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 Welcome to the SAP Community Network Wiki

Dear Contributors,

As you may know, a gamification  platform (missions, badges, points) was launched on SCN . With it going live, members' focus changed to missions with specific tasks, versus only points / level. Following the launch the following changes took place:

  • The option to manually request/receive additional wiki points was removed.
  • The number of points granted for a creation of each wiki page is  40, with a maximum of 120 points per day.
  • The number of points granted for an edit is 2, with a maximum of 10 points for edits per day.
  • Beginning on January 1, 2014,adjust wiki points to 10 points per page created, with a maximum of 30 points per day. Wiki page edit points will stay at 2 points per page with the limit of 10 points per day.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post them as a comment in my blog .


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  1. very good and wiki is very help full .

  2. Guest

    Congratulations, a nice experience, it´s just friendly

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    helpfull as well as needable..

  4. Guest

    Really helpful for knowledge sharing and enhancing. Great effort!!

  5. Guest

    I really liked this view.. It looks sleek, smooth and refreshing...

    One cent from me -  MDM is under others whereas it will be great it to be under Netweaver.

    Best Regards,

    Vijay Pabale

  6. Guest

    Thanks Vijay, MDM is under Netweaver now (smile)

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  8. Guest

    This is Really a Good View!!



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    SAP NetWeaver and Technology doesn't seem to have any content - is that right?

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    I'm not sure - can you  add a link please?

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    Wiki community is extremely good

  12. Wiki is really nice.

  13. Guest

    this is my first time here,hope this community help me a lot.

  14. Any reason why the Chemicals wiki ( is not shown on the list of Industry wikis?



  15. Guest

    Thanks for pointing this out - the space was added to the wiki homepage.

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    SAP release strategy

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    The ABAP Workbench is a collection of tools you use to develop, test and run ABAP programs.yes/no?

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  20. Hi this looks very good!!!

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    How to post a message to the forum?

    should there be a big button for it?

  22. The layout is very refreshing and looks very good. How do I go to the content submission area..?

  23. It's far better than the old layout , thanks guys!!!

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    Dear Moderator,

    I would like to see a link to my favourite page somewhere on main menu bar along side 'My Profile' or 'Home'. It will be easier for me to remember what I added as my favourite



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    yaa this is what we expected , 'the CHANGE'



  26. I have submitted a document sometime back, but it still shows under Pending Content. What is the protocol or do we have any further process to be completed in document submission in WIKI?


  27. Hi all,

     I would like to submit a document mentioning how to use tableview in BSP to update the database in backend.  I am new to SDN and i would like to know the procedure for submitting the document in wiki.



  28. Hi all,

     I would like to submit a document mentioning how to use tableview in BSP to update the database in backend.  I am new to SDN and i would like to know the procedure for submitting the document in wiki.



  29. Guest

    Hi Moderators,

    I am new to SDN and found good knowledge sharing online site for all the technologies.


  30. Guest


    The web format is not very friendly for me, I want to find some information about different industries SAP solution, but there's no navigator here.

    I hope SAP web department could imporve this a lot.


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    Please provide assistance to clarify what the error message means and what should be done to resolve. The URL must point at the Wiki: Please check the URL and correct as necessary.

    I am filling out the Blog form, and I keep on getting the error message listed above.


  32. Hi ,

    i got below dumps in my test server QW1

    tsv_tnew_page_alloc_failed in my system staus

    SAP BASIS 701 Release level 08, BASIS Patch SAPKB70108,ABAP SAPKA70108,

    Kernal patch level 117.DB :Oracle 10 g, OS is Sunsolaris5.9

    current parameter setting sto2 in my system

    Roll, extended and heap memory EXTM
    ztta/roll_area        6500000    Byte Roll area per workprocess (total)
    ztta/roll_first       1          Byte First amount of roll area used in a dialog WP
    ztta/short_area       3200000    Byte Short area per workprocess
    rdisp/ROLL_SHM        32768      8 kB Part of roll file in shared memory
    rdisp/PG_SHM          16384      8 kB Part of paging file in shared memory
    rdisp/PG_LOCAL        150        8 kB Paging buffer per workprocess
    em/initial_size_MB    8192       MB   Initial size of extended memory
    em/blocksize_KB       4096       kB   Size of one extended memory block
    em/address_space_MB   4092       MB   Address space reserved for ext. mem. (NT only)
    ztta/roll_extension   2000683008 Byte Max. extended mem. per session (external mode)
    abap/heap_area_dia    4000000000 Byte Max. heap memory for dialog workprocesses
    abap/heap_area_nondia 4000000000 Byte Max. heap memory for non-dialog workprocesses
    abap/heap_area_total  8000000000 Byte Max. usable heap memory
    abap/heaplimit        40894464   Byte Workprocess restart limit of heap memory
    abap/use_paging       0               Paging for flat tables used (1) or not (0)

    what can i do , please guide me .



  33. SAP CE 7.2 – Troubleshooting Guide - Problem & Solutions

    This is based on the experience of Upgrade from SAP CE 7.1 to CE 7.2 & Implementation of Projects over period of 13-14 months.

    Assumption – SAP CE 7.2 is installed.

    1)    Deployment exception in CE 7.2 SP03 while deploying BPM/Process Composer DCs from NWDI but the same works when deployed from local workspace.

