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Welcome to the ABAP Development Wiki Space.

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Discretion advised.

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SAP Support has extended its services for you and has launched the new support channel option Ask an Expert Peer at the end of January.
Ask an Expert Peer is offered in a limited feature trial for select products and lets you collaborate on your technical, product-related questions – one-on-one, with a qualified and approved expert outside of SAP. This way, you benefit from industry insights, along with an experienced perspective about your question. This channel is designed to deliver fast issue resolution for your basic inquiries and how-to questions 
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ABAP Technology and Runtime Environment

ABAP Technology and Runtime Environment

Here you can find information about ABAP programming as well as various kinds of ABAP Technologies(ALV, Smartforms, Data Transfer, User

ABAP Test and Analysis Tools

ABAP Test and Analysis Tools

The rich set of integrated ABAP testing and analysis tools ensure functional and formal correctness of ABAP code, guarantee quality and robustness and offer best support for custom code migration to SAP S/4HANA:


  • ABAP Code Analysis Tool
  • Performance Analysis Tool
  • Memory Analysis Tool
Memory Inspector
  • Testing Tool
ABAP Connectivity Wiki

ABAP Connectivity Wiki

Here you can find any kind of topics related to ABAP Server communication. In particular, the ABAP Connectivity Wiki covers the areas of

  • ABAP Channels
  • Internet Communication Framework (ICF)
  • Connectors:

SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector

SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo)

SAP Java Resource Adapter (SAP JRA)

(NetWeaver) RFC SDK

SAP Business Connector (SAP BC)

SAP .Net Connector (SAP NCo)

SAP ABAP Connector (SAP ACo)

  • Remote Function Call (RFC)
  • Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
  • Web Services ABAP
  • Unified Connectivity (UCON)
  • OData
  • REST Library

In other words: it is dedicated to all core technologies that connect an ABAP server to any other system (ABAP or non-ABAP) directly or over the internet.

SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment

SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment Community page.

SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment is SAP's Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for ABAP development which enables developers to leverage their traditional on-premise ABAP know-how to develop and run ABAP applications in the SAP Cloud Platform, either as extension to SAP software or as standalone applications.

