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Sep 2006 - Now
TeamWork Management (Switzerland)
Java consultant
Internal TeamWork projects (Geneva, Switzerland ) - SAP Netweaver Web Dynpro  
I completed the SAP Netweaver Web Dynpro training curriculum. I contributed to the design and development of Web Dynpro portal applications and Web Dynpro patterns. I also realized the following internal projects:

  • Integration of Web Dynpro Applications in SAP Portal.
  • Development and deployment of Web Services using EJB in SAP Netweaver.
  • Development of ABAP proxy from WSDL files for consuming Web Services. 
    Jun 2006 - Sep 2006
    ISO (Switzerland)  
    IT consultant for Marketing department
    The first objective was to create a tool to correct standards names based on a new standardized naming format.
    The second objective was to create a tool to publish on the web new ICS and Technical Committees (TC) on a daily basis. The tool works during the night, catches new ICS and TC from a database and then creates a HTML page.
    The last objective was to create a tool with a graphical interface to extract published standards on a weekly basis, in order to burn these standards on CD/DVD.
    Tech. skills: java, struts, XML, HTML.

    Mar 2005 - Sep 2005
    Service Informatique  Médicale (Switzerland)
    R&D, Diploma Internship
    The purpose of my diploma internship was to improve a classical information research in a bio-database (Medline).
    For this objective I have combined two existing methods. The first one has been developed by my supervisor and is an "Argumentative method" which cuts a scientific document (based on probability) in four parts: Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusion. The second one is the Rocchio algorithm, a probabilistic recursive method for querying a system.
    The point was to use the Rocchio algorithm on the Conclusion part (the most content-interesting part) of a scientific document to improve query results.
    Tech. skills: Perl, MySQL, HTML.

    Jun 2005
    ISO (Switzerland)
    One month e-learning mission
    The objective was to develop a message server working on the same basis as a mail server. My tasks were:
    * Develop the message server and it's graphical interface* Manage automatic sending of messages to simulate users (experts) interactions* Manage automatic responses
  • Create a user maintenance part to add, edit or delete a user. This project was created for student e-learning of how standards updates are processed.
    Tech. skills: Java, Jsp, Servlet, HTML, XML. 
    Jun 2004
    EPFL LIA (Laboratoire d'Intelligence Artificielle) (Switzerland)
    One month e-learning mission
    The objective was to improve and add some functionality to a tool which creates an e-learning online course for student. It creates a kind of web site in HTML from "latex" documents. The tool is "latexToHtml" under Unix.
    Tech. skills: Perl, Python, HTML.

    Jul 2004 - Aug 2004
    EPFL (Switzerland)
    The objective was to develop a text classifier based on Bayes rule (a probabilistic rule) in order to improve text classification for the international TREC 2004 contest.
    Tech. Skills: Perl.

    Oct 2002 - Sep 2003
    Health On The Net Foundation (Switzerland)
    IT Consultant
    The objective was to develop a search engine specialized in medicinal queries in the context of the European project WRAPIN. My main tasks were:
    * Development of the search engine.* Development of a graphical interface for the search engine.
  • Management of user interactions.
  • Results extraction and presentation to users. Tech. skills: Perl, HTML, XML (Twig).  
    Jun 2002 - Jul 2002
    Taxi Services (Switzerland)
    The objective was to create a timesheet for each employee from a general Excel timesheet.
    Tech. skills: excel, VB.

    Jun 2001 - Aug 2001
    ISO (Switzerland)
    The objective was to develop and manage a database for the ISO 7000 standard symbols.
    Tech. skills: oracle, java. 


Technical Skills
Good development skills in the SAP XI environment
I trained: * SAP XI development and configuration* SAP XI WebDynPro integration

  • SAP XI Administration and monitoring
    SAP WebDynPro And J2EE development
    Very Good knowledge in SAP WebDynPro:
    * SAP web application development (Netweaver Developer Studio)* Web Application Server J2EE development (Netweaver Developer Studio)
  • Server WAS J2EE Administration and monitoring
  • Web services development using EJB -
    Knowledge of ISO standards.
    Development tools
    Eclipse 3.x, SAP Netweaver Developer Studio, BEA, Borland C++ and Java Builder.
    Deep knowledge and experience in Java and Perl development, Javascript, JSP, HTML, XML, XSLT, Php, struts.
    Good knowledge in C, C++, Python and VB development, servlet, SQL, MySQL, Oracle.

    Modeling / Methodology
    Good knowledge in web application design using UML. Knowledge of modeling tools such as Poseidon UML. |

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