tax Determination              -       FI
•Transfer of Requirements       -       PP/ MM
Delivery and Goods Issue - 
Integration Points                      Module
•Availability Check             -       MM
•Credit Check                   -       FI
•Reduces stock                  -       MM
•Reduces Inventory             -       FI/ CO
•Requirement Eliminated         -       PP/ MM
Billing -
Integration Points                      Module
•Debit A/R                      -       FI/ CO
•Credit Revenue                 -       FI/ CO
•Updates G/ L                   -       FI/ CO
  (Tax, discounts, surcharges, etc.)
•Milestone Billing              -       PS
Return Delivery and Credit Memo -
Integration Points                      Module
•Increases Inventory            -       MM
•Updates G/ L                   -       FI
•Credit Memo                    -       FI
•Adjustment to A/R              -       FI
•Reduces Revenue                -       FI
SD Transaction Code Flow: 
Inquiry / Document type IN
Tcode for creation VA11,VA12,VA13. tables VBAK,VBAP
Quotation / QT
Tcode for creation VA21,VA22,VA23. tables VBAK,VBAP
Purchase Order PO
Tcode for creation ME21,ME22,ME23. tables EKKO,EKPO.
Sales Order OR
Tcode for creation VA01,VA02,VA03. tables VBAK,VBAP
Delivery LF
Tcode for creation VL01,VL02,VL03. tables LIKP,LIPS
Billing MN
Tcode for creation VF01,VF02,VF03. tables VBRK,VBRP
PP related:

                     MM11       SCHEDULE
CHANGE               MM02       IMMEDIETELY
                     MM12       SCHEDULE
                     MM13       ACTIVATE
                     MM16       SCHEDULE
DISPLAY              MM03       DISPLAY CURRENT
                     MM19       DISPLAY AT KEY DATE
                     MM14       SCHEDULE CHANGES
                     MM17       MASS MAINTENANCE
                     MMAM       CHANGE MATERIAL TYPE
OTHER                MMBE       STOCK OVERVIEW
                     MMPV       CLOSE PERIOD
                     MMRV       ALLOW POSTING TO
                                PREVIOUS PERIOD
                     MM50       INSTANT MATERIAL VIEW
                     MMSC       ENTER STORAGE LOCATIONS
                     MM60       MATERIAL LIST
                     MM72       DISPLAY ARCHIVE
                     CS01       CREATE
                     CS02       CHANGE
                     CS03       DISPLAY
EXTRAS               CS28       ARCHIVING
                     CS20       MASS CHANGES
BOM                  CS13       SUMMURISED BOM
                     CR01       CREATE
                     CR02       CHANGE
                     CR03       DISPLAY
                     CA85       REPLACE
CAPACITY             CR11       CREATE
                     CR12       CHANGE
                     CR13       DISPLAY
HIERARCHY            CR21       CREATE
                     CR22       CHANGE
                     CR23       DISPLAY
                     LDB2       CHANGE
                     LDB3       DISPLAY
                     CR05       W/C LIST
                     CR06       COST CENTRE ASSIGNMENT
                     CR07       W/C CAPACITIES
                     CR08       W/C HIERARCHY
WHERE USED           CA80       WORK CENTRE
                     CR15       CAPACITY
                     CR10       CHANGE DOCUMENTS
EXTRAS               CR09       STD. TEXTS TASK LIST
                     CR41       ARCHIVING
STAD. ROUTING        CA01       CREATE
                     CA02       CHANGE
                     CA03       DISPLAY
                     CA12       CHANGE
                     CA13       DISPLAY
RATE ROUTING         CA21       CREATE
                     CA22       CHANGE
                     CA23       DISPLAY
                     CA32       CHANGE
                     CA33       DISPLAY
EXTRAS               CA85       REPLACE W/C
                     CA75       REPLACE PRT
                     CA98       W/O ARCHIVING
REPORTING            CA80       WORK CENTRE
                     CA70       PRODUCTION RESORCE TOOLS
                     OKKP       MAINTAIN CONTROLLING AREA
                     KS01       CREATE COST CENTRE
                     KZS2       CREATE COSTING SHEET
                     KA01       CREATE PRI. COST ELEMENT
                     KA06       CREATE SEC. COST ELEMENT
                     KL01       CREATE ACTIVITY TYPE
                     KP26       ACTIVITY TYPE/PRICE PLANNING
                     MC86       CHANGE
                     MC85       DISPLAY
GRAPHIC              MC91       PRODUCT GROUP
                     MC92       OVERVIEW
PLANNING             MC81       CREATE
                     MC83       DISPLAY
FOR MATERIAL         MC87       CREATE
                     MC88       CHANGE
                     MC89       DISPLAY
                     MC74       TRANSFER MATERIALS TO DM
                     MC9K       MATERIAL AVAILABILITY
                     MC80       DELETE
PLANNING             MC94       CHANGE
                     MC95       DISPLAY
                     MC9K       MATERIAL AVAILABILITY
MACRO                MC8B       CHANGE
                     MC8C       DISPLAY
EVENT                MC64       CREATE
                     MC65       CHANGE
                     MC66       DISPLAY
PROFILE              MC36       CHANGE
                     MC37       DISPLAY
                     KSBL       COST CENTRE OLANNING REPORT
                     CPBL       PLANNING REPORT PROCESSES
                     MC9C       REPORTING
                     MC77       DISPLAY PG PLAN
                     MC75       TRANSFER PG TO PLANNING
                     MC74       TRANSFER MATERIALS TO DM
                     MP31       CHANGE
                     MP32       DISPLAY
                     MP33       REPROCESS
                     MP39       PRINT
                     MPBT       EXECUTE BACKGROUND
                     MPDR       PRINT BACKGROUND
PIR                  MD61       CREATE
                     MD62       CHANGE
                     MD63       DISPLAY
                     MD65       REQTS. FOR SCINARIO
                     MD66       COPY SIMULATED DEPENDENT REQT.
                     MD70       COPY TOTAL FORE CAST
                     MD79       EXCELL INTERFACE
                     MD4C       ORDER REPORT
                     MD72       CHARECTERISTICS PLANNING
                     MD82       CHANGE
                     MD83       DISPLAY
                     CK40N      EDIT COSTING RUN
Master Data          MD25       Create planning calendar
                     MD26       Change planning calendar
                     MD27       Display planning calendar
                     MDSA       Display BOM explosion number
                     MDSP       Edit BOM explosion number
                     MEQ1       Maintain quota file
                     OPPP       Explode BOM by date
                     MDUS       Display project assignment
                     MDUP       Process project assignment
                     MDL1       Create production lot
                     MDL2       Change production lot
                     MDL3       Display production lot
Planning             MD20       Create planning file entry
                     MD21       Display planning file entry
                     MDAB       Set up planning file entry in background
                     MDRE       Check planning file entry
                     MD01       Total planning online
                     MDBT       Total planning in background
                     MD03       Single-item, single-level planning
                     MD02       Single-item, multi-level planning
                     MD43       Interactive single-item planning
                     MD50       Multi-level, make-to-order planning
                     MD51       Multi-level project planning
                     MF52       Display planning table
                     MF50       Change planning table
                     MF57       Planning table by MRP lists
                     MF51       Planning table by production list
Evaluations          MD04       Stock/requirements list
                     MD07       Collective access of stock/requirements lis
                     MD05       MRP list
                     MD06       Collective access of MRP lists
                     MDLD       Print MRP list
                     MD45       Planning result
                     MD46       Collective access of planning result
                     MD44       Planning situation for a material
                     MD47       Planning situation for a product group
                     MD48       Cross-plant planning situation
                     MD4C       Order report
                     MD09       Pegged requirements
                     CO46       Order progress
Planned Order        MD11       Create planned order
                     MD12       Change planned order
                     MD13       Individual access of planned order
                     MD16       Collective access of planned orders
                     MD14       Individual conversion of planned order into
                     MD15       Collective conversion of planned orders int
                     MDUM       Convert planned order into purchase requisi
                     CO40       Convert individual planned order into produ
                     CO41       Collective conversion of planned orders int
                     CO48       Partial conversion of planned order into pr
                     COR7       Individual conversion of planned order into
                     COR7_PC    Collective conversion of planned orders int
                     COR8       Partial conversion of planned order into pr
                     MDVP       Collective availability check
                     MDAC       Execute action for planned order
                     MS32       CHANGE
                     MS33       DISPLAY
PLANNING RUN         MS01       ON LINE
                     MSBT       SA BACKGROUND JOB
                     MS02       SINGLE ITEM - MULTI LEVEL
                     MS03       SINGLE ITEM - SINGLE LEVEL
                     MS50       SINGLE ITEM - SALES ORDER
                     MS51       SINGLE ITEM PLANNING, PROJECT
                     MFSO       PLANNING TABLE
                     MS06       MRP LIST COLLECTIVE DISPLAY
                     MSLD       PRINT MRP LIST
                     MS04       STOCK/REQUIREMENTS LIST
                     MS44       PLANNING SITUATION MATERIAL
                     MS47       SITUATION PRODUCT GROUP
                     MDBS       SA BACKGROUND JOB
                     MD41       SINGLE ITEM - MULTI LEVEL
                     MD42       SINGLE ITEM - SINGLE LEVEL
                     MD43       SINGLE ITEM - INTERACTIVE
                     MD50       SINGLE ITEM - SALES ORDER
                     MD51       SINGLE ITEM PLANNING, PROJECT
                     CO07       WITHOUT MATERIAL
                     CO40       FROM PLANNED ORDER
                     CO08       FOR SALES ORDER
                     CO10       FOR PROJECT
                     CO02       CHANGE
                     CO03       DISPLAY
                     COHV       MASS PROCESSING
                     CO05N      COLLECTIVE RELEASE
                     CO04N      PRINT
                     CO09       AVAILABILITY OVER VIEW
                     MB1A       GOODS ISSUE
                     MB31       GOODS RECEIPT
                     COWBPACK   PACK MATERIAL
                     CO13       CANCEL
                     CO1L       REQUESTED CONFIRMATIONS
                     CO1P       PREDEFINED PROCESSES
                     KOAA       SETTELMENT DOCUMENTS
EVALUTION            CM01       LOAD
                     CM03       POOL
                     CM04       BACKLOG
                     CM05       OVERLOAD
                     CM07       VARIABLE
                     CM51       INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY VIEW
                     CM52       ORDER VIEW
                     CM28       PLANNING TABLE (TABULAR)
                     CM32       PLANNING TABLE (TABULAR)
CAPACITY             CR13       DISPLAY
                     OP4A       SHIFT SEQUENCE
                     OP43       FACTORY CALENDER

QM related:

Q000    Quality management
QA00    Quality inspection
QA01    Create Inspection Lot
QA01A   Create Inspection Lot
QA02    Change Inspection Lot
QA02A   Change Inspection Lot
QA03    Display inspection lot
QA05    Job planning: Periodic inspection
QA06    Job overview: Periodic inspection
QA07    Trigger for recurring inspection
QA07L   Deadline Monitoring Log
QA08    Collective Processing of Insp. Setup
QA09    No. range maintenance for insp.lots
QA10    Trigger automatic usage decision
QA10L   Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QA11    Record usage decision
QA12    Change usage decision with history
QA13    Display usage decision
QA14    Change UD without history
QA16    Collective UD for accepted lots
QA17    Job planning for auto usage decision
QA18    Job overview for auto usage decision
QA19    Automatic usage decision
QA22    Change inspection point quantities
QA23    Display insp.point quantities
QA32    Change data for inspection lot
QA32WP  QA32 -Call from Workplace/MiniApp
QA33    Display data for inspection lot
QA40    Auto. Usage Decision for Production
QA40L   Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QA41    Scheduling UD for Production Lots
QA42    Job planning: UD prod. insp.lots
QA51    Scheduling Source Inspections
QA52    Source inspections: Job overview
QAC1    Change insp. lot actual quantity
QAC2    Transfer stock to insp. lot
QAC3    Reset sample
QAER    Display archive objects
QC01    Create certificate profile
QC02    Change certificate profile
QC03    Display certificate profile
QC06    Immediate delete of cert. profiles
QC11    Create cert. profile assignment
QC12    Change cert. profile assignment
QC13    Display cert. profile assignment
QC14    Create model
QC15    Create cert. profile assignment
QC16    Change cert. profile assignment
QC17    Display cert. profile assignment
QC18    Create model
QC20    Certificates for Deliveries
QC21    Quality certificate for the insp.lot
QC22    Quality Certificate for Batch
QC31    Archive display: Delivery item
QC32    Archive display: Inspection lot
QC40    Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC40A   Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC42    Batch certificate on WWW
QC51    Create certificate in procurement
QC52    Change certificate in procurement
QC53    Display certificate in procurement
QC55    Worklist: Certificates - Procurement
QCC0    QM: Direct Access to IMG
QCC1    Direct Access to IMG: Notification
QCC2    IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Notification
QCC3    IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Inspection
QCC4    IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Planning
QCC5    IMG Direct Selection: QM Bus. Add-In
QCC_STABI       Copy Stability Study Customizing
QCC_STABI_NK    Copy Stability Study Number Ranges
QCCC    QM standard settings complete
QCCF    QM standard forms
QCCK    QM standard settings: Catalogs
QCCM    QM std. settings: Qual. notifs.
QCCN    QM standard number ranges
QCCP    QM std. settings: Quality planning
QCCS    QM sampling schemes
QCCT    QM standard texts
QCCU    QM standard settings: Environment
QCCW    QM std. settings: Quality inspection
QCCY    Transport QM tolerance key
QCCZ    QM std. settings: Qual. certificates
QCE2    Edit Communication Support
QCE3    Display Communication Support
QCYF    QM standard forms (general)
QCYT    QM standard texts (general)
QD21    Mark completed notifications
QD22    Archiving Notifications: Archive
QD24    Archiving Notifications: Delete
QD25    Archiving Notifications: Admin.
QD33    Delete quality level
QD34    Delete quality level planning
QD35    Delete job overview for Q-levels
QDA1    Edit sampling type
QDA3    Display sampling type
QDB1    Maintain allowed relationships
QDB3    Display allowed relationships
QDH1    Q-level evaluation: Change data
QDH2    Q-level evaluation: Display data
QDL1    Create quality level
QDL2    Change quality level
QDL3    Display quality level
QDM1    Edit valuation mode
QDM3    Display valuation mode
QDP1    Create sampling scheme
QDP2    Change sampling scheme
QDP3    Display sampling scheme
QDR1    Create dynamic modification rule
QDR2    Change dynamic modification rule
QDR3    Display dynamic modification rule
QDR6    Disp. where-used list-dyn. mod. rule
QDR7    Replace dynamic mod. rule used
QDV1    Create sampling procedure
QDV2    Change sampling procedure
QDV3    Display sampling procedure
QDV6    Uses: Sampling procedures
QDV7    Replace sampling procedure used
QE00    Quality Planning
QE01    Record characteristic results
QE02    Change characteristic results
QE03    Display characteristic results
QE04    Record sample results
QE05    Change sample results
QE06    Display sample results
QE09    Indiv.display of charac.result
QE09WP  Call QE09 from Workplace
QE11    Record results for inspection point
QE12    Change results for inspection point
QE13    Display results for inspection point
QE14    Record results for delivery note
QE15    Change results for delivery note
QE16    Display results for delivery note
QE17    Record results for equipment
QE18    Change results for equipment
QE19    Display results for equipment
QE20    Record results for funct. location
QE21    Change results for funct. location
QE22    Display results for funct. location
QE23    Record results for phys. sample
QE24    Change results for phys. sample
QE25    Display results for phys. sample
QE29    No. Range Maint.: Conf. No. for Char
QE51    Results recording worklist
QE51N   Results Recording Worklist
QE52    Worklist: Results for phys. sample
QE53    Worklist: Record results for equip.
QE54    Worklist: Results for funct. loctns
QE71    Tabular res. recording for insp. pts
QE72    Tabular Results Rec. for Insp. Lots
QE73    Tabular res. recording for characs.
QEH1    Worklist for Mobile Results Rec.
QEI1    Displaying QM Interfaces Appl. Log
QEI2    Deleting QM Interfaces Appl. Log
QEW01   Results Recording on Web
QEW01V  Variant Maint.: Recording on Web
QF01    Record defect data
QF02    Change defect data
QF03    Display defect data
QF11    Record defects for inspection lot
QF21    Record defects for operation
QF31    Record defects for characteristic
QG09    Maint. num. range Q control charts
QGA1    Display quality score time line
QGA2    Display inspection results
QGA3    Print inspection results
QGC1    Qual. control charts for insp. lots
QGC2    Control charts for task list charac.
QGC3    Control charts for master insp. char
QGD1    Test Equipment Usage List
QGD2    Test Equipment Tracking
QGP1    Results history for task list charac
QGP2    Results History for Task List Charac
QI01    Create quality info. - purchasing
QI02    Change qual.information - purchasing
QI03    Display quality info. - purchasing
QI04    Job planning for QM procurement keys
QI05    Mass maintenance QM procurement keys
QI06    QM Releases: Mass maintenance
QI07    Incoming insp. and open pur. orders
QI08    Job overview of QM procurement keys
QISR    Internal Service Request
QISR1   Internal Service Request - Forms
QISR_PCR60      vc_scenario for Message type 60(PCR)
QISR_SM29       ISR Customizing: Table Transfer
QISR_SR12_START Suggestion System
QISRSCENARIO    Customizing Szenario
QISRTRANSPORT   ISR Customizing Transport
QISRW   Internal Service Request on the Web
QK01    Assign QM order to material
QK02    Display assigned QM orders
QK03    Maintain specs. for order type
QK04    Create QM order
QK05    Confirmed activities for insp. lot
QL11    Mat: Distribute Inspection Setup-ALE
QL21    Master Inspection Characs (ALE)
QL31    Distribute Inspection Methods (ALE)
QL41    Distribute Code Groups (ALE)
QM00    Quality Notifications
QM01    Create quality notification
QM02    Change quality notification
QM03    Display quality notification
QM10    Change list of quality notifications
QM10WP  QM10 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp
QM11    Display List of Qual. Notifications
QM12    Change list of tasks
QM13    Display list of tasks
QM13WP  QM13 - Call from  Workplace/MiniApp
QM14    Change list of items
QM15    Display list of items
QM16    Change activity list
QM17    Display activity list
QM19    List of Q Notifications, Multi-Level
QM50    Time line display Q notifications
QMW1    Create quality notification (WWW)
QP01    Create
QP02    Change
QP03    Display
QP05    Print inspection plan
QP06    List: Missing/unusable insp. plans
QP07    List: Missing/Unusable GR InspPlans
QP08    Print task lists for material
QP11    Create reference operation set
QP12    Change reference operation set
QP13    Display reference operation set
QP48    Number Ranges for Physical Samples
QP49    Number range for phys. samp. drawing
QP60    Time-related development of plans
QP61    Display change documents insp.plan
QP62    Change documents ref.operation sets
QPIQS8  QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPIQS9  QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPNQ    Number ranges for inspection plans
QPQA32  QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQGC1  QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQM10  QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQM13  QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPR1    Create physical sample
QPR2    Change physical sample
QPR3    Display physical sample
QPR4    Confirm physical sample drawing
QPR5    Manual inspection lots for physSamps
QPR6    Create new phys.-samp. drawing w.ref
QPR7    Storage Data Maintenance
QPV2    Maintain sample drawing procedure
QPV3    Display sample drawing procedure
QS21    Create master insp. characteristic
QS22    Create master insp. charac. version
QS23    Change master insp. charac. version
QS24    Display master insp. charac. version
QS25    Delete master insp. charac. version
QS26    Display characteristic use
QS27    Replace master insp. characteristic
QS28    Display insp. charac. list
QS29    Maintain characteristic number range
QS31    Create inspection method
QS32    Create inspection method version
QS33    Change inspection method version
QS34    Display inspection method version
QS35    Delete inspection method version
QS36    Display inspection method use
QS37    Central replacement of methods
QS38    Display inspection method list
QS39    Maintain method number range
QS41    Maintain catalog
QS42    Display catalog
QS43    Maintain catalog
QS44    Maintain catalog
QS45    Display catalog
QS46    Display code group use
QS47    Central replacement of code groups
QS48    Usage indicator - code groups
QS49    Display code groups and codes
QS4A    Display catalog
QS51    Edit Selected Sets
QS52    Display selected set index
QS53    Maintain individual selected set
QS54    Maintain selected set
QS55    Display selected set
QS58    Usage indicator - selected sets
QS59    Display selected sets
QS61    Maintain material specification
QS62    Display material specification
QS63    Maintain material spec: Planning
QS64    Display material spec: For key date
QS65    Activate material specification
QS66    Plan activation of material spec.
QS67    Job overview: Activate mat. spec.
QSR5    Archive inspection plans
QSR6    Delete routings
QST01   Create Stability Study
QST03   Display Stability History
QST04   Display Inspection Plans
QST05   Graphical Scheduling Overview
QST06   Scheduling Overview (StabilityStudy)
QST07   Change Testing Schedule Items
QST08   Display Testing Schedule Items
QSUB    Define subsystems
QT00    Test Equipment Management
QT01    Test equipment management
QTSA    Product Allocations: Send Quantities
QTSP    Product Allocations:Send Customizing
QUERY_BP_FSBPBILDER     BP: Screen Customizing for Query
QV01    Create quality assurance agreement
QV02    Change quality assurance agreement
QV03    Display quality assurance agreement
QV04    Find Quality Assurance Agreement
QV11    Create technical delivery terms
QV12    Change technical delivery terms
QV13    Display technical delivery terms
QV14    Search technical terms of delivery
QV21    Create QA agreement (DocType Q03)
QV22    Change Q-agreement (doc. type Q03)
QV23    Display Q-agreement (doc. type Q03)
QV24    Find Q-agreement (doc. type Q03)
QV31    Create Q-spec. (doc.type Q04)
QV32    Change Q-specification (docType Q04)
QV33    Displ. Q-specification (docType Q04)
QV34    Find Q-specification (doc. type Q04)
QV51    Create control for QM in SD
QV52    Change control for QM in SD
QV53    Display control for QM in SD
QVM1    Inspection lots without completion
QVM2    Inspection lots with open quantities
QVM3    Lots without usage decision
QZ00    Quality Certificates

PM related:

IA07 Display General Task List 
IA03 Display Equipment Task List 
IA13 Display Functional Location Task List 
IR03 Display Work Centre 
KO88 Settle Order (Single) 
IW32 Change Work Order 
IW31 Create Work Order 
IW33 Display Work Order 
IW38 Work Order List Editing - Change 
IW39 Work Order List Editing - Display 
IW40 Work Order List Editing - Display Multi Level 
ME21 Create Purchase Order (pre R4.6) 
ME21N Create Purchase Order (R4.6 onwards) 
IP41 Create Single Cycle Plan (R4 onwards) 
IE02 Change Equipment 
IE01 Create Equipment 
IE03 Display Equipment 
IE05 Equipment List Editing - Change 
IE08 Equipment List Editing - Display 
IW42 Overall Completion Confirmation 
IW26 Create Notification 
QS42 Display Catalog 
ML81 Create Service Entry Sheet 
MM03 Display Material 
CS03 Display Material BOM 
IW13 Material Where Used List 
IW66 Change Notification List of Tasks 
IW67 Display Notification List of Tasks 
IW22 Change Notification 
IW23 Display Notification 
IH01 Display Functional Location Structure 
MB11 Goods Movement 
MB31 Goods Receipt 
IW8W Goods Receipt for Refurbishment (R4 onwards) 
IP02 Change Maintenance Plan 
IP03 Display Maintenance Plan 
IP10 Schedule Maintenance Plan 
IP30 Deadline Monitoring 
IP11 Change Maintenance Strategy 
IP12 Display Maintenance Strategy 
IP19 Maintenance Scheduling Overview Graphic 
IP24 Maintenance Scheduling Overview List 
IW28 Notification List Editing - Change 
IW29 Notification List Editing - Display 
IW30 Notification List Editing - Display Multi Level 
IW64 Change Notification List of Activities 
IW65 Display Notification List of Activities 
IW68 Change Notification List of Items 
IW69 Display Notification List of Items 
IQ03 Display Serial Numbers 
IW24 Create Notification 
IP42 Create Strategy Maintenance Plan (from R4 onwards) 
IW25 Create Notification 
IL02 Change Functional Location 
IL01 Create Functional Location 
IL03 Display Functional Location 
IL05 Functional Location List Editing - Change 
IL06 Functional Location List Editing - Display 
IW41 Time Confirmation - Indvidual Entry 
IW48 Time Confirmation - Collective Entry with Selection 
IW44 Time Confirmation - Collective Entry no Selection 
IA11 Create Functional LocationTask Lists 
IA12 Change Functional Location Task List 
IL02 Change Functional Location 
IA05 Create General Task List 
IA06 Change General Task List 
IA01 Create Equpment Task List 
IA02 Change Equipment Task List 
IE03 Display Equipment 
IR01 Create Work Centre 
IR02 Change Work Centre 
CA85 Replace Work Centre 
IP13 Strategy Package Sequence 
IP14 Strategy Package Sequence 
IP04 Create Maintenance Item 
IP05 Change Maintenance Item 
IP06 Display Maintenance Item 
IP17 Maintenance Item List Editing - Change 
IP18 Maintenance Item List Editing - Display 
IP02 Change Maintenance Plan 
IP03 Display Maintenance Plan 
IP15 Maintenance Plan List Editing - Change 
IP16 Maintenance Plan List Editing - Display 
IK11 Create Measurement Documents 
IK12 Change Measurement Documents 
IK13 Display Measurement Documents 
IK22 Measurement Documents List Editing - Create 
IK21 Measurement Documents List Editing - Create 
IK22 Measurement Documents List Editing - Create 
IK18 Measurement Documents List Editing - Change 
IK17 Measurement Documents List Editing - Display 
IK41 Measurement Documents List Editing - Display Archive 
IQ01 Create Serial Numbers 
IQ02 Change Serial numbers 
IQ04 Serial Numbers List Editing - Create 
IQ08 Serial Numbers List Editing - Change 
IQ09 Serial Numbers List Editing - Display 
IK01 Create Measurment Point 
IK02 Change Measurement Point 
Ik03 Display Measurement Point 
IK08 Measurement Point List Editing - Change 
Ik07 Measurement Point List Editing - Display

PS related:

Project System 
CJ01    Create Work Breakdown Structure
CJ02    Change Work Breakdown Structure
CJ03    Display Work Breakdown Structure
CJ06    Create Project Definition
CJ07    Change Project Definition
CJ08    Display Project Definition
CJ11    Create WBS Element
CJ12    Change WBS Element
CJ13    Display WBS Element
CJ14    Display WBS Element (From DMS)
CJ20    Structure planning
CJ20N   Project Builder
CJ21    Change Basic Dates
CJ22    Display Basic Dates
CJ23    Change Forecast Dates
CJ24    Display Forecast Dates
CJ25    Change Actual Dates
CJ26    Display Actual Dates
CJ27    Project planning board
CJ29    Update WBS (Forecast)
CJ2A    Display structure planning
CJ2B    Change project planning board
CJ2C    Display project planning board
CJ2D    Structure planning
CJ30    Change Project Original Budget
CJ31    Display Project Original Budget
CJ32    Change Project Release
CJ33    Display Project Release
CJ34    Project Budget Transfer
CJ35    Budget Return from Project
CJ36    Budget Supplement to Project
CJ37    Budget Supplement in Project
CJ38    Budget Return in Project
CJ3A    Change Budget Document
CJ3B    Display Budget Document
CJ40    Change Project Plan
CJ41    Display Project Plan
CJ42    Change Project Revenues
CJ43    Display Project Revenues
CJ44    Act. overhd: Projects, ind. process.
CJ45    Act. ovhd: Projects, coll. process.
CJ46    Plnd ovrhd: Projects, ind. process.
CJ47    Pld Overhead: Projects, Coll.Procssg
CJ48    Change Payment Planning: Init.Screen
CJ49    Display Payment Planning: Init.Scrn
CJ70    Maintain Project Settlement LIs
CJ72    Project: Act. amt. line item settlmt
CJ74    Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJ76    Project Commitment Line Items
CJ7E    Plan Data Transfer: Projects
CJ7G    Plan Data Transfer: Projects
CJ7M    Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJ7N    Maint. DRG inv.projects for retmt.
CJ80    Availability Control - Overview
CJ81    Update Report List
CJ88    Settle Projects and Networks
CJ8A    Act.-setlmt: Proj. retirmt. from IM
CJ8G    Actual Settlement: Projects/Networks
CJ8V    Period Close for Project Selection
CJ91    Create Standard WBS
CJ92    Change Standard WBS
CJ93    Display Standard WBS
CJ9B    Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective)
CJ9B_OLD        Copy Project Cost Planning (old)
CJ9BS   Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.)
CJ9C    Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective)
CJ9C_OLD        Copy Project Revenue Planning (old)
CJ9CS   Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.)
CJ9D    Copy Plan Versions
CJ9E    Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ9ECP  Project System: Easy Cost Planning
CJ9F    Copy Project Costing (Collective)
CJ9FS   Copy Project Costing (Indiv.)
CJ9G    Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ9K    Network Costing
CJ9L    Forecast Costs: Individual Projects
CJ9M    Forecast Costs: Coll.Project Proc.
CJ9Q    Integrated Planning for Ntwks(Coll.)
CJ9QS   Integrated Planning for Ntwks (Ind.)
CJA1    Proj.Rel.Order Receipts: Coll.Proc.
CJA2    Proj.Rel. Order Receipts: Ind.Proc.
CJAL    Send project
CJB1    Generate Settmt Rule: Coll.Proc.
CJB2    Generate Settmt Rule: Indiv.Proc.
CJBBS1  Planning Board Report Assignment
CJBBS2  Structure Overview Report Asst
CJBN    Reconstruct Availability Control
CJBV    Activate Project Availabilty Control
CJBW    Deactivate Project Availabilty Cntrl
CJC1    Maintenance Dialog for Per.
CJC2    Maintain Planned Status Changes
CJCD    Change documents: WBS
CJCF    Carry Forward Project Commitments
CJCO    Carry Forward Project Budget
CJCS    Standard WBS
CJE0    Run Hierarchy Report
CJE1    Create Hierarchy Report
CJE2    Change Hierarchy Report
CJE3    Display Hierarchy Report
CJE4    Create Project Report Layout
CJE5    Change Project Report Layout
CJE6    Display Project Report Layout
CJEA    Call Hierarchy Report
CJEB    Background Processing, Hier.Reports
CJEC    Maintain Project Crcy Trans.Type
CJEK    Copy Interfaces/Reports
CJEM    Project Reports: Test Monitor
CJEN    Reconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data
CJEO    Transport Reports
CJEP    Transport Forms
CJEQ    Import Reports from Client
CJET    Translation Tool - Drilldown
CJEV    Maintain Global Variable
CJEX    Reorganize Drilldown Reports
CJEY    Reorganize Report Data
CJEZ    Reorganize Forms
CJF1    Create Transfer Price Agreement
CJF2    Change Transfer Price Agreement
CJF3    Display Transfer Price Agreement
CJF4    Transfer Price Agreement List
CJFA    Analysis of Data Trans. into PS Cash
CJFN    CBM Payment Converter
CJG1    Enter Transfer Price Allocation
CJG3    Display Transfer Price Allocation
CJG4    Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List
CJG5    Cancel Transfer Price Allocation
CJH1    Reconstruct Project Inheritance
CJH2    Project Inheritance Log
CJI1    Project Budget Line Items
CJI2    Budget Line Items: Document Chain
CJI3    Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJI4    Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJI5    Project Commitment Line Items
CJI8    Project Budget Line Items
CJI9    Project Struct.Pld Costs Line Items
CJIA    Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIs
CJIB    Project Plan Payment Line Items
CJIC    Maintain Project Settlement LIs
CJID    Display Project Settlement Line Itms
CJIE    Projects: Retirement LI Settlement
CJIF    Projects: Profitability Analysis LI
CJIG    Display PS Cash Documents
CJJ2    Change Statistical Key Figures
CJJ3    Display Statistical Key Figures
CJK2    Change Statistical Key Figures
CJK3    Display Statistical Key Figures
CJL2    Collective Agreement
CJN1    Reval.    ACT:  Projects    Ind.Pro.
CJN2    Reval.    ACT:  Projects    Col.Pro.
CJNO    Number range maintenance: FMCJ_BELNR
CJO8    Overhead  COMM: Projects    Ind.Pro.
CJO9    Overhead  COMM: Projects    Col.Pro.
CJP1    Create Project Plan Adjustment
CJP2    Change Project Plan Adjustment
CJP3    Display Project Plan Adjustment
CJP4    Delete Project Plan Adjustment
CJPN    Number Range Maintenance: Proj.Items
CJPU    Execute Project Plan Adjustment
CJR2    PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input
CJR3    PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input
CJR4    PS: Change plan primary cost element
CJR5    PS: Display plan primary cost elem.
CJR6    PS: Change activity input planning
CJR7    PS: Display activity input planning
CJR8    PS: Change revenue type planning
CJR9    PS: Display Revenue Element Planning
CJS2    PS: Change stat. key figure planning
CJS3    PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
CJS4    PS: Change stat. key figure planning
CJS5    PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
CJSA    Data Transfer to SAP-EIS
CJSB    Select Key Figure and Characteristic
CJSG    Generate WBS Element Group
CJSN    Number Range Maintenance: Projects
CJT2    Project Actual Payment Line Items
CJV1    Create project version (simulation)
CJV2    Change project version (simulation)
CJV3    Display project version (simulation)
CJV4    Transfer project
CJV5    Delete simulation version
CJV6    Maintenance: Version administration
CJV7    Display transfer log
CJVC    Value Category Checking Program
CJW1    EURO: Adjust Project Budget
CJZ1    Act. Int Calc.: Projects Coll. Proc.
CJZ2    Actual Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc.
CJZ3    Plan Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc.
CJZ5    Plan Int.Calc.: Project Coll.Prc.
CJZ6    Actual Int.Calc.: Indiv.CO Order Prc
CJZ7    Planned Int.Calc: Indiv.CO Ord.Proc.
CJZ8    Actual Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc.
CJZ9    Plan Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc.
CN01    Create Standard Network
CN02    Change Standard Network
CN03    Display Standard Network
CN04    Edit PS Text Catalog
CN05    Display PS Text Catalog
CN06    MPX Download: Standard Network
CN07    MPX Upload: Standard Network
CN08    Allocate material -> stand. network
CN09    Allocate material -> stand. network
CN11    Create standard milestone
CN12    Change standard milestone
CN13    Display standard milestone
CN19    Display Activity (From DMS)
CN20    Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scrn
CN21    Create Network
CN22    Change Network
CN23    Display Network
CN24    Overall Network Scheduling
CN24N   Overall Network Scheduling
CN25    Confirm Completions in Network
CN26    Display Mat.Comp/Init: Ntwk,Acty,Itm
CN26N   Display Mat. Components (From DMS)
CN27    Collective confirm.
CN28    Display Network Confirmations
CN29    Cancel Network Confirmation
CN2X    Confirm Completions in Network
CN30    Processing PDC error records
CN33    PDM-PS interface
CN34    Maintain release table TCNRL
CN35    Control stock / account assignment
CN36    BOM Transfer Profile
CN37    BOM Allocation Field Selection
CN38    Maintain Flexible Reference Point
CN40    Project Overview
CN41    Structure Overview
CN42    Overview: Project Definitions
CN42N   Overview: Project Definitions
CN43    Overview: WBS Elements
CN43N   Overview: WBS Elements
CN44    Overview: Planned Orders
CN44N   Overview: Planned Orders
CN45    Overview: Orders
CN45N   Overview: Orders
CN46    Overview: Networks
CN46N   Overview: Networks
CN47    Overview: Activities/Elements
CN47N   Overview: Activities/Elements
CN48    Overview: Confirmations
CN48N   Overview: Confirmations
CN49    Overview: Relationships
CN49N   Overview: Relationships
CN50    Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN50N   Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN51    Overview: PRTs
CN51N   Overview: PRTs
CN52    Overview: Components
CN52N   Overview: Components
CN53    Overview: Milestones
CN53N   Overview: Milestones
CN54N   Overview: Sales Document
CN55N   Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Items
CN60    Change Documents for Projects/Netw.
CN61    Standard network
CN65    Change documents order /network
CN70    Overview: Batch variants
CN71    Create versions
CN72    Create Project Version
CN80    Archiving project structures
CN81    PS: Archiving project - preliminary
CN82    PS: Archiving project structures
CN83    PS: Archiving project - Info System
CN84    PS: Archiving project - admin.
CN85    PS: Delete operative structures
CN98    Delete Standard Networks
CN99    Archiving Standard Networks
CNB1    Purchase requisitions for project
CNB2    Purchase orders for project
CNC4    Consistency checks for WBS
CNC5    Consistency checks sales order/proj.
CNE1    Project Progress (Individual Proc.)
CNE2    Project Progress (Collective Proc.)
CNE5    Progress Analysis
CNG1    Netw./Hier.: Maintain frame types
CNG2    Netw./Hier.: Maintain form def.
CNG3    Netw./hier.: maintain color definit.
CNG4    Netw./Hier.: Maintain graph. profile
CNG5    Netw./Hier: Maintain options profile
CNG6    Netw./hier.: Maintain node type
CNG7    Netw./Hier.: Maintain link types
CNG8    Netw./Hier.: Maintain field def.
CNG9    Graph. Cust. Netw./Hierarchy Graph.
CNL1    Create delivery information
CNL2    Change delivery information
CNL3    Display delivery information
CNMASS  Mass Changes in Project System
CNMASSPROT      Display log f. mass changes PS
CNMM    Project-Oriented Procurement
CNMT    Milestone Trend Analysis
CNN0    Number Range for Library Network
CNN1    Number range maint.: ROUTING_0
CNPAR   Partner Overview
CNPRG   Network Progress
CNR1    Create Work Center
CNR2    Change Work Center
CNR3    Display Work Center
CNS0    Create deleivry from project
CNS40   Project Overview
CNS41   Structure Overview
CNS42   Overview: Project Definitions
CNS43   Overview: WBS Elements
CNS44   Overview: Planned Orders
CNS45   Overview: Orders
CNS46   Overview: Networks
CNS47   Overview: Activities/Elements
CNS48   Overview: Confirmations
CNS49   Overview: Relationships
CNS50   Overview: Capacity Requirements
CNS51   Overview: PRTs
CNS52   Overview: Components
CNS53   Overview: Milestones
CNS54   Overview: Sales Document
CNS55   Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Items
CNS60   Change Documents for Projects/Netw.
CNS71   Create versions
CNS83   PS: Archiving project - Info System
CNSE5   Progress Analysis
CNVL    Variable Overviews
CNW1    WWW: Confirmation
CNW4    Project Documents
OP00    Maintain Operation Control Key
OP01    Customizing Routing/Work Center
OP03    Factory Calendar C
OP04    Word Processing
OP07    Standard Text
OP08    Standard Text
OP09    Maintain Alternative Activity Desc.
OP10    Maintain Person Responsible
OP11    Maintain Period Pattern Key
OP12    Maintain Location
OP13    Maintain Screen Sequence
OP14    Maintain Type of Std. Value Determin
OP15    Production User Profile
OP16    Maintain Period Pattern
OP17    Formula Parameters
OP18    Maintain Setup Group/Setup Group Cat
OP19    Standard Value Key
OP20    Maintain Setup Type Key
OP21    Define Formula
OP22    Maintain Wage Groups
OP23    Maintain Location
OP24    Maintain period dependent oper. val.
OP26    Maintain suitability
OP28    Maintain Perf. Efficiency Rate Key
OP30    Maintain Move Time Matrix
OP31    Maintain Time Segment (Per. Pattern)
OP32    Maintain Capacity Category
OP34    Maintain Work Center Planner Group
OP35    Maintain Perf. Efficiency Rate Key
OP36    Maintain Capacity Default Values
OP37    Maintain Available Capacity Version
OP38    Maintain Setup Type Key
OP39    Maintain Graphics Profile
OP40    Maintain Work Center Category
OP41    Matchcode for work center
OP42    Default work center
OP43    Maintain Setup Group Categories
OP44    Maintain Task List Usage
OP45    Maintain Usage
OP46    Maintain Task List Status
OP47    Maintain PRT Usage
OP48    Maintain Planner Group
OP49    Matchcode for Routings/Ref. Op. Sets
OP4A    Maintain Shift Sequences
OP4B    Overview variant: Routing
OP4C    Overview variant: Ref. oper. set
OP4D    Overview variant: Rate routing
OP4E    Overview variant: Ref. rate routing
OP4F    Overview var.:Scheduling of routings
OP4G    Overview var.:Scheduling ref.op.set
OP4H    Overview var.:Scheduling of rate rtg
OP4I    Overview var.:Scheduling RefRateRtgs
OP50    Assign Material Types
OP51    Formula Parameters
OP52    Formula Parameters
OP53    Formula Parameters
OP54    Define Formula
OP55    Define Formula
OP56    Define Formula
OP57    Define Formula
OP58    Maintain Default Value Profiles
OP59    Formula Parameters
OP5A    Field Selection: Task List Overview
OP5B    Field Selection: Task List Header
OP5C    Field Selection: Task List Sequence
OP5D    Field Selection: Task List Details
OP5E    Field selection task list overview
OP5F    Field selection std network -> PRT
OP5H    Field sel. insp.plan characteristics
OP61    Number range maintenance: ROUTING_3
OP62    Number ranges for routings
OP63    Number Ranges for Ref.Operation Sets
OP64    Maintain Setup Group Key
OP65    Formula Parameters
OP66    Maintain Location Group
OP67    Maintain Operation Control Key
OP68    Maintain Move Time Matrix
OP69    Maintain wage type
OP70    Maintain PRT Control Key
OP71    Maintain Wage Group
OP72    PRT Control Key
OP73    PRT Authorization Group
OP74    Maintain PRT Group Key
OP76    Define suitability
OP77    Engineering Workbench for Task Lists
OP78    Maintain Type of Std. Value Determin
OP7A    Customizing matchcode for PRTs
OP7B    Define Parameters
OP80    Maintain PRT Status
OP82    Define Formula
OP84    Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs.
OP85    Profiles: Default Values for QM
OP87    Maintain Routing/Ref.Op.Set Usage
OP88    Maintain Assignmt. of Task List Type
OP8A    Maintain operation value description
OP8B    Maintain standard value texts
OP8C    Record layout for background (APL)
OP8D    Data transfer APL
OP8E    Command file task lists Rel. 2.2A
OP8F    Maintain production scheduler
OP8H    Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs.
OP91    Maintain Object Overview Version
OP95    Assign Work Center Cat. to Applicatn
OP96    Maintain Work Center Category
OP97    Maintain Performance Efficiency Rate
OP98    Maintain Validity of Perf.Effic.Rate
OPA0    Status selection profiles
OPA1    Maintain combination definitions
OPA2    Define selection profile
OPA3    Define option profile
OPA4    Define list profile
OPA5    Define graphics profile
OPA6    Define overall profile
OPA7    Define columns
OPA9    Maintain selection profiles
OPB1    Define list versions
OPB2    Define distribution function
OPB3    Specify distribution functions
OPB4    Specify distribution strategies
OPB5    Specify distribution key
OPC0    Axis representation selection
OPC1    Maintain axis representation
OPC2    Curve representation selection
OPC3    Maintain curve representation
OPC5    Max. no. of data records
OPCD    Capacity category
OPCE    Capacity planner
OPCF    Time units
OPCG    Maintain Operation Control Key
OPCH    Maintain production scheduler
OPCI    Setup group key/category
OPCL    Scheduling type
OPCM    Standard value key
OPCN    Maintain move time matrix
OPCQ    Efficiency rate
OPCR    Formula parameters
OPCS    Define formula
OPCT    Strategies
OPCU    Strategy levels
OPCW    Planned order parameters
OPCX    Formula parameters
OPCY    Define formula
OPD0    Resource planning overall profile
OPD1    Resource planning selection profile
OPD2    Capacity leveling - time profile
OPD3    Resource planning evaluation profile
OPD4    Resource planning period profile
OPD5    Flow control definition
OPD6    Flow control control table
OPD7    Flow control statuses
OPD8    Flow Control Actions
OPD9    Flow Control Messages
OPDA    Transition matrix (setup matrix)
OPDB    Capacity Leveling Strategy Profile
OPDD    Factory calendar
OPDE    Resource planning control profile
OPDF    Define requirements grouping
OPDH    Capacity leveling - list profile
OPDJ    Define layout
OPDK    Define standard overview
OPDL    Cap. plan. detailed cap.list maint.
OPDM    Define detail list (leveling)
OPDQ    Profile for planning table (tab.)
OPDR    Define layout key
OPDT    Define detail list
OPDU    Maintain perf. efficiency rate key
OPDV    Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s
OPDW    Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s
OPE0    Maintain Sort String
OPE1    Maintain Value Type
OPE2    Maintain Machine Type
OPE3    Maintain Planner Group
OPE4    Maintain Control Parameters
OPE5    Maintain rounding categories
OPE6    Maintain Rounding Category
OPE7    Maintain overhead key
OPE8    Maint. Roundg. and Add.Val.Key (Def)
OPE9    Maintain User Profile
OPEA    User selection
OPEB    Automatic selection
OPEC    PP user fields
OPENPS  Download Activities to Palm Pilot
OPF0    Maintain User
OPF1    Authorizations for CAPP
OPFA    Field selection: Work center
OPFP    Configuring the Fixed Price Version
OPG0    Profile for planning table
OPG1    Chart sequence - selection
OPG2    Line representation
OPG3    Scale time axis
OPG4    Time scale profile
OPG5    Graphic obj.type sel./repr.profile
OPG6    Transition matrix setup fam.key
OPG7    Line display selection
OPG9    Graphical object type/obj.represent.
OPGD    Ref. Oper. Set-All Task Lists (PP)
OPGE    Ref. Oper. Set - Rate Routings (PP)
OPGF    Work Center - All Task Lists (PP)
OPGG    Work Center - Rate Routings (PP)
OPGH    Document PRT - All Task Lists
OPGI    Equipment PRT - All Task Lists
OPGJ    Material PRT - All Task Lists
OPGK    Misc. PRT - All Task Lists
OPGL    Resource - Master Recipes (PI)
OPGM    Process Instr. Cat. - Master Recipe
OPGN    Document PRT - Maintenance Task List
OPGO    Equipment PRT-Maintenance Task Lists
OPGP    Material PRT - Maintenance Task List
OPGQ    Misc. PRT - Maintenance Task Lists
OPGR    Work Center - Standard Network (PS)
OPGS    Document PRT - Standard Network (PS)
OPGT    Equipment PRT - Standard Network(PS)
OPGU    Material PRT - Standard Network (PS)
OPGV    Misc. PRT - Standard Network (PS)
OPH1    CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual Data
OPH2    PS Cash Management: Delete Plan Data
OPH3    CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Master Data
OPH4    CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: MM Data Transfer
OPH5    CO CBM: Successive FI Data Transfer
OPH6    CO CBM: Take Over FI Completely
OPH7    CO-CBM: Take Over All Data
OPI1    Maintain Value Categories
OPI2    Value Categories for Cost Elements
OPI3    Update Control: File RPSCO
OPI4    Commitment Item Value Categories
OPI5    Value Categories for Stag.Key Figs
OPI6    Activate CO Cash Budget Management
OPI8    Display Value Category
OPIA    Interest Profile for Projects
OPIB    Maintain Interest Profile
OPIC    Intrst Relevance: Cost Els/Cmmt Itms
OPID    Proj.Int Calc: Account Determination
OPIE    Interest Indicator
OPIF    View Maintenance:Compound Int.Cont.
OPIG    View Maint.: Compound Int. Periods
OPIH    Interest Scale, General Conditions
OPIN    Number range maintnce: VHU_PINST
OPJ2    Production order stock determination
OPJ4    Schedule batch function request
OPJ6    Maintain Status Profiles
OPJ7    Maintain Routing Usage
OPJ8    Maintain Operation Control Key
OPJ9    Maintain prod. scheduler group
OPJA    Maintain setup group/group category
OPJB    Specify system messages
OPJC    Maintain Wage Groups
OPJD    Item Categories
OPJE    User Selection
OPJF    Automatic Selection
OPJG    Maintain Default Values
OPJH    Order types production order
OPJI    BOM Usage Priorities
OPJJ    Maintain Scope of Check
OPJK    Maintain Control
OPJL    Maintain Checking Rule
OPJM    Application-Specific Criteria
OPJN    Maintain Scheduling Type
OPJO    C MM-BD units of measurement
OPJP    Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders
OPJQ    Standard Value Key
OPJR    Maintain move time matrix
OPJS    PP: Maintain reduction strategies
OPJT    Maintain Strategy Levels
OPJU    Production order control parameters
OPJV    Maintain Capacity Category
OPJW    Maintain Capa.Planr.Grp for WrkCentr
OPJX    Factory Calendar C
OPJY    Maintain perf. efficiency rate key
OPJZ    Maintain Release Periods
OPK0    Confirmation Parameters PP
OPK0T   Confirmation Parameters
OPK1    Confirmation Parameters PP-PI
OPK1T   Confirmation Parameters
OPK2    Formula Parameters
OPK3    Define Formula
OPK4    Confirmation Parameters
OPK5    Maintain variances
OPK6    List Layout
OPK7    Accessing Customizing PDC transfer
OPK8    Maintain print control prod. orders
OPK9    Maintain Goods Receipt Valuation
OPKA    Maintain Movement Types
OPKB    Control parallel confirmation
OPKC    Control confirmation process chain
OPKD    Control confirmation process chain
OPKE    Screen Sequence for Components
OPKF    Control parallel confirmation
OPKG    Maintain Messages
OPKH    Maintain Breakpoints
OPKI    Maintain Collective Confirmation
OPKJ    Maintain PRT Control Key
OPKK    Standard Text
OPKL    Formula Parameters
OPKM    Define Formula
OPKN    Overview variant production control
OPKO    Command File for Production Orders
OPKP    Shop floor control profile
OPKQ    Customizing: Matchcode for Proc.Ord.
OPKR    Print flag
OPKS    Maintain Origins for CO Object
OPKT    Initial Screen: Settlement Structure
OPKU    Maintain Collective Confirmation
OPKV    Print Flag
OPKW    Print shop papers
OPKX    Deletion Flag/Indicator
OPKZ    Customizing Matchcode for ProdOrder
OPL1    Costing Variants: PP Prod. Order
OPL2    Maintain trigger point group
OPL3    Trigger point usage
OPL4    Profile for missing parts list
OPL5    Order type LIS parameters
OPL6    Profile for documented goods mvmts
OPL7    Order change management profile
OPL8    Order type parameters: Overview
OPL9    Parameters for order change mgmt
OPLA    Conditions: V_T682F for H CO
OPLB    CondTab: Create (batch, prod.)
OPLC    CondTab: Change (batchs, prod.)
OPLD    CondTab: Display (batches, prod.)
OPLE    Strategy types: Batch determ. (prod)
OPLF    Access: Maintain batch determ.(prod)
OPLG    Batch determ.: Procedure for prod.
OPLH    Overview variant - production orders
OPLI    Background job for goods movements
OPLJ    Job "Fast entry confirmation"
OPLK    Overall profile for order prog. rep.
OPLL    Order progress: Displayed fields
OPLM    Order progress: Displayed fields
OPLO    maintain selection profile
OPLP    Job "Convert planned order"
OPLQ    maintain filter for control keys
OPLR    Maintain filter for capacity version
OPLS    Parallel processing control
OPLT    Target System for Data Transfer
OPLV    Maintain Filter for Task List Usage
OPLW    Maintain Filter for Task List Status
OPLX    Maintain Filter for BOM Usage
OPLY    Maintain Filter for BOM Status
OPLZ    Maintain POI Planned Order Selection
OPM0    Maintain profile - field selection
OPM1    Costing Variants - Production Order
OPM2    Maintain Detail Screen Control Oper.
OPM3    Maintain Detail Scrn Control Header
OPMF    Field Selection - BOM Transfer
OPMI    Import models activities
OPMJ    Determine progress values
OPN0    Master Recipe Profile
OPN1    Maintain Profiles for Master Recipes
OPN2    Valuation Variants - Prod. Order
OPN3    Overv.Var.: Master Recipe Scheduling
OPN5    Field Seln: Std Network Overview
OPN6    Field Selection Standard Network Hdr
OPN7    Field Sel.:Std Ntwk Activity Detail
OPN8    Field Sel.:Std.Ntwk Comp.Overview
OPN9    Field Sel. Std Ntwk Comp.Detail
OPO1    Create Cost Element Planning Layout
OPO2    Change Cost Element Planning Layout
OPO3    Display Cost Element Planning Layout
OPO4    Create Stat. KF Planning Layout
OPO5    Change Stat. KF Planning Layout
OPO6    Display Stat. KF Planning Layout
OPO7    View Maintenance V_TCJ41_7
OPO8    View Maintenance V_TCJ41_8
OPO9    View Maintenance V_TCJ41_9
OPOA    View Maintenance V_T003O_N0
OPOB    View Maintenance V_T003O_N1
OPOC    View Maintenance V_T399X_N0
OPOD    View Maintenance V_T399X_N1
OPOE    View Maintenance T_T399X_N2
OPP1    Customizing MRP
OPP3    Customizing Repetitive Manufacturing
OPP5    List Profile Component List
OPPA    PP/MRP Customizing Explosion
OPPB    Direct Procurement
OPPC    Period Grouping
OPPD    Customizing Planning Time Fence
OPPE    Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.Order
OPPE01  General iPPE Customizing
OPPE02  Define iPPE Node Type
OPPE03  Define iPPE Variant Types
OPPE04  Define iPPE Alternative Types
OPPE05  Define iPPE Relationship Types
OPPE06  Customer-Spec. Model Assgts (iPPE)
OPPE07  Time Analysis: Partner Products iPPE
OPPE11  Profiles: iPPE WB Professional
OPPE12  Tabs: iPPE Workbench Professional
OPPE13  User Assgmt: iPPE WB Professional
OPPE14  Define Reports for iPPE WB Prof.
OPPE15  Define Interface for iPPE Workbench
OPPE20  Profile Maintenance iPPE PS
OPPEACT01       Define Std Val. Determin. Type
OPPEACT02       Object Dependency in Process Struct.
OPPECHK01       Customizing: Consistency Check
OPPEDOK Documentation
OPPELUI01       Profile Definition: iPPE WB Express
OPPELUI02       User Assignment: iPPE WB Express
OPPERES01       Customizing for Production Resources
OPPESCMPV       Object Dependent Status Management
OPPESTATUS      Cross-Application Status Management
OPPF    Customizing for Order Report
OPPH    Customizing Purchase Req. Conversion
OPPI    Available Stock
OPPJ    MRP Checking Rule
OPPK    Hierarchy Element
OPPM    Evaluation Profiles
OPPN    Layout
OPPO    Hierarchy Element
OPPP    Customizing Direct Procurement
OPPQ    C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP
OPPS    Strategy
OPPT    Strategy Group
OPPU    Strategy Group for MRP Group
OPPZ    MRP Group
OPR1    Area of Responsibility <-> Message
OPR3    Definition of Breakpoints
OPR4_ACT        Multilevel Actual Settlement
OPR4_CK Material Cost Estimate
OPR4_CKMC       Mass Costing - Sales Documents
OPR4_CKML       Closing and Calc. of Periodic Price
OPR4_CKPF       Price Update
OPR4_FCO        Collective Processing: Variances
OPR4_KKA        WIP Calculation
OPR4_KKP        Repetitive Mfg and Process Mfg
OPR4_KKS        Collective Processing: Variances
OPR4_KKS1       Individual Processing: Variances
OPR4_PPCO       Production Order: Cost Calculation
OPR5    Definition of Error Mgmt IDs (SAP)
OPR6    Definition of Object IDs (SAP)
OPR7    Def. of Areas of Responsibility
OPR8    Def. of Minimum Message Types (SAP)
OPR9    Def. of Reference Objects (SAP)
OPRCMFE User-Defined Messages
OPRF    Maintain Quotation Prefixes
OPS     Customizing for Project System
OPS0    Maintain print control for networks
OPS1    Maintain User Fields
OPS2    Maintain Relationship Texts
OPS3    Maintain PS Text Types
OPS4    maintain simulation profile
OPS5    Maintain Standard Network Profile
OPS6    Maintain Project Manager
OPS7    Maintain Applicant
OPS8    Materialflow network
OPS9    Budget Management Profile
OPSA    Maintain Project Profile
OPSB    Cost Planning Profile
OPSC    Create network types
OPSCAS  Command File Payments (PS)
OPSCOS  Command File Costs (PS)
OPSD    Maintain Profile for Report Lines
OPSE    Maintain Report Groups
OPSF    Maintain Report Variations
OPSG    Order change management profile
OPSH    Maintain ctrl. key for activity (PS)
OPSI    Edit PS validation rules
OPSINS  Command File Info System (PS-F)
OPSJ    Maintain Project Coding
OPSK    Maintain Special Characters
OPSL    Project Info System Overview Maint.
OPSM    Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSys
OPSN    Edit PS substitution rules
OPSO    Maintain Project Types
OPSP    Capacity availability check
OPSPAR1 Maintain Partner Functions
OPSPAR2 Define Lang.-Dep.Partner Functions
OPSPAR3 WBS Partner Profile
OPSQ    Intervals for Cost/Revenue Types
OPSR    Maintain milestones
OPSREV  Command File Revenues (PS)
OPSS    Maintain milestones
OPST    Network Confirmation Parameters
OPSU    Maintain Activity Control Key
OPSV    Cost object ind.
OPSW    Info System Profile
OPSX    PS: Reset "Budgeted" Status
OPT1    Maintain PS Transaction Types
OPT2    Matchcode for project definition
OPT3    Matchcode for WBS elements
OPT4    Matchcode for standard network
OPT5    Customizing matchcode for network
OPT6    Maintain std. milestone group
OPT7    Project planning board profile
OPT8    Maintain hierarchy graphic / dates
OPT9    Network parameters for PS-SD
OPTA    Command file for PS -> FI area
OPTB    Command file for WBS
OPTC    Command file for network
OPTD    Command file for standard network
OPTE    Command file for PS info system
OPTF    Command file for PS graphic
OPTG    Maintain PS Info Summztn Criteria
OPTH    PS info system maintenance
OPTI    Maintain Progrss Analysis Overview
OPTJ    Maintain PS Info Unit Conversion
OPTK    Exclude Cost Elems from Avlbty Cntrl
OPTL    Maintain PS Info Comparison Criteria
OPTM    Fincl Budgeting Profile for Projects
OPTN    Maintain priorities
OPTO    Change costing variants
OPTP    Sub-network parameters
OPTQ    Maintain WBS scheduling parameters
OPTR    Strategies for settlement rules
OPTS    Maintain project version profile
OPTT    Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders
OPTU    Maint. PS Info System field settings
OPTV    Maint. PS Info System sort criteria
OPTW    Maint.PS Info System group. criteria
OPTX    Maint. PS Info System database set.
OPTY    Capacity leveling - Time profile/PS
OPTZ    Matchcode for standard WBS elements
OPU0    Matchcode for standard project def.
OPU3    Production order control parameters
OPU4    Maintain Capacity Planning (SOP)
OPU5    Parameter long term planning PlndOrd
OPU6    Production order control parameters
OPU7    Control parameters plant maintenance
OPU8    Overview Var.: Header Line Info Sys.
OPU9    Overview Variant: Item Line
OPUA    Field selection: Network: Header
OPUB    Field selection: Network: Overview
OPUC    Field selection: Network: Details
OPUD    Field selection:Network confirmation
OPUH    Field sel: Std. project definition
OPUI    Field selection: Std. WBS elements
OPUJ    Field selection: Project definition
OPUK    Field selection: WBS element
OPUL    PS: Maintain reduction strategies
OPUM    Maintain Subprojects
OPUN    Capacity overviews
OPUO    Project schedule overviews
OPUP    Subnetwork schedule overview
OPUQ    Overall network scheduling overview
OPUR    Info System: Structure overview
OPUS    Maintain Version Number Entry Mask
OPUT    Maintain overview variants
OPUU    Maintain Network Profile
OPUV    Network Type Parameters
OPUW    Standard Network Status
OPUX    Maintain overview variants std netwk
OPUY    Overview var.:Std.ntwrk scheduling
OPUZ    Control parameters plant maintenance
OPVC    Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits
OPVP    Collective availibility checkProfile