Page: 'mmlsdisk' command. Page: 2GB Limit Update Page: 640_EX2 Kernel Page: 720 721 EXT SAP Kernel on Windows Page: abap2xlsx Page: ABAP-ALV with Traffic Signals using classes Page: ABAP Application Server Page: ABAP CDS View Hierarchy Associations and Text Associations Page: ABAP code snippet to upload Excel file into an internal table and display it in alv format Page: ABAP-Creating Tabs in Report program Page: ABAP-Developed a Tool For Downloading Programs Page: ABAP - Developing Interactive ALV Report using OOABAP Page: ABAP Development Home Page: ABAP Message Error Handling Standards Page: ABAP-OLE Code Display More then One Chart in Excel Page: ABAP on HANA - CDS view creation ( Demo to display header and item details using PARAMETERS (low, high)) Page: ABAP Programs Page: ABAP Program to Download and Create Customise Z tables. Page: ABAP S4 HANA - Asset Cutover process BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE Page: ABAP system fields Page: ABAP Technology and Runtime Environment Page: ABAP Tip-How to Debug Pop-up window Page: ABAP - Tips and Tricks Channel Page: ABAP Tips and Tricks Database Page: ABAP-Traffic Signals in ALV using Classes Page: ABAP webdynpro utility interface if_wd_application Page: ABAP Workbench Page: A code refacting using string template Page: Add a custom header for every new program Page: add days , weeks, months,years to date Page: Adding Pictures Material Master Data Page: add or subtract dates, months,years to date Page: AIX OS parameters revelent to SAP Page: A list of Tables and Function about Global Class' information Page: Allocated Memory in total for SAP system. Page: ALV Edit Program Page: ALV grid control with 2 different approaches Page: ALV Grid Program Page: ALV Grid Report - with Object Oriented SALV Classes Page: Alv in Detail Page: ALV TUTOTIAL FOR BEGINERS WITH EXAMPLES Page: alv with pagenos and subtotals Page: AM284 MESSAGE_TYPE_X IF_ADDR_MODIFY~DELETE_PERSON_REFERENCE Page: An sample Report program for Printing Adobe forms Configured in NACE Page: APO CRM Interface Program Page: APO Data Dictionary Program Page: APO Delete Master Data Page: APO Demand Planning LiveCache Page: APO to Mapped Network Drive Page: Append Structure OIUVKDFI missing in VKDFIF after upgrade Page: Application Log Methodology in SAP Page: Application Log Methodology Part II Page: Application Server Browser Program Page: Application Server Program Page: A Program to demonstrate how to declare, implement and use methods in abap objects Page: A quick overview of all breakpoint set for your users Page: Assign Smart form translations to a transport request Page: Authorisation Check Program Page: Avoiding dumps in a program Page: Avoid loosing long text maintained in sales order when sold to party changed in sales order Page: Background jobs cancel with syslog message: 2 GB limit for TemSe object reached Page: BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE And BAPI_GOODSMVT_Cancel Page: BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT versus COMMIT WORK Page: Barcode Printing in SAP Page: Basic SAP ERP Module Processes for ABAP Developers - Under Construction Page: BC-DOC-TER Page: BC XOM and OMS information Page: BDC - How to handle error log file to upload the data in call transaction method Page: BDT Configuration Comparison between clients Page: Blue screen in Windows Page: Brazil DST change 2015 Page: BRF+ (Business Rule Framework Plus) and DSM (Decision Service Management) Page: Bunch of Plant Maintanence Tables Page: Call Adobe Form through ABAP Program Page: Call FM to generate alv tree and deal with user action Page: CALL FUNCTION 'GET_GLOBALS_FROM_SLVC_FULLSCR' Page: Cancel billing document (VF11) Page: Cannot Center a Barcode in Smartform Field Page: Capture the print data being sent to an output device from R3 Page: CDS - Core Data Services Page: Change outbound delivery (VL02) Page: Changing the default password for sap use Page: Checking for a leap year. Page: Checking Prefix and Suffix values Page: Chile Daylight saving time 2016 Page: Chile timezone 2015 Page: Clone hunter Page: Code Snippet of printing adobe forms configured in NACE Page: Coming Soon Page: Commonly asked questions in ABAP Page: Components responsible for unicode conversion tools. Page: Consuming WebServices in Adobe FLEX Page: Control Files Page: Control Recipe, PI Sheet Program Page: Conversion from external to internal number format Page: Converting Binary data to PDF spool Page: Converting Scripts Output Into Pdf Form Page: