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My Bio

I am a CRM Product Manager focusing on the CRM WebClient user interface. Leading the UI concept team we ensure a simple and powerful adaptation of the CRM Framework by all CRM line of businesses.

I joined SAP back in 1998, starting at a smaller company Kiefer&Veittinger as Consultant. By the acquisition by SAP AG the CRM area was founded. Since then I worked in areas like training development, presales, leading edge demo solutions and product mangement with a focus on CRM Sales. Especially during the years providing early demo solutions I had the chance to collect lots of different experiences inside the SAP CRM solution but also from customer use cases and scenarios that improved my business knowledge in the CRM area significantly.

In 2003 I started to focus on User Experience, at that point in time still focusing on the People-Centric UI. For the last 2 years I was fully focused on developing and continuously improving the CRM WebClient user interface which we created nearly from scratch completely focusing on simplicity while ensuring it still providing a powerful tool for our customers.

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