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Process Design Slam Concept

Feedback on the events

Take 5 mins to give us your feedback on Process Design Slam 2009 events


Process Design Slam TechEd Vienna Event Planning Framework
Process Design Slam TechEd Vienna Agenda
Event Signup at TechEd 2009
Promotional video for TechEd 2009
Past Content: Process Design Slam TechEd Phoenix Agenda
The Design Slam is a virtual community collaboration applying BPM design and implementation tools and methodologies to solve a particular business challenge that has been posed by a panel of experts from SAP's customers and partners in advance of the SAP TechEd 2009 event. We have focused on customers working in Utilities and the topic will deal with sustainability. The intent is to start now, online, engaging with our BPX and SDN communities with the express idea of model to execution. The 3 months of online activity will culminate in an evening event, called the Process Design Slam. This runs concurrent to Craig Cmehil's Hacker Nite which has become a very visible and premium event for the community and attendees to TechEd.

The goal is to prove that a geographically dispersed collaboration team can create an AGILE solution to a business challenge when the right resources are available: human and technical

The selected process

The process is: Automating business processes related to forming virtual community-based power plant made up of resident's personal solar wind generation

The idea is to describe a process that allows a homeowner or business to come online as a micro generator within a township and the various steps (human and automated) that are required. Sustainability gets better over time, the more neighborhoods choose to generate power from green sources to supply the very power this neighborhood consumes - and in pretty much the same timeframe. This also reduces the losses of transporting power over longer distances.  Thus, power companies will more and more become brokers, and less actual suppliers of power.

Next synch call

Tuesday, September 29th, 16:00 CET, 10:00 AM, Eastern Time, 7:00 AM Pacific Time.  Want to attend?

Process Slam Participants

Process Slam Participants 2009

Process Design Slam Current Status

Recording from last Telefon conference (15/09/2009)
Recording of Discussion of Virtual Power Plant Scenario

Minutes from Telefon Conference (10/09/2009)

On this call, there was a detailed description from Marc Rosson Enterprise Architect / Information Technology Services at Snohomish County PUD. Topics of the conversation included: MicroGrid, Autosectionalizing.

Questions/Challenges were:

  1. Who is the Billing Entity?
  2. Are we speaking of a single entity in Micro Grid or are an aggregate?
  3. Who gets the cash?
  4. How is aggregation talking to all?
  5. Standards are missing?
  6. Is storage important?

Two sides of Smart Grid

  1. Smart Meter AMI
  2. Self-Healing Grid w/ autosectionalizing distributing utility

Details from past telephone conferences


  1. Process selected
  2. Initial BPM models in different environments have been created

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Process Design Slam Participants/Judges/Observers

Process Design Slam Particpants 2009

Process Design Slam Locations, Dates, Times

14 October
from 7 pm

27 October,
from 20.30 hrs

19 November
from 20.30 hrs