Copy of Adding Pictures Material Master Data Page: Copy of File, Directory Operations using CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES Page: Copy of Learn making First Smartform Step by Step Page: Copy of SAP Business Workflow Page: Copy of Send Message to External email id and SAP User id via ABAP Page: Create and Delete folder on presentation server Page: Create a Search Report Using Selection Screen,Just like F4 Help Page: Create Dynamic Table for Structure using Runtime Type Identification (RTTI) Page: Create Simple Transformation for XML in ABAP Page: Creating a Custom Page Format for Device Type Page: Creating Adobe Forms Page: Creating a role with S_Tcode (only) Page: Creating Dynamic Internal Table Page: Creating dynamic variant using table TVARV Page: Creating or Converting Large PDF Files Page: Creation two OOPS ALV with editable fields and Save Page: CRM Test JLB Page: Custom Idoc Transfering from One application server into Another application server Page: Customizing CCMS RZ20 Alert Message Text Page: Custom Mandatory Message for Standard Selection Screen Page: D Page: Daily Production Report Page: Data declaration based on data-type declared in Global class Page: Data Dictionary - FAQs Page: Data Dictionary Program Page: Data Dictionary Program in APO Page: Data Matrix Barcodes Page: Date Validations Page: Debugging workflows and generating sub-workflows Page: delete Page: Deleting file from Windows Page: Deleting PO History Page: Deleting the Batch Input Sessions Page: Designing Selection Screen Page: Developers' Transaction Codes Page: Development Class Program Page: Different Pop_Ups in ABAP Page: Disable buttons, selectively or all in an attachment list Page: Disable popup when uploading excel files with macros Page: Display Characterestics in APO Page: Display Characteristics of Elements of a PDF-Based Form in ALV Page: Display File (captured in XSTRING format) from webdynpro and display in native SAP GUI Page: Displaying 3D Graphs in ABAP Page: Displaying ALV on the Selection Screen Page: Displaying TOP-OF-PAGE at Right, Center and Left Page: Display two or more ALVs on one screen using Splitter Control Page: DLL’s implementing SAP Resource type in Windows Failover Cluster Page: Document for configuring SAP R3 to send mail to external domain Page: Download All programs and FMs of a package Page: Downloaded xls file format is strange via List-> export->local file-> spreadsheet Page: Download File in UTF-8 encoding Page: Downloading all the programs belonging to a specific package. Page: Downloading internal tables to Excel Page: Dump inconsistent format error Page: Dump ZDATE_LARGE_TIME_DIFF Page: Duplex printing in SAP Page: Dynamic Content Upload Interface Page: Dynamic Content Upload Interface File Version Page: Dynamic Content Upload Interface Idoc Version Page: Dynamic Read in ABAP Page: Dynamic Selection screen popup using FM POPUP_GET_VALUES_USER_HELP and data extraction Page: Dynamic Structures and Components in CU62 Page: Dynamic Tabstrip in ABAP Page: Dynamic Variant Program Page: Easy Step To Debug a Smartform Page: ECC5.0 And Above Page: EDI Invoice Outbound Program Page: Editable ALV through OOPS Page: End of Support for SAP Releases Using Microsoft Products Page: Enhancement Detail Program Page: Enhancement Finder Page: Enhancement Program Page: error 2048 set in spool C call Page: Error 28 for write read access to a file Page: Error: No runtime object exists for form Page: Error "No valid XML document received" when registering Java system in RZ21 Page: Examples and demos by SAP Page: Excel files - CSV format Page: Excel with SAP - An overview Page: Exclude Execute button and add custom push buttons on selection screen of report Page: Exertion of SAP notes Page: Expected Deliveries Report Page: F1 Documentation URL is limited to 60 characters Page: F4 Help for Application Server and GUI Files using CL_RSAN_UT_FILES Page: Factory Production Report Page: Fetching IP Address of Application Server in ABAP Page: Fetching Value Range Text from Domain Page: Few Keyboard Shortcuts Page: Few Keyboard Shortcuts in New ABAP Editor Page: FI Document Status Report Page: File Copying using SAP Program Page: File Deletion from SAP program Page: File Hex Viewer Page: File lists Page: File permissions Page: Files Downloaded from AL11 are Truncated after 512 characters Page: File to Idoc FACT Program Page: File to Inbound Idoc Program Page: Find a BADI in a minute Page: Find Application class with Exits and Badis for a Transaction