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Welcome to the Sourcing Cockpit WIKI page. Here you will find all general information relating to the sourcing cockpit, for example how the standard system works and what behaviour to expect. I will also update this page with any new information, new issues, FAQ's, important notes and KBA's.


Here I will document how the Sourcing Cockpit works as per standard behaviour. I have documented the document flow with regard to the sourcing cockpit, what comes into sourcing and what documents can be generated from sourcing. I have detailed the meaning of the source_rel_ind entry, what sources of supply can be assigned and also what BADIs can influence the sourcing behaviour.


Section 1: The Sourcing Cockpit

  • Here the professional purchaser can the best possible source of supply for a requirement
  • Requirements can come form an external system (external requirement) or created in the SRM via shopping cart.
  • SRM is the central purchasing system with a single access point (Sourcing Cockpit or Assign Sources of Supply) to all sourcing relevant information and tools.

Section 2: The Proces Flow of the Sourcing Cockpit

Directly below is the process flow of documents coming in and going out of the sourcing cockpit.


Section 3: How does my requirement get to the Sourcing Cockpit ?

There is customizing involved in order to get a requirement (shopping cart/external requirement item) into the sourcing cockpit.

This is controlled by the product category and whether or not a source of supply exists.

Also with the BADl BBP_SRC_DETERMINE it is possible to control the transfer to the sourcing cockpit more specifically, using criteria other than the product category.
The customizing setting will influence the setting of the sourcing flag BBP_PDIGP-SOURCE_REL_IND
These are the kind of entries that can be within this field and what they mean:


Item IS NOT sourcing-relevant, will not appear in the SoCo


Item IS sourcing-relevant (appears in SoCo)


Sourcing is completed

A, D

Grouping / Grouping - bid (BBP_SC_TRANSFER_GROUPED)

N, M

Request for Quotation from SC / SoCo


In Transfer when using SOA transfer


RFx has been created through CPPR in ERP

Sourcing flag is updated with function module BBP_PDH_DB_DIRECT_UPDATE

Section 4: What types of Source Of Supply can be assigned from within sourcing?

Backend Sources - Relevant for Classic scenario

  • Info record
  • Backend Central Contract item

These are found via the BAPI:


SRM Sources - Relevant for Extended Classic or Lean scenario

  • Vendor List
  • SRM Contract
  • Interlinkage
    (+ indirect in the sourcing cockpit: Bid Invitation, Live Auction)

BADIs that can influence the sourcing behaviour:


'Fine-tuning' of customizing


Determination of Sourcing via AVL


Searching and checking sources of supply by own rules


Do not Allow Requirements to be Met Through Contracts

Knowledge Base Articles:

We have created a number of useful and important KBAs for the sourcing area. These range from explanation of standard behaviours, to common issues and steps on how to overcome these, and also how to documents which contain important configuration settings for certain functionalities.

Important Notes:

1490498   Inconsistant attachment causing dump in SOCO

1381373   FAQ: General Sourcing Cockpit Issues

1380880   FAQ: Customizing for the Sourcing Cockpit

1380879   FAQ: Split criteria in the Sourcing Cockpit


  1. Very nice Lisa. Please write on REDISTRIBUTION Workload too when you get time.


  2. i dont have system now to check this behavior in ECS mode .

    for ex. INCOMPLETE HELD PO - If the BUYER deletes this incomplete PO , will sc item venture to Cockpit? Have you ever tested this?

    I do aware good PO deletion takes to cockpit if PO has been set to delete and configure for sourcing.


  3. Guest

    Please include Note 1319462 - Sourcing Indicator set after the creation of a contract

  4. Hello Lisa,


    Nice info just to update , if we get an issue related to SC which is stucked beacuse it has got created with Source REL IND status as P( it has Source of supply ) or other than X & Y  and SC is not searchable in SOCO.

    We have to use FM-BBP_PDIGP_DB_DIRECT_UPDATE to update SC for Sourcing indicator as X manually with item level GUID for SC.


    1. Dear Kaustubh,

      Thank you for your comment. If the SOURCE_REL_IND is in not expected status, we need to find a route cause. In case of "P" the transfer is stocked as you can

      se above the indicator entries :


      In Transfer when using SOA transfer

      With FM-BBP_PDIGP_DB_DIRECT_UPDATE you can not directly change SOURCE_REL_IND, because the FM does not contains a commit, and the change will not write to the database. You need  write a Z report with FM-BBP_PDIGP_DB_DIRECT_UPDATE call. Please note that FM-BBP_PDIGP_DB_DIRECT_UPDATE is a not released FM. (see note 109533).

      1. Hello Laszlo,

        Hello Laszlo, Thanks for update , But my issue is SC is in Approved status with Sourcing indicator in it as P. how to resolve this issue ?