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Business Card 

My Bio

I am a NetWeaver Product Manager focusing on Custom Development tools particularly as they apply to Enterprise Information Management.

Before joining SAP Labs in 2006, I was an applications developer for a SAP customer company. I was involved in SAP ERP implementations at this customer as an ABAP Developer for nearly 10 years. I was also the co-author of the SAP Press Books, Advanced BSP Programming and Next Generation ABAP Development.

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I want to intergrate qr code reader and generator in webdynpro abap...Can you please help me for the same 



  2. Hi Thomas,

    I have been watching your blogs on WebDynpro and OO ABAP. Thanks a lot for doing such a great job. It has  helped me a lot. 

    I would be highly grateful if you could do a similar series for Workflow. Will it be possible.


    Suzie (Liji Susan)..

  3. Hello Thomas,

    I am looking to use Xcelsius to show performance indicators (gauges, sliders, trends, etc)  embedded into a Web Dynpro application using Flash Island.


    1) In Xcelsius, I have created a XLF project. I have created my Dashboard and created a connection Flash Island with few data sources and properties.

    2) I saved it then I Export in SWF file format.

    3) In R/3, I have created my web dynpro. Create a V_MAIN with a view container(which will be later linked with V_XCELSIUS).

    4)Then, I have created V_XCELSIUS. Changed the Root UI Container for Flash Island

                         * Create data source and properties with matching names of XCELSIUS connection data source and properties.

                         *  In the WDDOINIT, I put initial values in my View Context  node/attributes which are also linked to the Flash Islands data source/properties.

    5) After activating and creating the application, I ran my app, but nothing is happening and when I right-click I get a short dump on a null reference. It seems the flash island does not launch.


    PS I can successfully run WDR_TEST_FLASH

    I notice on the Flash Island wiki there are several tutotrials to do other things but the one with Xcelsius is said to be coming soon (dated back 2011).


    Am I missing a step? Should I use the Xcelsius  Publish into SAP function? Should I use Adobe Flex as intermediate steps?


    Thank you


    Steeve Tremblay