Page: FI PA to SAP Interface Page: FI Rebate Currency Discount Program Page: FI SAP to ISS Interface Page: FKK_AMOUNT_CHECK_AND_CONVERT Page: Flight Data Application - Demo Example for Integration Technologies Page: FM : REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY Page: FM GET_GLOBALS_FROM_SLVC_FULLSCR and Method check_changed_data Page: Frontend printer selection information Page: Frontend Printing Not Possible From Background Job Page: Functional location Bulk creation Page: Function builder Page: Function Module related on Date calculations Page: Function Module to create PO using BAPI Page: Function Module to Upload and Download files from and to Application Server Page: Function to get total service period of a employee Page: Function to get Transport request Logs Page: Gateway Errors for CCMS Agent Page: Generating diagnostic dump of the HANA database. Page: Get Changed Value In ALV Grid Dynamically Page: get the name of the month , date and year Page: Getting a input field populated on entering the value in one Input field Page: Getting up to speed with ABAP Development in Eclipse based IDE ADT(ABAP Developer Tools) Page: Global Macro Page: Goods Movement Program Page: Goods Receipt Order - MIGO Page: GRMG scenario fails with error unexpected end-of-file Page: Hardening on Windows Page: Hierarchical ALV from list display Page: how to analyze web service call error SoapFaultCode:4 Virtual Interface Method XXXX not supported Page: How to assemble PDF form pages into one file Page: How to create table maintenance generator? Page: How to create the query transaction Page: How to create transparent table via code Page: How to Create you own Number Range SNRO Page: How to display internal table data in excel with picture using OLE Page: How to Display Logo and Header text by using custom container??? Page: How to do Explicit Enhancement Page: How To Do Implicit Enhancement Page: How to Download Leading With Zeros from SAP to Excel Sheet using GUI_Download Function Module Page: How to find classic BAdIS Page: How to find the SAPGUI Traces Page: how to find transaction code or maintain view for a given table Page: How to Find User Current Status In SAP Using ABAP Code Page: How to get the variant for which a report went to Dump Page: How to implement Link to action in ABAP webdynpro ALV Page: How to implement Navigation from Webdynpro ALV to your own detail page Page: How to include an authorization group restriction in an SAP query Page: How to increase spool graphical display width Page: How to initialize LDB screen elements add element with LDB screen ? Page: How to make table maintenance generator Page: How to Protect your Programs from Copying or Changing Page: How to Reset Device Type Cache Page: How to reset the device cache in the SAP Page: How to Reset the User's Password History Page: how to resolve DDIC_TYPE_INCONSISTENCY error Page: How To search the Transaction by text Page: How to trace web UI transaction using SAT Page: HP Unix OS parameters and patches Page: HR Forms Page: HR Programming - Read Infotype Page: HTTPURLLOC entry for PDF preview Page: Human Resource Tables - a quick reference guide for an ABAP HR Consultant Page: Idoc Workbench Program Page: Implementing Tabstrips through selection screen Page: IMPORT_DECOMPRESS_FAILED Dump With Note 125032 Page: Important Function Modules In SAP Page: Important Parameter names and description Page: Important Transaction Codes used in CTS Page: Inbound Idoc Creation Program Page: Inbound Idoc Interface in CU62 Page: Incorrect character output Page: Increasing Spool Number Range Page: INDX Table Corrupted Page: Interactive Reporting - FAQs Page: Interface creation using BAPI Page: Introduction To GuiXT Page: Inventory Analysis Program Page: Invoice DAF Program Page: Is there a certified version of TSM for SAP HANA Page: Jdbc driver for Msql Page: Junction Functions Page: Kernel 720_rel patch level 401 instead of 402 Page: Know the difference between Class and Function Module Page: Label Text for Drop Down shows '???????' Page: last date of a month later some years, months,days Page: Learn making First Smartform Step by Step Page: Learn Making First Table Control Page: Level 2 trace for trace files Page: Link for Kernel patch dispwk updates and more Page: Linux Service packs Page: Linux SLES 11 SP4 Page: Linux UUID check Error 20011 Page: List all Methods,Attributes,Events of a Class Page: List of Active Component in the system Page: List of BAPI's Page: List of Commonly Used Function