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Model a new process
The new process idea is to do real-time management of your power consumption. So you are in a contract with the 'virtual power plant' and you can either be within the parameters of the contract and receive the good rates, or go above your contracted power consumption and must pay additional fees. (This can be due to a couple of things, you have bad weather and do not produce enough power and now must consume power at a higher rate. Or for certain reasons you must consume more power than previously contracted, because you have guests in town and must run your a/c on high). At this point, you can continue your contract, or go back and re-contract your plan. (Similar to a cell phone company where you can re-adjust your plan after several months of going over your minutes).

We are doing this real time.

We are modeling collaboratively - that's the point. It's not so much the process model itself but the act of modeling in a collaborative manner. The link to this particular wave is on,minimized:contact,minimized:search,\!w%252B8GF5_q44D


  • 2000hr Got our orders
  • 2030hr Started test driving Google Wave and SAP Gravity
  • 2100hr Beer ... need I say more
  • 2130hr Stop monkeying around, we got our orders clarified by our fearless leader
  • 2200hr Dick, Andrew and woutdejong busy at process modeling
  • 2230hr Handing over to Vienna? Got to make processes cleaner
  • 2300hr

Google wave - gravity results:

Google wave - gravity creation video:

Team pictures:


Team video:


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