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Collect typical BC-SRV-KPR problem.


The Knowledge Provider (KPro) is a cross-application and cross-media technical information infrastructure within the framework of SAP Web Application Server. The modularity and openness at the heart of the Knowledge Provider are demonstrated in its modular services and its clearly defined interfaces. Thanks to its considerable flexibility, the Knowledge Provider can handle widely differing information types relating to documents and document-like objects, such as administration data, index data, and pure content.

Typical problem:

1. Error Message in CSADMIN when I click Start/Stop on the Details tab:
Message no. CMS025
Error in accessing via HTTP
500 (Internal Server Error)
"CreateTab ContentStorage, connect error SQLConnect failed,
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source.

Check point:

This error shows that there are problems trying to connect to the database. This is often caused by problems
with the ODBC driver. Check if the database host is up or down. Is the web server
down? confirm that the ODBC driver has been registered,or to try and
register it again to see if this helps. Please also ensure that you have the latest version of this driver as per
the Note 698915. You should review the Note 301352 to register the ODBC.

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