Modules Page: List of Customized Sapscripts Page: List of programs not assigned to any TCode Page: List of system exceptions as of 46C Page: List of Transaction codes Page: List processing Page: Local output. Page: Locating SD User Exit routines Page: lock and unlock delivery document Page: Lock and Unlock User IDs Page: LOG_HANDLE record in BALDAT and BALHDR tables. Page: Logical Database – Simple Selection Screen Page: Logical Database with Report HR Report Category Selection Screen Page: Logo Display Page: Logo Display By ALV OOPS Page: LSMW Steps in Detail Page: Maintaining Change Log for Database Tables Page: Make First SAP Script step by step Page: Making ALV to react to Change data automatically Page: Manufacturing Development Page: Manufacturing Variance Report Page: Mark check box using CALL FUNCTION 'GET_GLOBALS_FROM_SLVC_FULLSCR' Page: Material Master Upload Program Page: Materials Handling Program Page: Material Wastage Report Logic Page: MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING Page: MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING Dump on HR System Page: MEMORY_PGFREE_FAILED Page: Memory Dump in RSPO_L_RETURN_RAW_DATA Page: Message no. AM202 Postal code must have length Page: METHOD IF_EX_ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST~CLOSE. Page: Microsoft Selects SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite Page: Missing Days Extract Page: Missing ST03 Data after DST Timezone Change Page: Missng:TSL1TE entries in Syslog after installing the 720 Kernel Page: MM Create RFQ program Page: MM Material Master Program Page: Monitor memory usage Page: month in words date in number Page: My first SAP Script step by step Page: Need driver program for FI module such as Customer invoice or Vendor invoice.... Page: Need Function Module to update the LINV table Page: Netweaver Overview presenter Page: New ABAP Debugger Page: New ABAP Editor Page: NEW FM in Place of Obsolete FM Page: NIPING Page: No History Data in OS07N or ST06 Page: notes on work process Page: No traffic lights in "multiple select" option Page: Number of days in a year Page: Number Range (BC-SRV-NUM) Page: NWBC Sidepanel - HowTo Page: OBJECT ORIENTED ALV Guide Page: OBSOLETE Move a file from source to target directories or Delete file Page: Obsolete system fields Page: Old Instance Names in ST06N or OS07N Page: OMS Page: Online Text Repository (OTR) Page: ON VALUE-REQUEST event Page: OO ALV total column Aggregation Page: Opening MS-Word doc on selection-screen from presentation server Page: Open PO details Page: Operating system call connect failed (error no. 150 ) Page: Operating system call recv failed (error no. 73 ) Page: OS limits on Unix Page: Pages Superimposed on top of each other when Printed Page: Paging Page: Pagin rates Page: Pallet Traceability Report Page: Parallel Processing Page: Parse an xml file and insert values in ABAP Page: Passing data from one ABAP program to another Page: Payment Program Development Page: Payroll Results Using Classes Page: PDF Download By Creating Spool Request Page: PDF files in SAP Page: Performance of the SAP Spool and Printing process. Page: Planned Order Idoc Program Page: Planned vs Actual Report in Manufacturing Page: Planning Data Loading Page: Plant Maintenance Stock Parts Program Page: Plant Maintenance Update Network Program Page: Playing around with Select-Options in SAP ABAP Page: POSIX timezone Page: Postscript file information Page: PP Plan vs Actual Report Page: PP Production Declaration Program Page: Pricing Condition Program Page: Pricing System Program Page: Print Control Page: Printing a line after Subtotaling in an ALV Page: Printing New Indian Rupee sign Page: Printing to Specific Output Bins Page: Printouts print an extra cover page Page: print the selection screen data on the report output Page: Procedure to update the SAP kernel on all systems Page: Process Order Development Page: Process Order Goods Movement Report Page: Process Order Report Page: Process Orders Variance Report Page: Process Output types through program Page: Production Declaration for a Process Order Page: Production Order Idoc Program Page: Program to evaluate formula in a string Page: Program to generalize the conversion exits dynamically Page: program to get the archiving object size Page: Prog to upload from XL to DDIC Table Page: Purchase Order Data Extraction using ABAP Classes Page: Purchase Order Info Records Page: Purchase Order Release Strategy Data Using ABAP Classes Page: Purchase Order Release using