GL related:

Information Systems
1.  Structured Account Balances (Balance Sheet and P&L Account  in FS Version Format)               
2.  GL Account Balances (Totals & Balances )             S_ALR_87012301
3.  GL Line Items                                        S_ALR_87012282
4.  Statements for GL Accounts, Customers & Vendors      S_ALR_87012332 
5.  Document Journal                                     S_ALR_87012287
6.  Compact Document Journal                             S_ALR_87012289
7.  Line Item Journal                                    S_ALR_87012291
8.  Display of Changed Documents                         S_ALR_87012293
9.  Invoice Numbers assigned Twice                       S_ALR_87012341
10. Gaps in Document Number Assignments                  S_ALR_87012342
11. Posting Totals Document Type wise                    S_ALR_87012344
12. Recurring Entry Documents                            S_ALR_87012346
Master Data
13. Chart of Accounts                                    S_AL:R_87012326
14. GL Account List                                      S_AL:R_87012328
15. Display Changes to GL Accounts                       S_ALR_87012308
16. Financial Statement Version                          FSE2
1. Check Information List                                FCH6
2. Check Register                                        FCHN
3. Check Number Ranges                                   S_P99_41000102
1. List of Internally generated Excise Invoices          J1I7
2. Capital Goods Transfer of Credit                      J2I8                           
3. List of GRs without Excise Invoice                    J1IGR  
4. List of SubContract Challans                          J1IFR
5. CENVAT Register                                       J2I9
(Monthly Return under Rule 57AE of the Central excise Rules from 
which Monthly Return under Rule 7 of the CENVAT Credit Rules 2001)
6. Registers : RG 23A/C Part I &II , RG1, PLA            J1I5,J2I5,J2I6
Information Systems
1. Bill Holdings (Bill of Exchange Receivable List  with ALV facility)
2. Customer Balances in Local Currency                   S_ALR_87012172
3. Customer Line Items                                   S_ALR_87012197
4. Due Dates Analysis for Open Items                     S_ALR_87012168
5. List of Customer Open Items                           S_ALR_87012173
6. Customer Evaluation with Open Item Sorted List        S_ALR_87012176
7. Customer Payment History                              S_ALR_87012177
8. Customer Open Item Analysis (Overdue Items Balance)   S_ALR_87012178
9. List of Customer Cleared Line Items                   S_ALR_87012198
10.List of Down Payments open at key date                S_ALR_87012199
11. Debit & Credit Notes Register - Monthly              S_ALR_87012287
12. Customer wise Sales                                  S_ALR_87012186                           
(Note : Similar Reports available for A/R are available for A/P also)
1. Vendor Balances                                       S_ALR_87012082
2. Vendor Debit/Credit Memo Register                     S_ALR_87012287

FI related:

SPRO    Enter IMG
OX02    Company Code - Create, Check, Delete
OX03    Create Business Area
OKBD    Functional Areas
OB45    Create Credit Control Area
OB29    Maintain Fiscal Year Variant
OB37    Assign Co. Code to Fiscal Year Variant
OB13    Creation of Chart of Account (CoA)
OBY7    Copy Chart of Account (CoA)
OBY9    Transport Chart of Account
OBD4    Define Account Group
OBY2    Copy GL Accounts from the Chart to Co. Code
OB53    Define Retained Earnings
OB58    Maintain Financial Statement Versions
OBC4    Maintain Field Status Variant
OBBO    Define Posting Period Variant
OBA7    Define Document Type & Number Ranges
OB41    Maintain Posting Keys
OBA4    Create Tolerance Groups
FBN1    Create GL Number Ranges
OBL1    Automatic Posting Documentation
FBKP    Automatic Account Assignment
OBYC    MM Automatic Account Assignment
OBY6    Enter Global Parameters
FS00    Creation of GL Master Records
(F-02)  Posting of GL Transactions
(FB03)  Display of GL Document
(FS10N) Display of GL Accounts
OB46    Define Interest Calculation Types
OBD3    Define Vendor Account Group
(XK01)  Creation of Vendor Master 
(F-43)  Purchase Invoice Posting
(FK10N) Display Vendor Account
F112    Define House Bank
OBB8    Maintain Terms of Payment (ToP)
OBD2    Creation of Customer Account Group
OBA3    Customer Tolerance Groups
(XD01)  Creation of Customer Master 
(FD10N) Display Customer Account
(F-28)  Incoming Payment Posting
OB61    Define Dunning Area
EC08    Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation (CoD)
OADB    Define Depreciation Area
OAOB    Assign Chart of Depreciation to Co. Code
OAOA    Define Asset Class
AO90    Assignment of Account in Asset Class
OAY2    Determination of Depreciation Area in Asset Class
(AS01)  Creation of Asset Master
(AS11)  Creation of Sub Asset
(F-90)  Asset Purchase Posting
(AFAB)  Depreciation Run
(F-92)  Asset Sale Posting
(AW01N) Asset Explorer
F-01    Enter Sample Document 
F-02    Enter G/L Account Posting 
F-03    Clear G/L Account 
F-04    Post with Clearing 
F-05    Post Foreign Currency Valuation 
F-06    Post Incoming Payments 
F-07    Post Outgoing Payments 
F-18    Payment with Printout 
F-19    Reverse Statistical Posting 
F-20    Reverse Bill Liability 
F-21    Enter Transfer Posting 
F-22    Enter Customer Invoice 
F-23    Return Bill of Exchange Pmt Request
F-25    Reverse Check/Bill of Exch. 
F-26    Incoming Payments Fast Entry 
F-27    Enter Customer Credit Memo 
F-28    Post Incoming Payments 
F-29    Post Customer Down Payment 
F-30    Post with Clearing 
F-31    Post Outgoing Payments 
F-32    Clear Customer 
F-33    Post Bill of Exchange Usage 
F-34    Post Collection 
F-35    Post Forfaiting 
F-36    Bill of Exchange Payment 
F-37    Customer Down Payment Request 
F-38    Enter Statistical Posting 
F-39    Clear Customer Down Payment 
F-40    Bill of Exchange Payment 
F-41    Enter Vendor Credit Memo 
F-42    Enter Transfer Posting 
F-43    Enter Vendor Invoice 
F-44    Clear Vendor 
F-46    Reverse Refinancing Acceptance 
F-47    Down Payment Request 
F-48    Post Vendor Down Payment 
F-49    Customer Noted Item 
F-51    Post with Clearing 
F-52    Post Incoming Payments 
F-53    Post Outgoing Payments 
F-54    Clear Vendor Down Payment 
F-55    Enter Statistical Posting 
F-56    Reverse Statistical Posting 
F-57    Vendor Noted Item 
F-58    Payment with Printout 
F-59    Payment Request 
F-60    Maintain Table: Posting Periods 
F-62    Maintain Table: Exchange Rates 
F-63    Park Vendor Invoice 
F-64    Park Customer Invoice 
F-65    Preliminary Posting 
F-66    Park Vendor Credit Memo 
F-67    Park Customer Credit Memo 
F-90    Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
F-91    Asset acquis. to clearing account 
F-92    Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer 
F.01    ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet 
F.02    Compact Journal 
F.03    Reconciliation 
F.04    G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report 
F.05    Foreign Currency Val.: Open Items 
F.06    Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Assts
F.07    G/L: Balance Carried Forward 
F.08    G/L: Account Balances 
F.09    G/L: Account List 
F.0A    G/L: FTR Report on Disk 
F.0B    G/L: Create Z2 to Z4 
F.10    G/L: Chart of Accounts 
F.11    G/L: General Ledger from Doc.File 
F.12    Advance Tax Return 
F.13    ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing 
F.14    ABAP/4 Report: Recurring Entries 
F.15    ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.Entries 
F.16    ABAP/4 Report: G/L Bal.Carried Fwd 
F.17    ABAP/4 Report: Cust.Bal.Confirmation
F.18    ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.Confirmation
F.19    G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearing
F.1A    Customer/Vendor Statistics 
F.1B    Head Office and Branch Index 
F.20    A/R: Account List 
F.21    A/R: Open Items 
F.22    A/R: Open Item Sorted List 
F.23    A/R: Account Balances 
F.24    A/R: Interest for Days Overdue 
F.25    Bill of Exchange List 
F.26    A/R: Balance Interest Calculation 
F.27    A/R: Periodic Account Statements 
F.28    Customers: Reset Credit Limit 
F.29    A/R: Set Up Info System 1 
F.2A arr.: Post (w/o OI)
F.2B arr.: Post(with OI)
F.2C arr.: w/o postings
F.2D    Customrs: FI-SD comparison
F.2E    Reconciliation Btwn Affiliated Comps
F.2F    Management Acct Group Reconciliation
F.2G    Create Account Group Reconcil. G/L 
F.30    A/R: Evaluate Info System 
F.31    Credit Management - Overview 
F.32    Credit Management - Missing Data 
F.33    Credit Management - Brief Overview 
F.34    Credit Management - Mass Change 
F.35    Credit Master Sheet 
F.36    Adv.Ret.on Sls/Pur.Form Printout(DE)
F.37    Adv.rept.tx sls/purch.form print (BE
F.38    Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax 
F.39    C FI Maint. table T042Z (BillExcTyp)
F.40    A/P: Account List 
F.41    A/P: Open Items 
F.42    A/P: Account Balances 
F.44    A/P: Balance Interest Calculation 
F.45    A/P: Set Up Info System 1 
F.46    A/P: Evaluate Info System 
F.47    Vendors: calc.of interest on arrears
F.48    Vendors: FI-MM comparison
F.4A arr.: Post (w/o OI)
F.4B arr.: Post(with OI)
F.4C arr.: w/o postings
F.50    G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmnt
F.51    G/L: Open Items 
F.52    G/L: Acct Bal.Interest Calculation 
F.53    G/L: Account Assignment Manual 
F.54    G/L: Structured Account Balances 
F.56    Delete Recurring Document 
F.57    G/L: Delete Sample Documents 
F.58    OI Bal.Audit Trail: fr.Document File
F.59    Accum.Clas.Aud.Trail: Create Extract
F.5A    Accum.Clas.Aud.Trail: Eval.Extract 
F.5B    Accum.OI Aud.Trail: Create Extract 
F.5C    Accum.OI Audit Trail: Display Extr.
F.5D    G/L: Update Bal. Sheet Adjustment 
F.5E    G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment 
F.5F    G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log 
F.5G    G/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.ErA
F.5I    G/L: Adv.Rep.f.Tx on Sls/Purch.w.Jur
F.61    Correspondence: Print Requests 
F.62    Correspondence: Print Int.Documents
F.63    Correspondence: Delete Requests 
F.64    Correspondence: Maintain Requests 
F.65    Correspondence: Print Letters (Cust)
F.66    Correspondence: Print Letters (Vend)
F.70    Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning 
F.71    DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentation
F.75    Extended Bill/Exchange Information 
F.77    C FI Maintain Table T045D 
F.78    C FI Maintain Table T045B 
F.79    C FI Maintain Table T045G 
F.80    Mass Reversal of Documents 
F.81    Reverse Posting for Accr./Defer.Docs
F.90    C FI Maintain Table T045F 
F.91    C FI Maintain Table T045L 
F.92    C FI Maintain T012K (Bill/Exch.) 
F.93    Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.Risk
F.97    General Ledger: Report Selection 
F.98    Vendors: Report Selection 
F.99    Customers: Report Selection 
F/LA    Create Pricing Report 
F/LB    Change pricing reports 
F/LC    Display pricing reports 
F/LD    Execute pricing reports 
F00     SAPoffice: Short Message 
F000    Accounting 
F010    ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year Change
F01N    Debit position RA single reversal 
F01O    Vacancy RU single reversal 
F01P    Accruals/deferrals single reversal 
F01Q    Debit position MC single reversal 
F01R    MC settlement single reversal 
F01S    Reverse Periodic Posting 
F01T    Reverse Acc./Def. General Contract 
F040    Reorganization 
F041    Bank Master Data Archiving 
F042    G/L Accounts Archiving 
F043    Customer Archiving 
F044    Vendor Archiving 
F045    Document Archiving 
F046    Transaction Figures Archiving 
F101    ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj.
F103    ABAP/4 Reporting: Transfer Receivbls
F104    ABAP/4 Reporting: Receivbls Provisn
F107    FI Valuation Run 
F110    Parameters for Automatic Payment 
F111    Parameters for Payment of PRequest 
F13E    ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing 
F150    Dunning Run 
F48A    Document Archiving 
F53A    Archiving of G/L Accounts 
F53V    Management of G/L Account Archives 
F56A    Customer Archiving 
F58A    Archiving of Vendors 
F61A    Bank archiving 
F64A    Transaction Figure Archiving 
F66A    Archiving of Bank Data Storage 
F8+0    Display FI Main Role Definition 
F8+1    Maintain FI Main Role Definition 
F8+2    Display FI Amount Groups 
F8+3    Maintain FI Amount Groups 
F8B4    C FI Maintain Table TBKDC 
F8B6N   C FI Maintain Table TBKPV 
F8BC    C FI Maintain Table TBKFK 
F8BF    C FI Maintain Table T042Y 
F8BG    Maintain Global Data for F111 
F8BH    Inconsistencies T042I and T042Y 
F8BJ    Maintain Clearing Accts (Rec.Bank) 
F8BK    Maintain ALE-Compatible Pmnt Methods
F8BM    Maintain numb.range: Payment request
F8BN    Corr.Acctg Documents Payment Block 
F8BO    Payment request archiving 
F8BR    Levels for Payment Requests 
F8BS    Detail display of payment requests 
F8BT    Display Payment Requests 
F8BU    Create payment runs automatically 
F8BV    Reversal of Bank-to-Bank Transfers 
F8BW    Reset Cleared Items: Payt Requests 
F8BZ    F111 Customizing 
F8XX    Payment Request No. Ranges KI3-F8BM
FA39    Call up report with report variant 
FAKA    Config.: Show Display Format 
FAKP    Config.: Maintain Display Format 
FAR1    S FI-ARI Maint. table T061A 
FARA    S FI-ARI Maint. table T061P/Q 
FARB    C FI-ARI Maint. table T061R 
FARI    AR Interface: Third-party applicatns
FARY    Table T061S 
FARZ    Table T061V 
FAX1    BC sample SAP DE 2.1 
FAX2    BC sample 2 SAP DE 2.1 
FB00    Accounting Editing Options 
FB01    Post Document 
FB02    Change Document 
FB03    Display Document 
FB03Z   Display Document/Payment Usage 
FB04    Document Changes 
FB05    Post with Clearing 
FB05_OLD Post with clearing 
FB07    Control Totals 
FB08    Reverse Document 
FB09    Change Line Items 
FB10    Invoice/Credit Fast Entry 
FB11    Post Held Document 
FB12    Request from Correspondence 
FB13    Release for Payments 
FB1D    Clear Customer 
FB1K    Clear Vendor 
FB1S    Clear G/L Account 
FB21    Enter Statistical Posting 
FB22    Reverse Statistical Posting 
FB31    Enter Noted Item 
FB41    Post Tax Payable 
FB50    G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.
FB60    Enter Incoming Invoices 
FB65    Enter Incoming Credit Memos 
FB70    Enter Outgoing Invoices 
FB75    Enter Outgoing Credit Memos 
FB99    Check if Documents can be Archived 
FBA1    Customer Down Payment Request 
FBA2    Post Customer Down Payment 
FBA3    Clear Customer Down Payment 
FBA6    Vendor Down Payment Request 
FBA7    Post Vendor Down Payment 
FBA7_OLD Post Vendor Down Payment 
FBA8     Clear Vendor Down Payment 
FBA8_OLD Clear Vendor Down Payment 
FBB1    Post Foreign Currency Valn 
FBBA    Display Acct Determination Config. 
FBBP    Maintain Acct Determination Config.
FBCJ    Cash Journal 
FBCJC1  Cash Journal Document Number Range 
FBCJC3  C FI Maintain Tables TCJ_PRINT 
FBCOPY  Copy Function Module 
FBD1    Enter Recurring Entry 
FBD2    Change Recurring Entry 
FBD3    Display Recurring Entry 
FBD4    Display Recurring Entry Changes 
FBD5    Realize Recurring Entry 
FBD9    Enter Recurring Entry 
FBDF    Menu Banque de France 
FBE1    Create Payment Advice 
FBE2    Change Payment Advice 
FBE3    Display Payment Advice 
FBE6    Delete Payment Advice 
FBE7    Add to Payment Advice Account 
FBF1    C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind. 
FBF2    Financial Transactions 
FBF3    Control Report 
FBF4    Download Documents 
FBF5    Reports Minus Vendor Accounts 
FBF6    Document Changes 
FBF7    C80 Reports Minus Sp.G/L Ind. 
FBF8    C84 Reports 
FBFT    Customizing BDF 
FBIPU   Maintain bank chains for partner 
FBKA    Display Accounting Configuration 
FBKF    FBKP/Carry Out Function (Internal) 
FBKP    Maintain Accounting Configuration 
FBL1    Display Vendor Line Items 
FBL1N   Vendor Line Items 
FBL2    Change Vendor Line Items 
FBL2N   Vendor Line Items 
FBL3    Display G/L Account Line Items 
FBL3N   G/L Account Line Items 
FBL4    Change G/L Account Line Items 
FBL4N   G/L Account Line Items 
FBL5    Display Customer Line Items 
FBL5N   Customer Line Items 
FBL6    Change Customer Line Items 
FBL6N   Customer Line Items 
FBM1    Enter Sample Document 
FBM2    Change Sample Document 
FBM3    Display Sample Document 
FBM4    Display Sample Document Changes 
FBMA    Display Dunning Procedure 
FBME    Banks 
FBMP    Maintain Dunning Procedure 
FBN1    Accounting Document Number Ranges 
FBN2    Number Range Maintenance: FI_PYORD 
FBP1    Enter Payment Request 
FBR1    Post with Reference Document 
FBR2    Post Document 
FBRA    Reset Cleared Items 
FBRC    Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)
FBS1    Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc. 
FBTA    Display Text Determin.Configuration
FBTP    Maintain Text Determin.Configuration
FBU2    Change Intercompany Document 
FBU3    Display Intercompany Document 
FBU8    Reverse Cross-Company Code Document
FBV0    Post Parked Document 
FBV1    Park Document 
FBV2    Change Parked Document 
FBV3    Display Parked Document 
FBV4    Change Parked Document (Header) 
FBV5    Document Changes of Parked Documents
FBV6    Parked Document $ 
FBVB    Post Parked Document 
FBW1    Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request
FBW2    Post Bill of Pmt Request
FBW3    Post Bill of Exchange Usage 
FBW4    Reverse Bill Liability 
FBW5    Customer Check/Bill of Exchange 
FBW6    Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange 
FBW7    Bank file to file system (for FBWD)
FBW8    File to Bank (for Transaction FBWD)
FBW9    C FI Maintain Table T045DTA 
FBWA    C FI Maintain Table T046a 
FBWD    Returned Bills of Exchange Payable 
FBWD2   Parameter Transaction for FBWD 
FBWE    Bill/Exch.Presentatn - International
FBWQ    C FI Maintain Table T045T 
FBWR    C FI Maintain Table T045W 
FBWS    C FI Maintain Table T046s 
FBZ0    Display/Edit Payment Proposal 
FBZ1    Post Incoming Payments 
FBZ2    Post Outgoing Payments 
FBZ3    Incoming Payments Fast Entry 
FBZ4    Payment with Printout 
FBZ5    Print Check For Payment Document 
FBZ8    Display Payment Run 
FBZA    Display Pmnt Program Configuration 
FBZG    Failed Customer Payments 
FBZP    Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration
FC10    Financial Statements Comparison 
FC11    Data Extract for FI Transfer 
FC80    Document C80 
FC82    Document C82 
FCAA    Check Archiving 
FCC1    Payment Cards: Settlement 
FCC2    Payment Cards: Repeat Settlement 
FCC3    Payment Cards: Delete Logs 
FCC4    Payment Cards: Display Logs 
FCCR    Payment Card Evaluations 
FCH1    Display Check Information 
FCH2    Display Payment Document Checks 
FCH3    Void Checks 
FCH4    Renumber Checks 
FCH5    Create Check Information 
FCH6    Change Check Information/Cash Check
FCH7    Reprint Check 
FCH8    Reverse Check Payment 
FCH9    Void Issued Check 
FCHA    Check archiving 
FCHB    Check retrieval 
FCHD    Delete Payment Run Check Information
FCHE    Delete Voided Checks 
FCHF    Delete Manual Checks 
FCHG    Delete cashing/extract data 
FCHI    Check Lots 
FCHK    Check Tracing Initial Menu 
FCHN    Check Register 
FCHR    Online Cashed Checks 
FCHT    Change check/payment allocation 
FCHU    Create Reference for Check 
FCHV    C FI Maintain Table TVOID 
FCHX    Check Extract - Creation 
FCIWCU  BW Customizing for CS 
FCIWD00 Download InfoObject text 
FCIWD10 Download InfoObject hierarchies 
FCKR    International cashed checks 
FCMM    C FI Preparations for consolidation
FCMN    FI Initial Consolidation Menu 
FCV1    Create A/R Summary 
FCV2    Delete A/R Summary 
FCV3    Early Warning List 
FC_BW_BEX       Business Explorer Analyser 
FC_BW_RSA1      BW Administrator Workbench 
FC_BW_RSZDELETE Delete BW Query Objects 
FC_BW_RSZV      Maintain BW Variables 
FD-1    Number range maintenance: FVVD_RANL
FD01    Create Customer (Accounting) 
FD02    Change Customer (Accounting) 
FD02CORE Maintain customer 
FD03    Display Customer (Accounting) 
FD04    Customer Changes (Accounting) 
FD05    Block Customer (Accounting) 
FD06    Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)
FD08    Confirm Customer Individually(Actng)
FD09    Confirm Customer List (Accounting) 
FD10    Customer Account Balance 
FD10N   Customer Balance Display 
FD10NA  Customer Bal. Display with Worklist
FD11    Customer Account Analysis 
FD15    Transfer customer changes: send 
FD16    Transfer customer changes: receive 
FD24    Credit Limit Changes 
FD32    Change Customer Credit Management 
FD33    Display Customer Credit Management 
FD37    Credit Management Mass Change 
FDCU    Loans customizing menu 
FDFD    Cash Management Implementation Tool
FDI0    Execute Report 
FDI1    Create Report 
FDI2    Change Report 
FDI3    Display Report 
FDI4    Create Form 
FDI5    Change Form 
FDI6    Display Form 
FDIB    Background Processing 
FDIC    Maintain Currency Translation Type 
FDIK    Maintain Key Figures 
FDIM    Report Monitor 
FDIO    Transport Reports 
FDIP    Transport Forms 
FDIQ    Import Reports from Client 000 
FDIR    Import Forms from Client 000 
FDIT    Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
FDIV    Maintain Global Variable 
FDIX    Reorganize Drilldown Reports 
FDIY    Reorganize Report Data 
FDIZ    Reorganize Forms 
FDK43   Credit Management - Master Data List
FDOO    Borrower's notes order overview 
FDTA    TemSe/REGUT Data Administration 
FDTT    Treasury Data Medium Administration
FEBA    Postprocess Electronic Bank Statmt 
FEBC    Generate Multicash format 
FEBMSG  Display Internet Messages 
FEBOAS  Request Account Statement via OFX 
FEBOFX  OFX Functions 
FEBP    Post Electronic Bank Statement 
FEBSTS  Search String Search Simulation 
FESR    Importing of POR File (Switzerland)
FEUB    Adjust VIBEPP after EURO conversion
FEUI    Real Estate Implementation Guide 
FF$3    Send planning data to central system
FF$4    Retrieve planning data 
FF$5    Retrieve transmission results 
FF$6    Check settings 
FF$7    Check all external systems 
FF$A    Maintain TR-CM subsystems 
FF$B    Convert Planning Group 
FF$C    Convert planning level 
FF$D    Convert business areas 
FF$L    Display transmission information 
FF$S    Display transmission information 
FF$X    Configure the central TR-CM system 
FF-1    Outstanding Checks 
FF-2    Outstanding Bills of Exchange 
FF-3    Cash Management Summary Records 
FF-4    CMF Data In Accounting Documents 
FF-5    CMF Records fr.Materials Management
FF-6    CMF Records from Sales 
FF-7    Forecast Item Journal 
FF-8    Payment Advice Journal 
FF-9    Journal 
FF.1    Standard G/L Account Interest Scale
FF.3    G/L Account Cashed Checks 
FF.4    Vendor Cashed Checks 
FF.5    Import Electronic Bank Statement 
FF.6    Display Electronic Bank Statement 
FF.7    Payment Advice Comparison 
FF.8    Print Payment Orders 
FF.9    Post Payment Orders 
FF.D    Generate payt req. from advices 
FF/1    Compare Bank Terms 
FF/2    Compare value date 
FF/3    Archive advices from bank statements
FF/4    Import electronic check deposit list
FF/5    Post electronic check deposit list 
FF/6    Deposit/loan mgmt analysis/posting 
FF/7    Deposit/loan management int accruals
FF/8    Import Bank Statement into Cash Mgmt
FF/9    Compare Advices with Bank Statement
FF63    Create Planning Memo Record 
FF65    List of Cash Management Memo Records
FF67    Manual Bank Statement 
FF68    Manual Check Deposit Transaction 
FF6A    Edit Cash Mgmt Pos Payment Advices 
FF6B    Edit liquidity forecast planned item
FF70    Cash Mgmt Posit./Liquidity Forecast
FF71    Cash Position 
FF72    Liquidity forecast 
FF73    Cash Concentration 
FF74    Use Program to Access Cash Concntn 
FF7A    Cash Position 
FF7B    Liquidity forecast 
FF:1    Maintain exchange rates 
FFB4    Import electronic check deposit list
FFB5    Post electronic check deposit list 
FFL_OLD Display Transmission Information 
FFS_OLD Display Transmission Information 
FFTL    Telephone list 
FFW1    Wire Authorization 
FFWR    Post Payment Requests from Advice 
FFWR_REQUESTS   Create Payment Requests from Advice
FF_1    Standard G/L Account Interest Scale
FF_3    G/L Account Cashed Checks 
FF_4    Vendor Cashed Checks 
FF_5    Import Electronic Bank Statement 
FF_6    Display Electronic Bank Statement 
FG99    Flexible G/L: Report Selection 
FGI0    Execute Report 
FGI1    Create Report 
FGI2    Change Report 
FGI3    Display Report 
FGI4    Create Form 
FGI5    Change Form 
FGI6    Display Form 
FGIB    Background Processing 
FGIC    Maintain Currency Translation Type 
FGIK    Maintain Key Figures 
FGIM    Report Monitor 
FGIO    Transport Reports 
FGIP    Transport Forms 
FGIQ    Import Reports from Client 000 
FGIR    Import Forms from Client 000 
FGIT    Translation Tool - Drilldown Report.
FGIV    Maintain Global Variable 
FGIX    Reorganize Drilldown Reports 
FGIY    Reorganize Report Data 
FGIZ    Reorganize Forms 
FGM0    Special Purpose Ledger Menu 
FGRP    Report Painter 
FGRW    Report Writer Menu 
FI01    Create Bank 
FI02    Change Bank 
FI03    Display Bank 
FI04    Display Bank Changes 
