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Brendan O'Brien began in the computer world at an early age and began his own Web Design company while still in School. From there he began his Degree in Information Technology to further his knowledge in computing and after receiving top honours in his second year was headhunted for a Senior Development role in a Software Design Company that specialised in developing ERP Software for SME Companys.(Developed from Concept to Market 8 seperate software packages for the company ranging from Generic to Bespoke software, including ERP, Marketing, Office Management, Administration and general services software packages.)

Brendan then began work in SAP Global Support in Dublin, Ireland as a CO Support Consultant. He has progressed to expert level in this area and became a Senior Support Consultant and SAP TOP TALENT. He is SCN Forum and WIKI Moderator for the ERP Financials area.

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Discretion advised