ABAP Classes Page: Purchase Req. Header Long Text using Badi - ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST Page: Purchase Req. Line item Data manipulation using BADI - ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST Page: Purchase Requisition Detail Report Page: Read and Write on App.Server Files Using CL_RSAN_UT_APPSERV_FILE_READER and CL_RSAN_UT_APPSERV_FILE_WRITER Page: Read any OTF Data in Adobe Reader Page: Recover deleted TemSe objects Page: RECYCLE BIN for old wiki pages Page: Reduced Message Types Page: Reg. bdc recording Page: Regular Expressions in ABAP Page: Relationship between tables Page: Relevant ALV Grid Programs Page: Replacement of VC_I_GET_CONFIGURATION for performance tuning Page: Report rsbdcos0 in SAP Page: Retrieving and Manipulating Attachments to SAP Business Objects (SAPOffice, BDS, DMS, GOS, ...) Page: REUSE_ALV* Function module Page: REUSE_ALV* Functions Page: RFC for Subscription Order creation with Reference to Existing one and Update Customer Fields Page: RFC Purchase Order Change from Ariba Page: RFC Purchase Order Creation from Ariba Page: Route permission denied connection error Page: RZ20 Error - "Error at connection set-up Screen output without connection to user" Page: RZ20 node R3Abap->Shortdumps does not show all Shortdumps Page: S_DEVELOP issue after applying HRSP Page: Sales Order Interface Page: Sample program to open excel sheet using OLE Page: SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP failing with dump CALL_FUNCTION_RECEIVE_ERROR Page: SAP APO Demand Planning Program Page: SAP Books Page: SAP Business Workflow Page: SAPChess Page: SAP Custom Development Process Page: SAP Customizing Tools Page: SAP Enhancement Finder Page: SAP Enhancement Program Page: SAP Graphics Page: SAPGUI Crash When Displaying Spool With Graphic Page: SAPGUI for JAVA Page: SAPGUI FrontEnd Page: SAPGUI shortcuts Page: SAP Idoc Workbench Page: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe Page: SAP kernel for Linux 11 Page: SAP Kernel upgrade from 701 to 720 Page: SAPlink plugin for ABAP in Eclipse Page: SAPlink plugin for ABAP in Eclipse - the ABAP backend Page: SAP Logging and Authorisation Concepts Page: SAP Modules Process Overviews for helping ABAP Developers Page: SAPmvc Page: SAPmvc Documentation Page: SAP Network Update Program Page: SAPPDFPRINT Page: SAP Pricing Condition Report Page: SAP Proxy Maintenance Tool Page: SAP Scripts in Detail Page: SAPScript Templates Page: SAP SD- Sales and Distribution Module Introduction Page: SAPService Accounts locked Page: SAP Spool Request Owners at OS Level Page: Sapstart hangs on AIX Page: sapstartsrv consuming memory Page: SAP TechEd09 - Phoenix Session CD205 - Tips and Tricks to Learn and Leverage Newer Technologies Page: SAP Upgrade Program I Page: SAP Upgrade Program II Page: SAP Utility Program Page: SAP W2 and W2c forms and PDF output information Page: SCANS a transaction Code Page: Scheduling background job by triggering an event Page: SCM Variance Report Page: SDN-4121 Page: SD Pricing Report Page: SE78 And OAER bmp Image Creating Page: Search for SAP Basis transaction codes using transaction code 'SDMO'. Page: SELECTION SCREEN Design In Reports Page: SELECT Statements and CURSOR statement - Performance Analysis. Page: select the text from lower case data element Page: SeleniumABAP Page: Semaphore 43 on Spool Work Process Page: Send an Internal Table as an excel attachment via email Page: Send Emails with Attachments of any Format Page: Send External Mail with attachment Page: Sending Mails - Home Page Page: Send Message to External email id and SAP User id via ABAP Page: Send Smartform As .Xls As Spread Sheet Page: Service numbers from ServiceEntrySheet using PO Line Item Page: Shared Sql area Page: Short Notes on PERFORMANCE MONITORING Page: SHP_GET_SD_DATA - Function module for Extracting Sales order Details Page: Signal 7 SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED on Linux 64 bit Page: Simple Exercise to upload data using SXDA Page: SM36 – Define Background job Page: Sokoban Page: SPOOL_TEMSE_ERROR dump Page: Spool Creation Time in TSP01 Differs from SP01 Page: Spool Error - Consistency error Invalid program status Page: Spool file size is excessively large due to graphic Page: Spools stuck in status Waiting for output formatter Page: Spool status Output Device Unavailable with WP trace error No More Slots for Busy Printers Page: Spool Work Process Terminated when Frontend Printing Page: SSFCOMPOSER250: Table row is larger than 176 