FI06    Mark Bank for Deletion 
FI07    Change Current Number Range Number 
FI12    Change House Banks/Bank Accounts 
FI12CORE   Change House Banks/Bank Accounts 
FI13    Display House Banks/Bank Accounts 
FIBB    Bank chain determination 
FIBC    Scenarios for Bank Chain Determin. 
FIBD    Allocation client 
FIBF    Maintenance transaction BTE 
FIBHS   Display bank chains for house banks
FIBHU   Maintain bank chains for house banks
FIBL1   Control Origin Indicator 
FIBL2   Assign Origin 
FIBL3   Group of House Bank Accounts 
FIBPS   Display bank chians for partners 
FIBPU   Maintain bank chains for partner 
FIBTS   Dis. bank chains for acct carry over
FIBTU   Main. bank chains for acctCarry over
FIHC    Create Inhouse Cash Center 
FILAUF_WF_CUST  Store Order: Workflow Customizing 
FILE    Cross-Client File Names/Paths 
FILINV_WF_CUST  Store Inventory:Workflow Customizing
FINA    Branch to Financial Accounting 
FINF    Info System Events 
FINP    Info System Processes 
FITP_RESPO      Contact Partner Responsibilities 
FITP_SETTINGS   Settings for Travel Planning 
FITP_SETTINGS_TREE      Tree Maintenance Current Settings 
FITVFELD        Tree 
FJA1    Inflation Adjustment of G/L Accounts
FJA2    Reset Transaction Data G/L Acc.Infl.
FJA3    Balance Sheet/P&L with Inflation 
FJA4    Infl. Adjustment of Open Items (FC)
FJA5    Infl. Adj. of Open Receivables (LC)
FJA6    Infl. Adj. of Open Payables (LC) 
FJEE    Exercise Subscription Right 
FK01    Create Vendor (Accounting) 
FK02    Change Vendor (Accounting) 
FK02CORE   Maintain vendor 
FK03    Display Vendor (Accounting) 
FK04    Vendor Changes (Accounting) 
FK05    Block Vendor (Accounting) 
FK06    Mark Vendor for Deletion (Acctng) 
FK08    Confirm Vendor Individually (Acctng)
FK09    Confirm Vendor List (Accounting) 
FK10    Vendor Account Balance 
FK10N   Vendor Balance Display 
FK10NA  Vendor Balance Display 
FK15    Transfer vendor changes: receive 
FK16    Transfer vendor changes: receive 
FKI0    Execute Report 
FKI1    Create Report 
FKI2    Change Report 
FKI3    Display Report 
FKI4    Create Form 
FKI5    Change Form 
FKI6    Display Form 
FKIB    Background Processing 
FKIC    Maintain Currency Translation Type 
FKIK    Maintain Key Figures 
FKIM    Report Monitor 
FKIO    Transport Reports 
FKIP    Transport Forms 
FKIQ    Import Reports from Client 000 
FKIR    Import Forms from Client 000 
FKIT    Translation Tool - Drilldown Report.
FKIV    Maintain Global Variable 
FKIX    Reorganize Drilldown Reports 
FKIY    Reorganize Report Data 
FKIZ    Reorganize Forms 
FKMT    FI Acct Assignment Model Management
FLB1    Postprocessing Lockbox Data 
FLB2    Import Lockbox File 
FLBP    Post Lockbox Data 
FLCV    Create/Edit Document Template WF 
FM+0    Display FM Main Role Definition 
FM+1    Maintain FM Main Role Definition 
FM+2    Display FM Amount Groups 
FM+3    Maintain FM Amount Groups 
FM+4    Display FM Budget Line Groups 
FM+5    Maintain FM Budget Line Groups 
FM+6    Display FM Document Classes 
FM+7    Maintain FM Document Classes 
FM+8    Display FM Activity Categories 
FM+9    Maintain FM Activity Categories 
FM+A    Display Doc.Class->Doc.Cat. Assgmt 
FM+B    Maintain Doc.Clase->Doc.Cat.Assgmt 
FM03    Display FM Document 
FM21    Change Original Budget 
FM22    Display Original Budget 
FM25    Change Supplement 
FM26    Display Supplement 
FM27    Change Return 
FM28    Transfer Budget 
FM29    Display Return 
FM2D    Display Funds Center Hierarchy 
FM2E    Change Budget Document 
FM2F    Display Budget Document 
FM2G    Funds Center Hierarchy 
FM2H    Maintain Funds Center Hierarchy 
FM2I    Create Funds Center 
FM2S    Display Funds Center 
FM2T    Change Releases 
FM2U    Change Funds Center 
FM2V    Display Releases 
FM3D    Display Commitment Item Hierarchy 
FM3G    Commitment Item Hierarchy 
FM3H    Maintain Commitment Item Hierarchy 
FM3I    Create Commitment Item 
FM3N    Commitment Items for G/L Accounts 
FM3S    Display Commitment Item 
FM3U    Change Commitment Item 
FM48    Change Financial Budget: Initial Scn
FM48_1  PS-CM: Create Planning Layout 
FM48_2  PS-CM: Change Planning Layout 
FM48_3  PS-CM: Display Planning Layout 
FM49    Display Financial Budget: Init.Scrn
FM4G    Budget Structure Element Hierarchy 
FM5I    Create Fund 
FM5S    Display Fund 
FM5U    Change Fund 
FM5_DEL    Delete fund preselection 
FM5_DISP   Display fund preselection 
FM5_SEL    Preselection Fund 
FM6I    Create Application of Funds 
FM6S    Display Application of Funds 
FM6U    Change Application of Funds 
FM71    Maintain Cover Pools 
FM72    Assign FM Acct Asst to Cover Pool 
FM78    Charact.Groups for Cover Pools 
FM79    Grouping Chars for Cover Pool 
FM7A    Display Cover Eligibility Rules 
FM7I    Create Attributes for FM Acct Asst 
FM7P    Maintain Cover Eligibility Rules 
FM7S    Display Cover Eligibility Rules 
FM7U    Maintain Cover Eligibility Rules 
FM9B    Copy Budget Version 
FM9C    Plan Data Transfer from CO 
FM9D    Lock Budget Version 
FM9E    Unlock Budget Version 
FM9F    Delete Budget Version 
FM9G    Roll Up Supplement 
FM9H    Roll up Original Budget 
FM9I    Roll Up Return 
FM9J    Roll Up Releases 
FM9K    Change Budget Structure 
FM9L    Display Budget Structure 
FM9M    Delete Budget Structure 
FM9N    Generate Budget Object 
FM9P    Reconstruct Budget Distrbtd Values 
FM9Q    Total Up Budget 
FM9W    Adjust Funds Management Budget 
FMA1    Matching: Totals and Balances (CBM)
FMA2    Matching: CBM Line Items and Totals
FMA3    Matching: FI Line Items (CBM) 
FMA4    Matching: FI Bank Line Items (CBM) 
FMAA    Matching: Line Items and Totals (FM)
FMAB    Matching: FI FM Line Items 
FMAC    Leveling: FM Commitment Line Items 
FMAD    Leveling: FI-FM Totals Records 
FMAE    Display Change Documents 
FMAF    Level Line Items and Totals Items 
FMB0    CO Document Transfer 
FMB1    Display Security Prices-Collect. 
FMBI    Use Revenues to Increase Expend.Bdgt
FMBUD005   FIFM Budget Data Export 
FMBUD006   FIFM Budget Data Import 
FMBV    Activate Availability Control 
FMC2    Customizing in Day-to-Day Business 
FMCB    Reassignment: Document Selection 
FMCC    Reassignment: FM-CO Assignment 
FMCD    Reassignment: Delete Work List 
FMCG    Reassignment: Overall Assignment 
FMCN    Reassignment: Supplement.Acct Assgt
FMCR    Reassignment: Display Work List 
FMCT    Reassignment: Transfer 
FMD1    Change Carryforward Rules 
FMD2    Display Carryforward Rules 
FMDM    Monitor Closing Operations 
FMDS    Copy Carryforward Rules 
FMDT    Display Carryforward Rules 
FME1    Import Forms from Client 000 
FME2    Import Reports from Client 000 
FME3    Transport Forms 
FME4    Transport Reports 
FME5    Reorganize Forms 
FME6    Reorganize Drilldown Reports 
FME7    Reorganize Report Data 
FME8    Maintain Batch Variants 
FME9    Translation Tool - Drilldown 
FMEB    Structure Report Backgrnd Processing
FMEH    SAP-EIS: Hierarchy Maintenance 
FMEK    FMCA: Create Drilldown Report 
FMEL    FMCA: Change Drilldown Report 
FMEM    FMCA: Display Drilldown Report 
FMEN    FMCA: Create Form 
FMEO    FMCA: Change Form 
FMEP    FMCA: Display Form 
FMEQ    FMCA: Run Drilldown Report 
FMER    FMCA: Drilldown Tool Test Monitor 
FMEURO1 Create Euro FM Area 
FMEURO2 Refresh Euro Master Data 
FMEURO3 Display Euro FM Areas 
FMEURO4 Deactivate Euro FM Areas 
FMEV    Maintain Global Variable 
FMF0    Payment Selection 
FMF1    Revenue Transfer 
FMG1    FM: Create Commitment Item Group 
FMG2    FM: Change Commitment Item Group 
FMG3    FM: Display Commitment Item Group 
FMG4    FM: Delete Commitment Item Group 
FMG5    Generate BS Objects fr.Cmmt Item Grp
FMHC    Check Bdgt Structure Elements in HR
FMHG    Generate Bdgt Struc Elements in HR 
FMHGG   Generate BS Elements f. Several Fnds
FMHH    Master Data Check 
FMHIST  Apportion Document in FM 
FMHV    Budget Memo Texts 
FMIA    Display Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget 
FMIB    Increase Budget by Revenues 
FMIC    Generate Additional Budget Incr.Data
FMIL    Delete Rules for Revs Incr. Budget 
FMIP    Maintain Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget
FMIS    Display Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget 
FMIU    Maintain Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget
FMJ1    Fiscal Year Close: Select Commitment
FMJ1_TR Settlement: Select Commitment 
FMJ2    Fiscal Year Close: Carr.Fwd Commts 
FMJ2_TR Settlement: Transfer Commitment 
FMJ3    Reverse Commitments Carryforward 
FMJA    Budget Fiscal Year Close: Prepare 
FMJA_TR Budget Settlement: Prepare 
FMJB    Determine Budget Year-End Closing 
FMJB_TR Budget Settlement: Determine 
FMJC    Budget Fiscal-Year Close: Carry Fwd
FMJC_TR Budget Settlement: Transfer 
FMJD    Reverse Fiscal Year Close: Budget 
FMLD    Ledger Deletion 
FMLF    Classify Movement Types 
FMN0    Subsequent Posting of FI Documents 
FMN1    Subsequent Posting of MM Documents 
FMN2    Subsequent Posting of Billing Docs 
FMN3    Transfer Purchase Req. Documents 
FMN4    Transfer Purchase Order Documents 
FMN5    Transfer Funds Reservation Documents
FMN8    Simulation Lists Debit Position 
FMN8_OLD   Simulation Lists Debit Position 
FMN9    Posted Debit Position List 
FMN9_OLD   Posted Debit Position List 
FMNA    Display CBA Rules 
FMNP    Maintain CBA Rules 
FMNR    Assign SN-BUSTL to CBA 
FMNS    Display CBA Rules 
FMNU    Maintain CBA Rules 
FMP0    Maintain Financial Budget 
FMP1    Display Financial Budget 
FMP2    Delete Financial Budget Version 
FMR0    Reconstruct Parked Documents 
FMR1    Actual/Commitment Report 
FMR2    Actual/Commitment per Company Code 
FMR3    Plan/Actual/Commitment Report 
FMR4    Plan/Commitment Report w.Hierarchy 
FMR5A   12 Period Forecast: Actual and Plan
FMR6A   Three Period Display: Plan/Actual 
FMRA    Access Report Tree 
FMRB    Access Report Tree 
FMRE_ARCH    Archive Earmarked Funds 
FMRE_EWU01   Earmarked Funds: Euro Preprocessing
FMRE_EWU02   Earmarked Funds: Euro Postprocessing
FMRE_SERLK   Close Earmarked Funds 
FMRP18  Clear Subsequent Postings 
FMSS    Display Status Assignment 
FMSU    Change Assigned Status 
FMU0    Display Funds Reservation Doc.Types
FMU1    Maintain Funds Reservation Doc.Types
FMU2    Display Funds Reservtn Fld Variants
FMU3    Maintain Funds Resvtn Field Variants
FMU4    Display Funds Reservation Fld Groups
FMU5    Maintain Funds Reservatn Fld Groups
FMU6    Display Funds Reservtn Field Selctn
FMU7    Maintain Funds Resvtn Field Selctn 
FMU8    Display Template Type for Fds Resvtn
FMU9    Maintain Template Type for Fds Resvn
FMUA    Dispay Fds Res.Template Type Fields
FMUB    Maintain Fds Res.Template Type Flds
FMUC    Display Funds Res. Reference Type 
FMUD    Maintain Funds Res.Reference Type 
FMUE    Display Funds Res.Ref.Type Fields 
FMUF    Maintaine Fds Rsvtn Ref.Type Fields
FMUG    Display Reasons for Decision 
FMUH    Maintain Reasons for Decisions 
FMUI    Display Groups for Workflow Fields 
FMUJ    Maintain Groups for Workflow Fields
FMUK    Display Fields in Groups for WF 
FMUL    Maintain Fields in Groups for WF 
FMUM    Display Field Selctn ->Variant/Group
FMUN    Display Field Seln->Variant/Group 
FMUV    Funds Resvtn Field Status Var.Asst 
FMV1    Create Forecast of Revenue 
FMV2    Change Forecast of Revenue 
FMV3    Display Forecast of Revenue 
FMV4    Approve Forecast of Revenue 
FMV5    Change FM Acct Asst in Fcst of Rev.
FMV6    Reduce Forecast of Revenue Manually
FMVI    Create Summarization Item 
FMVO    Fund Balance Carryforward 
FMVS    Display Summarization Item 
FMVT    Carry Forward Fund Balance 
FMVU    Change Summarization Item 
FMW1    Create Funds Blocking 
FMW2    Change Funds Blocking 
FMW3    Display Funds Blocking 
FMW4    Approve Funds Blocking 
FMW5    Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Blkg 
FMWA    Create Funds Transfer 
FMWAZ   Payment Transfer 
FMWB    Change Funds Transfer 
FMWC    Display Funds Transfer 
FMWD    Approve Funds Transfer 
FMWE    Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Trsfr 
FMX1    Create Funds Reservation 
FMX2    Change Funds Reservation 
FMX3    Display Funds Reservation 
FMX4    Approve Funds Reservation 
FMX5    Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Resvn 
FMX6    Funds Reservation: Manual Reduction
FMY1    Create Funds Commitment 
FMY2    Change Funds Commitment 
FMY3    Display Funds Precommitment 
FMY4    Approve Funds Precommitment 
FMY5    Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Prcmmt
FMY6    Reduce Funds Precommitment Manually
FMZ1    Create Funds Commitment 
FMZ2    Change Funds Commitment 
FMZ3    Display Funds Commitment 
FMZ4    Approve Funds Commitment 
FMZ5    Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Commt 
FMZ6    Reduce Funds Commitment Manually 
FMZBVT  Carry Forward Balance 
FMZZ    Revalue Funds Commitments 
FM_DL07    Delete Worklist 
FM_DLFI    Deletes FI Documnts Transferred from
FM_DLFM    Deletes all FM Data (fast) 
FM_DLOI    Deletes Cmmts Transferred from FM 
FM_EURO_M  Parameter maintenance for euro conv.
FM_RC06    Reconcile FI Paymts-> FM Totals Itms
FM_RC07    Reconcile FI Paymts-> FM Line Items
FM_RC08    Reconcile FM Paymts -> FM Line Items
FM_RC11    Select Old Payments 
FM_S123    GR/IR: Post OIs to FM Again 
FM_S201    Post Payments on Account to FIFM 
FM_SD07    Display Worklist 
FN-1    No.range: FVVD_RANL (Loan number) 
FN-4    Number range maintenance: FVVD_PNNR
FN-5    Number range maintenance: FVVD_SNBNR
FN-6    Number range maintenance: FVVD_RPNR
FN09    Create Borrower's Note Order 
FN11    Change borrower's note order 
FN12    Display borrower's note order 
FN13    Delete borrower's note order 
FN15    Create borrower's note contract 
FN16    Change borrower's note contract 
FN17    Display borrower's note contract 
FN18    Payoff borrower's note contract 
FN19    Reverse borrower's note contract 
FN1A    Create other loan contract 
FN1V    Create other loan contract 
FN20    Create borrower's note offer 
FN21    Change borrower's note offer 
FN22    Display borrower's note offer 
FN23    Delete borrower's note offer 
FN24    Activate borrower's note offer 
FN2A    Change other loan application 
FN2V    Change other loan contract 
FN30    Create policy interested party 
FN31    Change policy interested party 
FN32    Display policy interested party 
FN33    Delete policy interested party 
FN34    Policy interested party in applic. 
FN35    Policy interested party in contract
FN37    Loan Reversal Chain 
FN3A    Display other loan application 
FN3V    Display other loan contract 
FN40    Create other loan interested party 
FN41    Change other loan interested party 
FN42    Display other loan interested party
FN43    Delete other loan interested party 
FN44    Other loan in applic.
FN45    Other loan interested prty in cntrct
FN4A    Delete other loan application 
FN4V    Delete other loan contract 
FN5A    Other loan application in contract 
FN5V    Payoff other loan contract 
FN61    Create collateral value 
FN62    Change collateral value 
FN63    Display collateral value 
FN70    List 25 
FN72    List 54 
FN80    Enter manual debit position 
FN81    Change manual debit position 
FN82    Display manual debit position 
FN83    Create waiver 
FN84    Change waiver 
FN85    Display waiver 
FN86    Enter debit position depreciation 
FN87    Change debit position depreciation 
FN88    Display debit position depreciation
FN8A    Manual Entry: Unsched. Repayment 
FN8B    Manual Entry: Other Bus. Operations
FN8C    Manual Entry: Charges 
FN8D    Post Planned Records 
FNA0    Policy application in contract 
FNA1    Create mortgage application 
FNA2    Change mortgage application 
FNA3    Display mortgage application 
FNA4    Complete mortgage application 
FNA5    Mortgage application in contract 
FNA6    Create policy application 
FNA7    Change policy application 
FNA8    Display policy application 
FNA9    Delete policy application 
FNAA    Reactivate deleted mortgage applic.
FNAB    Reactivate deleted mortg.
FNAC    Reactivate deleted mortgage contract
FNAD    Reactivate deleted policy applicat.
FNAE    Reactivate deleted policy contract 
FNAG    Reactivate deleted other loan applic
FNAH    Reactivate del. other loan
FNAI    Reactivate deleted other loan cntrct
FNAK    Select file character 
FNAL    Reactivate deleted BNL contract 
FNAM    Reactivate deleted policy contract 
FNASL   Loans: Account Analysis 
FNB1    Transfer to a Loan 
FNB2    Transfer from a Loan 
FNB3    Document Reversal - Loans 
FNB8    BAV Information 
FNB9    BAV transfer 
FNBD    Loans-Automatic bal.sheet transfer 
FNBG    Guarantee charges list 
FNBU    DARWIN- Loans accounting menu 
FNCD    Transfer Customizing for Dunning 
FNCW1   Maintain Standard Role 
FNCW2   Transaction Release: Adjust Workflow
FNDD    Convert Dunning Data in Dunn.History
FNEN    Create Loan 
FNENALG   Create General Loan 
FNENHYP   Create Mortgage Loan 
FNENPOL   Create Policy Loan 
FNENSSD   Create Borrower's Note Loan 
FNF1    Rollover: Create file 
FNF2    Rollover: Change file 
FNF3    Rollover: Display file 
FNF4    Rollover: Fill file 
FNF9    Rollover: Evaluations 
FNFO    ISIS: Create file 
FNFP    ISIS: Change file 
FNFQ    ISIS: Display file 
FNFR    ISIS: Fill file 
FNFT    Rollover: File evaluation 
FNFU    Rollover: Update file 
FNG2    Total Loan Commitment 
FNG3    Total Commitment 
FNI1    Create mortgage application 
FNI2    Change mortgage application 
FNI3    Display mortgage application 
FNI4    Delete mortgage application 
FNI5    Mortgage application to offer 
FNI6    Mortgage application in contract 
FNIA    Create interested party 
FNIB    Change interested party 
FNIC    Display interested party 
FNID    Delete interested party 
FNIE    Reactivate interested party 
FNIH    Decision-making 
FNIJ    Create credit standing 
FNIK    Change credit standing 
FNIL    Display credit standing 
FNIN    Create collateral value 
FNIO    Change collateral value 
FNIP    Display collateral value 
FNK0    Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14) 
FNK1    Loans to Managers (GBA15) 
FNKO    Cond.types - Cond.groups allocation
FNL1    Rollover: Create Main File 
FNL2    Rollover: Change Main File 
FNL3    Rollover: Displ. Main File Structure
FNL4    New business 
FNL5    New business 
FNL6    New business 
FNM1    Automatic Posting 
FNM1S   Automatic Posting - Single 
FNM2    Balance sheet transfer 
FNM3    Loans reversal module 
FNM4    Undisclosed assignment 
FNM5    Automatic debit position simulation
FNM6    Post dunning charges/int.on arrears
FNM7    Loan reversal chain 
FNMA    Partner data: Settings menu 
FNMD    Submenu General Loans 
FNME    Loans management menu 
FNMEC   Loans Management Menu 
FNMH    Loans management menu 
FNMI    Loans information system 
FNMO    Loans Menu Policy Loans 
FNMP    Rollover 
FNMS    Loans Menu Borrower's Notes 
FNN4    Display general file 
FNN5    Edit general file 
FNN6    Display general main file 
FNN7    Edit general main file 
FNN8    Display general main file 
FNN9    Edit general overall file 
FNO1    Create Object 
FNO2    Change Object 
FNO3    Display Object 
FNO5    Create collateral 
FNO6    Change collateral 
FNO7    Display collateral 
FNO8    Create Objects from File 
FNO9    Create Collateral from File 
FNP0    Edit rollover manually 
FNP4    Rollover: Display file 
FNP5    Rollover: Edit File 
FNP6    Rollover: Display main file 
FNP7    Rollover: Edit main file 
FNP8    Rollover: Display overall file 
FNP9    Rollover: Edit overall file 
FNQ2    New Business Statistics 
FNQ3    Postprocessing IP rejection 
FNQ4    Customer Inc. Payment Postprocessing
FNQ5    Transact.type - Acct determinat.adj.
FNQ6    Compare Flow Type/Account Determin.
FNQ7    Generate flow type 
FNQ8    Automatic Clearing for Overpayments
FNQ9    Int. adjustment run 
FNQF    Swiss interest adjustment run 
FNQG    Swiss special interest run 
FNR0    Loans: Posting Journal 
FNR6    Insur.prtfolio trends - NEW 
FNR7    Totals and Balance List 
FNR8    Account statement 
FNR9    Planning list 
FNRA    Other accruals/deferrals 
FNRB    Memo record update 
FNRC    Accruals/deferrals reset 
FNRD    Display incoming payments 
FNRE    Reverse incoming payments 
FNRI    Portfolio Analysis Discount/Premium
FNRS    Reversal Accrual/Deferral 
FNS1    Collateral number range 
FNS4    Cust. list parameters for loan order
FNS6    Installation parameter lists 
FNS7    Loan Portfolio Trend Customizing 
FNSA    Foreign currency valuation 
FNSB    Master data summary 
FNSL    Balance reconciliation list 
FNT0    Loan correspondence (Switzerland) 
FNT1    Autom. deadline monitoring 
FNT2    Copy text modules to client 
FNUB    Treasury transfer 
FNV0    Payoff policy contract 
FNV1    Create mortgage contract 
FNV2    Change mortgage contract 
FNV3    Display mortgage contract 
FNV4    Delete mortgage contract 
FNV5    Payoff mortgage contract 
FNV6    Create policy contract 
FNV7    Change policy contract 
FNV8    Display policy contract 
FNV9    Delete policy contract 
FNVA    Create paid off contracts 
FNVCOMPRESSION  Loans: Document Data Summarization 
FNVD    Disburse Contract 
FNVI    Loans: General Overview 
FNVM    Change Contract 
FNVR    Reactivate Contract 
FNVS    Display Contract 
FNVW    Waive Contract 
FNWF    WF Loans Release: List of Work Items
FNWF_REP   Release Workflow: Synchronization 
FNWO    Loans: Fast Processing 
FNWS    Housing statistics 
FNX1    Rollover: Create Table 
FNX2    Rollover: Change Table 
FNX3    Rollover: Display Table 
FNX6    Rollover: Delete Table 
FNX7    Rollover: Deactivate Table 
FNX8    Rollover: Print Table 
FNXD    TR-EDT: Documentation 
FNXG    List of Bus. Partners Transferred 
FNXU    List of Imported Loans 
FNY1    New Business: Create Table 
FNY2    New Business: Change Table 
FNY3    New Business: Display Table 
FNY6    New Business: Delete Table 
FNY7    New Business: Deactivate Table 
FNY8    New Business: Print Table 
FNZ0    Rejections report 
FNZ1    Postprocessing payment transactions
FNZA    Account Determination Customizing 
FN_1    Table maint. transferred loans 
FN_2    Table maintenance transf. partner 
FN_UPD_FELDAUSW   Update Program for Field Selection 

