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After graduating from the ENSEEIHT School of Engineering with a 3rd year in Nottingham Trent University (UK), I joined Unilog in 2002 as a SAP HR analyst.
Parallel to this activity, I started learning some new technologies such as MVS, Visual Basic and J2EE.

In 2005, I discovered SAP NetWeaver and in the same year, participated in a SAP xRPM 2.0 implementation and obtained the 3rd Top xApps contributor badge.

Nowadays, at Alti, I work on subjects gathering both Web and SAP aspects such as BSP, Visual Composer, Flex, Widgets...

Visit my French blog on Netweaver at :

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  1. Hello Guillaume,

    At the moment Data Load Monitoring at a glance and SDN Points Widget are in the Community Profiles wiki section. Why don't you post your nice contribs to the Code Gallery section? I think it'd be easier to find them there.

    Thanks, Davide