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Author(s):Rajarshi Muhuri, Created on Nov 28, 2011

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Simplified Installation for SAP HANA SP03 on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Server SP1 .

Table of Contents


  • HANA capable hardware.
  • SUSE Enterprise Server 11 64 bit SP1
  • SAP HANA Software

OS Installation

SUSE Linux 11 Enterprise Server x64 SP1
Preconfigured "SUSE Linux 11 Enterprise Server for SAP applications" can be used.  [A subscription for SLES must be bought for productive use, however it is free for evaluation purposes]

The OS installation is very straight forward, and does not need any customization if SUSE for SAP DVD is used.
( Click on the image thumbnails to see an enlarged view)


Configure host name including FQDN

Click Network Services --> Hostnames

Check by


Restart the system , and log on as root

SAP HANA Installation (SP03)

Manual Install

  1. SAP host agent
  3. HDB Client
  4. LM Structure (optional)
  • SAP Host Agent

SAP host agent is new approach from SAP and should be installed on all machines related to SAP landscape. It is used for example by ACC (Adaptive Computing Controller) to manage the system. It is also used by SUM to do the automatic updates.

  • HDB Studio Repository

Eclipse framework is allowing to updates from central server. This repository is the code that is distributed to the end users to update Studio to higher revision.


   Extract the File

   cd to the extracted "SAP_HANA_DATABASE" folder and grant permissions

   The installation can be done in graphical mode by

   or in command line mode by 

   Optionally use "hdbinst -a server"

  • HDB Client

The SAP HANA client (required for applications - providing them with libraries used to establish connection)

  • Sum4Hana

SUM (Software Update Manager) - framework that is allowing automatic download of SAP HANA updates from SAP Marketplace and other sources and patching using host agent. It is also allowing distribution of Studio repository to the end users.

  • LM Structure

Lifecycle Management Structure for HANA - which seems to install description of current installation that is probably used by SUM to perform automatic updates.

Starting and Stopping the System

as root 




as <sid>adm

su - hanadm



HANA studio

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Quick and Easy SAP HANA SP03 Installation on SAP SUSE Enterprise 11 Server SP1

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