CO related:

Table Name           Description                       Important Fields
AUSP                 Characteristic Values             MANDT / OBJEK / ATINN / ATZHL
CO-KBAS              Overhead Cost Controlling
A132                 Price per Cost Center             MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
A136                 Price per Controlling Area        MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
A137                 Price per Country / Region        MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
COSC                 CO Objects: Assignment of Origina MANDT / OBJNR / SCTYP / VERSN
CSSK                 Cost Center / Cost Element        MANDT / VERSN / KOKRS / GJAHR
CSSL                 Cost Center / Activity Type       MANDT / KOKRS / KOSTL / LSTAR
KAPS                 CO Period Locks                   MANDT / KOKRS / GJAHR / VERSN
CO-KBASCORE          Overhead Cost Controlling: General Services
CSKA                 Cost Elements (Data Dependent on  MANDT / KTOPL / KSTAR
CSKB                 Cost Elements (Data Dependent on  MANDT / KOKRS / KSTAR / DATBI
CSKS                 Cost Center Master Data           MANDT / KOKRS / KOSTL / DATBI
CSLA                 Activity Master                   MANDT / KOKRS / LSTAR / DATBI
CO-OM (KACC)         Overhead Cost Controlling
COBK                 CO Object: Document Header        MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR
COEJ                 CO Object: Line Items (by Fiscal  MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEJL                CO Object: Line Items for Activit MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEJR                CO Object: Line Items for SKF (by MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEJT                CO Object: Line Items for Prices  MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEP                 CO Object: Line Items (by Period) MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEPL                CO Object: Line Items for Activit MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEPR                CO Object: Line Items for SKF (by MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEPT                CO Object: Line Items for Prices  MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COKA                 CO Object: Control Data for Cost  MANDT / OBJNR / GJAHR / KSTAR
COKL                 CO Object: Control Data for Activ MANDT / LEDNR / OBJNR / GJAHR
COKP                 CO Object: Control Data for Prima MANDT / LEDNR / OBJNR / GJAHR
COKR                 CO Object: Control Data for Stati MANDT / LEDNR / OBJNR / GJAHR
COKS                 CO Object: Control Data for Secon MANDT / LEDNR / OBJNR / GJAHR
CO-OM-CEL (KKAL)     Cost Element Accounting (Reconciliation Ledger)
COFI01               Object Table for Reconciliation L MANDT / OBJNR
COFI02               Transaction Dependent Fields for  MANDT / OBJNR
COFIP                Single Plan Items for Reconciliat RCLNT / GL_SIRID
COFIS                Actual Line Items for Reconciliat RCLNT / GL_SIRID
CO-OM-CCA            Cost Center Accounting (Cost Accounting Planning RK-S) - What is RK-S
A138                 Price per Company Code            MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
A139                 Price per Profit Center           MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
CO-OM-OPA (KABR)     Overhead Orders: Application Development R/3 Cost Accounting Settlement
AUAA                 Settlement Document: Receiver Seg MANDT / BELNR / LFDNR
AUAB                 Settlement Document: Distribution MANDT / BELNR / BUREG / LFDNR
AUAI                 Settlement Rules per Depreciation MANDT / BELNR / LFDNR / AFABE
AUAK                 Document Header for Settlement    MANDT / BELNR
AUAO                 Document Segment: CO Objects to b MANDT / BELNR / LFDNR
AUAV                 Document Segment: Transactions    MANDT / BELNR / LFDNR
COBRA                Settlement Rule for Order Settlem MANDT / OBJNR
COBRB                Distribution Rules Settlement Rul MANDT / OBJNR / BUREG / LFDNR
CO-OM-OPA (KAUF)     Overhead Orders: Cost Accounting Orders
AUFK                 Order Master Data                 MANDT / AUFNR
AUFLAY0              Enttity Table: Order Layouts      MANDT / LAYOUT
EC-PCA (KE1)         Profit Center Accounting
CEPC                 Profit Center Master Data Table   MANDT / PRCTR / DATBI / KOKRS
CEPCT                Texts for Profit Center Master Da MANDT / SPRAS / PRCTR / DATBI
CEPC_BUKRS           Assignment of Profit Center to a  MANDT / KOKRS / PRCTR / BUKRS
GLPCA                EC-PCA: Actual Line Items         RCLNT / GL_SIRID
GLPCC                EC-PCA: Transaction Attributes    MANDT / OBJNR
GLPCO                EC-PCA: Object Table for Account  MANDT / OBJNR
GLPCP                EC-PCA: Plan Line Items           RCLNT / GL_SIRID
EC-PCA BS (KE1C)     PCA Basic Settings: Customizing for Profit Center Accounting
A141                 Dependent on Material and Receive MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
A142                 Dependent on Material             MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / WERKS
A143                 Dependent on Material Group       MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / WERKS