cm Page: ST03 Data Retention Time Settings Page: ST22 dumpMEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING Page: Standardized dialogs (popup function modules, etc.) Page: Standard SAP FTP programs Page: STAT Files Grow Too Large Page: Step by Step creation of Interface In between SAP and Mulesoft Page: Step by step of PDF form programming in GUI Page: Step by step to create a text table Page: Step by step to create time dependent view Page: Step by step to enhance ABAP code via implicit enhancement Page: Step by step to enhance ABAP code via post exit Page: Storage Management Page: Subroutines And Their Use In SAPScript Page: Supply Chain Management Program Page: Supress popup when using ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE Page: SUSe Linux for SAP Page: Syslog message: System log file only_one_SysLog_file was skipped Page: SYSTEM_IMODE_TOO_LARGE Page: SYSTEM_NO_SHM_MEMORY Page: System Bar Code and using it in SAPscript Page: System Bar Code and using it in SAPscript layout for printing Page: System fields for LISTS. Page: System time: Cannot go back (< 3 sec.). Wait 2 second(s) Page: Sy-Subrc Page: Table Maintenance Program Page: Tabstrips in ABAP Page: Temse store and performance. Page: test1 Page: Text Instant Comparator Page: The Events in Table Maintenance Generator SM30 Page: The F1 Help documents are in English and not in any other language Page: The SAPFTP Library - FTP Programming in ABAP Page: the SR13 is configured to SAP Help portal ( Page: This Must Be Done For ABAP Custom Programs When You Shift To HANA Page: time difference between two dates in hours or minutes Page: Timezone reports to check time settings Page: Timezone updates for SAP JVM Page: Time Zone value EEST Page: To activate objects programmatically Page: To apply batch split in an outbound delivery Page: To convert the Unit of Measure to alternate UOM Page: to create worklist for users Page: To get pricing condition of a Sales Order Page: To send 2 int tables data as two attachments to mail id outside sap system Page: Transactions SE38 and SA38 are not Displayed in ST03 Page: Transaction variants Page: Transferring An IDoc From One Application Server To Another Page: Transport and also Translate a Smartform to another language on another system Page: Transporting Table Entries in ABAP programmatically Page: Transport Remote Comparison Program Page: Tree ALV Page: Triggering a Business Object event using Function Module enhancement Page: Troubleshooting an unfamiliar ABAP issue Page: True type font replaced by different font on Windows print server Page: TTF Barcode font does not print correctly Page: Tuning and Optimizing ABAP Developments Page: Unable to access Security roles for SAP NetWeaver Gateway mentioned in SAP documentation Page: Unlock login ID Page: Update Network From Order Page: upload blank lines in to the internal tables Page: Uploading data dynamically into structure and components Page: Upload xml to database table ABAP Page: use cl_proxy_xml_transform to transform data between XML and ABAP Page: Useful SAP System Administration Transactions Page: Useful Transactions in SAP Workflow Page: Use of BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE concerning shipping statuses and deadlines Page: userexit to allow posting in MIRO if the difference is = to packing amout Page: Userva switch Page: Using character formats like Subscript directly through an application Page: Using the ALV Grid in SAP Reports Page: Validation of a string in terms of case Page: Value of spool attribute S_LZPL_SETUP cannot be changed Page: Variants lost when Hierarchy report changed Page: Vendor Master Upload Program Page: VERM02 UTC description missing (TTZZT) Page: Warning about inserting custom data in the INDX table Page: Web Service Publishing Page: What are Authorization Objects Page: What is SAPPDFPRINT Page: What is SAP SD- Sales and Distribution Module Page: what is the limitation for abap buffersize Page: when saving the spreadsheet file, it get save in '.txt' instead of '.xls' Page: Working with files Page: Wrong exchange rate getting picked for Travel Expense Report for Pcard in portal Page: WSAENOBUFS: 10055: No buffer space available Page: XLSX Upload - SAP GUI and Webdynpro ABAP Page: XSL transformation for complex tree structure to tables Page: ZAPP_INTEGRATOR Page: ZDATE_ILLEGAL_LOCTIME Page: zdate DSTswitch contloctime Page: ZDATE ILLEGAL DBTIME Page: ZGEOCODE Page: ZOA Page: ZOA - SAP integration without the guesswork Page: みんなで作る日本語版ABAP開発規約