    •  There is a patch on SMP for ESMP Build tool that needs to be updated to NWDI. Please refer SAP Notes 0001509312 & 0001248949.

    2)    Configured BindingData not compatible with the webservice.

    The below error occurs in our SAP CE 7.2(SP03) environment.

    Caused by: javax.xml.rpc. ServiceException: Configured BindingData

    50a790f1-4a9b-4660-a0cc-793921963be9 is not compatible with those available in the Webservice client framework.

    Checked the Note: 1521040 and understood that fix has provided in SP05.


    •  Option 1 is to make a try to apply the very latest patch for SP3.

    There was a partial fix for SP4 as described in #1464027 and a patch is also available for SP3. To apply this fix, please proceed this way

    a)    Please navigate to > Support Packages and Patches -Entry by Application Group > SAP NetWeaver and complementary products > SAP NETWEAVER CE > SAP NETWEAVER CE 7.2 > Entry by Component > Application Server Java > ENGINEAPI 7.20 >

    b)    Deploy the file ENGINEAPI03P_7-10006842.SCA

    c)    Try to reproduce the problem.

    • Option 2. Another workaround for you is the following:

    Please use the 'telnet' command to execute a cache cleanup command.

    a)    telnet <host> 5<instancenumber>08 (it is possible that you can

    execute this command only on the host where the engine in question is running, i.e. executing the telnet command locally from the server).

    b)    after you have logged on using your J2EE Administrator user

    c)    > lsc (this will list all the servernodes you have)

    d)    > jump <servernode>

    e)    > add espx

    f)     > man (only to see what commands you have for this command group)

    g)    > query -cleanAllCaches

    d)    Do the same for all the other servernodes (you can use the command '1sc' to see the servernodes, and the command 'jump' to jump to that servernode)

    • Option 3Upgrade to SP05. 

    3)   WebDynpro Java application running on the portal as an iView when deployed after adding few attributes to the model is throwing 500 Internal Server error. i.e The changed model is not getting reflected in the application. Does the server compulsorily need a restart as per SAP Note 1521040?

    •  There is no way to switch off AWS cache. At the moment, for AWS*, the only way to clear/renew the cache is to restart the engine.*

    * *Points to clarify w.r.t AWS

    a)    AWS caches the Meta info formed out of WSDL on the first read.

    b)    Whenever a change occurs in the WSDL, the Meta info will not known until a restart of the machine. And AWS always works with Meta info in cache until a restart happens.

    c)    Only one read of entire WSDL will happen no matter how many services it is having. After that AWS works on the cache stored. WS-R call used takes the parameter of WSDL URL.

    d)    AWS validates each typed model against its Metadata. The model is imported against a WSDL and the generated model classes should be in sync with WSDL used in the runtime. So, typed model classes will always be validated against the Meta info to identify variations.

    4)    After upgrading the servers to patch version 7.2 SP3 Patch 13, BPM timed trigger step doesn't go to the next step after the expiration time.

    Expected Behavior:

    1. User sets the time for the timed trigger

    2. Process needs to move forward after the set time elapses

    3. Next step is a human activity; so, users should be able to see the task in UWL.

    Current Behavior:

    1. User sets the time for the timed trigger

    2. Process gets stuck at the timed trigger even after the expiration time.

    3. User does not see any task

    The same functionality works for Patch Version: 7.2 SP3 Patch

    • Applying the patch BPEM CORE 7.20 SP3 PAT17 has a hard dependency with the patch of BPEM HUMAN INTERFACE MGMT 7.20 SP3. To solve the NoSuchMethodError, you have to apply & deploy the latest patched of following:


    2) BPEM BASE 7.20 SP3

    5)    BPM – Offline Form generates PDF with .XDP file extension  

    As part of offline task, BPM engine generates a mail with form as an attachment. When the user opens the mail from inbox, it shows the form attachment with file extension .PDF but on trying to save it to a local folder, the form gets saved with file extension .XDP.

    Issue 1:

    Due to this, the file type is not recognized on end users machine and shows a grey icon instead of Adobe Reader icon. In this case, they need to select Adobe Reader specifically to open the attachment.

    Issue 2:

    We are not able to open the PDF on BlackBerry. We believe that this happens because of the issue mentioned above.

    • Please refer to SAP Note: - 0001590945 & apply the patch matching your support package.

    6)    Input field suggestion drop down using AJAX RUNTIME cannot be selected with a mouse and can be selected only through keyboard.
    IE7 is used and the application is run through portal as an iView.

    On a custom WDJ component we implement the standard interface
    IWDOVSContextNotificationListener, when we deploy and run the application
    a JavaScript error is encountered when attempting to select the suggested
    value with the mouse (it works fine with the keyboard):
    “Object Doesn’t Support this property or method”

    • Please apply the latest patch of AJAX RUNTIME matching your support package.

    7)    UWL showing process id / task id instead of subject text

    Our BPM process generated tasks in UWL. Whenever we do a substitution of an UWL task to a different user, instead of the subject, task id is shown. In our scenario UWL text is dynamically generated and stored in the
    process context. It's not static text.

    • Please apply Patch 14 of BPEM-CORE 7.20 for SP03.Please refer to SAP Note 1553004 to apply the patch matching your SP.