HR related:

Execute the program RPDTRA00 to list all HR Transactions.
PC00       Run Payroll 
PC10       Payroll menu USA 
PE00       Starts Transactions PE01,PE02,PE03 
PE01       Schemas 
PE02       Calculation Rules 
PE03       Features 
PE04       Create functions and operations 
PE51       HR form editor 
PRCA       Payroll calendar 
PRCT       Current Settings 
PRCU       Printing Checks USA 
PRD1       Create DME 
SM31       Maintain Tables 
SM12       Locked Secessions 
TSTC       Table lookup 
SPR0       IMG 
SE16       Data Browser (Table reports) 
PP03       PD Tables 
PP0M       Change Org Unit 
P013       Maintain Positions 
PO03       Maintain Jobs.
Master Data 
PA10 - Personnel file
PA20 - Display HR Master Data
PA30 - Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 - Personnel Events
PA41 - Change Hiring Data
PA42 - Fast Data Entry for Events
PRMD - Maintain HR Master Data
PRMF - Travel Expenses : Feature TRVFD
PRML - Set Country Grouping via Popup
PRMM - Personnel Events
PRMO - Travel Expenses : Feature TRVCO
PRMP - Travel Expenses : Feature TRVPA
PRMS - Display HR Master Data
PRMT - Update Match code
PS03 - Info type Overview
PS04 - Individual Maintenance of Info types
Time Management 
PA51 - Display Time Data
PA53 - Display Time Data
PA61 - Maintain Time Data
PA62 - List Entry of Additional Data
PA63 - Maintain Time Data
PA64 - Calendar Entry
PA70 - Fast Data Entry
PA71 - Fast Entry of Time Data
PBAB - Maintain Vacancy  assignments
PT01 - Create Work Schedule
PT02 - Change Work Schedule
PT03 - Display Work Schedule
PC00 - Run Payroll
PC10 - Payroll menu USA
PE00 - Starts Transactions PE01 PE02 PE03
PE01 - Schemas
PE02 - Calculation Rules
PE03 - Features
PE04 - Create functions and Operations
PE51 - HR form editor
PRCA - Payroll Calendar
PRCT - Current Settings
PRCU - Printing checks USA
PRD1 - Create DME
SM31 - Maintain Table
SM12 - Locked Secessions
TSTC - Table Look up
SE16 - Data Browser (Table Reports)
PP03 - PD Tables
PPOM - Change Org Unit
PO13 - Maintain Positions
PO03 - Maintain Jobs
PA85 - Benefits - Call RPLBEN11
PA86 - Benefits - Call RPLBEN07
PA87 - Benefits - Call RPLBEN09
PA89 - COBRA Administration
PA90 - Benefits Enrollment
PA91 - Benefits - Forms
PA92 - Benefits Tables - Maintain
PA93 - Benefits Tables - Display
PA94 - Benefits - Access Reporting Tree
PA95 - Benefits IMG - Jump to Views
PA96 - Benefits reporting
PA97 - Salary Administration - Matrix
PA98 - Salary Administration
PA99 - Compensation Admin - rel. Changes
PACP - HR-CH : Pension fund, interface
General Reporting
PM00 - Menu for HR Reports
PM01 - Dialogs in HR - Create Custom info types
PRFO - Standard Form
PSVT - Dynamic Tools Menu
PAR1 - Flexible Employee Data
PAR2 - Employee List
Organizational Management
PPOM - Change org Unit
PO03 - Maintain Jobs
P013 - Maintain Position
PO10 - Maintain Organizational Unit
PP01 - Maintain Plan Data (menu-guided)
PP02 - Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PP03 - Maintain Plan Data (Event-guided)
PP05 - Number Ranges
PP06 - Number Ranges Maintenance HR Data
PP07 - Tasks/Descriptions
PP69 - Choose Text for Organizational Unit
PP90 - Setup Organization
PP01 - Change Cost Center Assignment
PP02 - Display Cost Center Assignment
PP03 - Change Reporting Structure
PP04 - Display Reporting Structure
PP05 - Change Object indicators (O/S)
PP06 - Change Object indicators OS
PPOA - Display Menu Interface (with dyn.)
PPOC - Create Organizational Unit
PPOM - Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOS - Display Organizational Plan
PQ01 - Events for Work Center
PQ02 - Events for Training Program
PQ03 - Events for Job
PQ04 - Events for Business Event Type
PQ06 - Local Events
PQ07 - Resource Events
PQ08 - Events for External Person
PQ09 - Events for Business Event Group
PQ10 - Events for Organizational Unit
PQ11 - Events for Qualification
PQ12 - Resource Type Events
PQ13 - Events for Position
PQ14 - Events for Task
PQ15 - Events for Company
PSO5 - PD : Administration Tool
PSOA - Work Center Reporting
PSOC - Job Reporting
PSOG - Org Mgmt General Reporting
PSO1 - Tools Integration PA-PD
PSOO - Organizational Unit Reporting
PSOS - Position Reporting
PSOT - Task Reporting
PB10 - Initial Entry of applicant master data
PB20 - Display applicant master data
PB30 - Maintain applicant master data
PB40 - Applicant events
PB50 - Display applicant actions
PB60 - Maintain Applicant Actions
PB80 - Evaluate Vacancies
PBA0 - Evaluate Advertisements
PBA1 - Applicant Index
PBA2 - List of applications
PBA3 - Applicant vacancy assignment list
PBA4 - Receipt of application

Basis related

 ADOK  AM: System Administration Guide                    
 BALE  Area Menu for Administration                       
 BDMO  ALE CCMS Group Administration                      
 CATSX Time Sheet Admin.: Initial Screen                  
 CICY  CTI Administration                                 
 CJV6  Maintenance: Version administration                
 CN84  PS: Archiving project - admin.                     
 COA4  PP: Archiving order - administration               
 CSADM Content Server Administration                      
 FC_BW Administrator Workbench                            
 FDTA  TemSe/REGUT Data Administration                    
 FDTT  Treasury Data Medium Administration                
 FO86  Change active admin.contract fees                  
 FO8E  Create admin.contract event                        
 FO8F  Change admin.contract event                        
 FO8G  Display admin.contract event                       
 FO8H  Admin.costs acct sttlmnt simulation                
 FOART REsearch: Administration Web-User                  
 HRCMP Compensation Administration                        
 HRCMP Budget Administration: Display                     
 HRCMP Budget Administration: Change                      
 IM_AR Admin. of App. Request Archives                    
 KA18  Archive admin: assess., distr., ...                
 KE72  Archive Administration: Line Items                 
 KE73  Archive Administration: Totals Recs                
 KPRO  KPRO Administration                                
 OAAD  ArchiveLink Administration Documents               
 OG00  Personnel Administration Customizing               
 OG01  Personnel Administration Customizing               
 OMSM  CS MM Set Up Administrative Data                   
 OOCM_ Compensation Administration Settings               
 OOML  Room Administration Mail Connection                
 OOPC  Administration: Personnel No. Check                
 OY22  Create subadministrator  Customizing               
 OYEA  IDoc administration                                
 PA97  Compensation administration - matrix               
 PA98  Compensation Administration                        
 PA99  Compensation Admin. - Release Report               
 PACA  PF administration                                  
 PAT1  Personnel Administration infosystem                
 PC00_ CBS survey salary administrations                  
 PC00_ Tax Certificates - Administration 16               
 PP26  Plan Scenario Administration                       
 PP2D  Administer Payroll Results                         
 PSO5  PD: Administration Tools                           
 PUCA  PC administration for PF                           
 PVSEA Administer Search Engine                           
 QD25  Archiving Notifications: Admin.                    
 S002  Menu Administration                                
 SA02  Academic title (cent. addr. admin.)                
 SA04  Name prefixes (centr. addr. admin.)                
 SA05  Name suffix (centr. addr. admin.)                  
 SA07  Address groups (centr. addr. admin.)               
 SA08  Person groups (centr. addr. admin.)                
 SA09  Internat. versions address admin.                  
 SA10  Address admin. communication type                  
 SARA  Archive Administration                             
 SBPT  Administration Process Technology                  
 SCC4  Client Administration                              
 SCON  SAPconnect - Administration                        
 SCOT  SAPconnect - Administration                        
 SCUA  Central User Administration                        
 SCUM  Central User Administration                        
 SE78  SAPscript: Graphics administration                 
 SECST Administration of Secure Memory                    
 SENG  Administration of External Indexes                 
 SENGE Explorer Index Administration                      
 SIAC1 Web Object Administration                          
 SLICE Administer SAP Licenses                            
 SLWA  Translation Environment Administratn               
 SM14  Update Program Administration                      
 SP12  TemSe Administration                               
 SPAD  Spool Administration                               
 SPAT  Spool Administration (Test)                        
 SPHA  Telephony administration                           
 SPHB  SAPphone: System Administration                    
 SSAA  System Administration Assistant                    
 SSCA  Appointment Calendar: Administration               
 SSCA1 Appointment calendar: Administration               
 SSO2  Workplace Single Sign-On Admin.                    
 SSO2_ Workplace Administration SSO2 Ticket               
 STMA  Proposal Pool Administration                       
 SURAD Survey Administration                              
 SURL_ Personalization for URL Gen. Admin.                
 SUUMD Display User Administration                        
 SWDC  Workflow Definition: Administration                
 SWEAD Event Queue Administration                         
 SWEQA Event Queue Administration                         
 SWEQA Queue Administrator Maintenance                    
 SWIA  Selection rep. for work items(admin)               
 SWRK  Administrtation using work areas                   
 SWUF  Administration of Runtime System                   
 SWUL  Customizing: Process Administrator                 
 SWUX  SAPforms Administration                            
 SYSAD System Administration: Task List                   
 S_ALR IMG Activity: CIC_V_CCMCTIADMIN                    
 S_ALR IMG Activity: SIMG_EURO_ADMINUSER                  
 S_BCE IMG-Aktivität: BCDIGSI_ADMIN                       
 S_PH0 InfoSet Query: Administration                      
 S_PH0 InfoSet Query: Administration                      
 S_PH0 InfoSet Query: Administration                      
 S_PH0 InfoSet Query: Administration                      
 S_PH0 InfoSet Query: Administration                      
 TBD0  Datafeed: Adminster Archives                       
 TBD3  Datafeed: Market data administration               
 TBD6  Datafeed: Log file administration                  
 WE46  IDoc administration                                
 WORKI Administrtation using work areas                   




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    And these listings in SCN are disturbing any search with a transaction code. You are searching for a detailed information on a transaction and you always have to go through numerous threads which have nothing else than just a transaction code listing