  1. Guest

    can someone explain what this picture represents?

  2. Guest

    how to create an interactive report for scrap details of production planning and

    amount of time.wat is scrap details

  3. Former Member

       Can anyone tell me that how to test macro(hr-abap) to check the output just like we are testing function module using se37?

  4. Guest

    does anyone understand the image on this wiki space? It does not seem to make sense. Please explain and potentially move it were it belongs.

  5. How to change an ABAP program PBS enabled?

  6. Guest

    how does an abaper updates the data into the tables which he creates?

  7. Guest

    Can anyone please let me know how to install ABAP 4.6 on my own machine?

  8. Guest

    please sdn users help me.... i am staying at bangalore and i need a real time person who personally teaching abap general along with advanced topic like ale/idoc,bapi,badi etc......  here the institute are taking too much money and is of no use if you know such person or if you can find plz let me know  on my no 09379143453 or send me a mail at


    waiting for your reply  and hope to get a good teacher

  9. Former Member

    Why can I not add a wikii ,but I can add last year?

  10. To Jack Wu : wiki became a semi-closed wiki since June 17th, see

  11. Guest

    what is sub type in workflow?

  12. Guest

    hi i want to write the certification exam for abap the exam code is C_TAW12_70 can any one send the material and faq links please thanks

  13. Guest

    can anyone tell me that is t possible to store multiple vales in single field in database table in abap???

    like column_name = qualification

    values                        B-Tech



  14. Guest

    can anyone know hoe to create alv using  blocked list ?

  15. Former Member

    how to provide coloumn wise heading in alv report?

    example like

     ebeln  3000008

     netpr   50000

     matnr  1000

  16. hi sap all

    could you explain anyone what is sapruby ( i heard this one in SAP ByD) is it normal ruby language or sap introduced any new concepts in this one?  plzz help me out..

  17. Hello,

    you can find the Blue Ruby project at

    Best regards

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    Can anyone tell me how to implement BAdis.

    Thanks & Regards

    Former Member

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    how to post a new question in forums

  21. Guest


      i want to save data in ztableduring run-time....can anyone plz help m..

  22. it's very help full Blog



  23. Guest

    data v_lines type i.

    describe table it_tab lines _lines.



    d0 v_lines times.

    read line sy-index field value chk.

    if chk = 'X'.

    delete it_tab from wa_itab.

    clear wa_itab.



    MY PROBLEM IS CHK = 'X'. NOT checking the condition.

    can any one help me please.

  24. Guest


    i hv used one of fm i.e  F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST, requirement is on selection screen thr r two fields s_matnr n s_werks when i enter any any value in s_matnr and moves to s_werks and press f4 it should show value help corresponding to value enter in s_matnr. but im nt getting dis. dis is code please help

    TYPES: BEGIN OF i_marc,

      matnr TYPE marc-matnr,

      werks TYPE marc-werks,

      END OF i_marc.


          wa_marc TYPE s_matnr for mara-matnr.

    data :it_return type STANDARD TABLE OF DDSHRETVAL,

          wa_return like line of it_return.

    parameters: s_werks type marc-werks.

    at selection-screen on value-request for s_werks.

    select matnr werks from marc into table it_marc where matnr in s_matnr.



    *   DDIC_STRUCTURE         = ' '

        RETFIELD               = 'WERKS'

    *   PVALKEY                = ' '

    *   DYNPPROG               = ' '

    *   DYNPNR                 = ' '

    *   DYNPROFIELD            = ' '

    *   STEPL                  = 0

    *   WINDOW_TITLE           =

    *   VALUE                  = ' '

       VALUE_ORG              = 'S'

    *   MULTIPLE_CHOICE        = ' '

    *   DISPLAY                = ' '

    *   CALLBACK_PROGRAM       = ' '

    *   CALLBACK_FORM          = ' '

    *   MARK_TAB               =


    *   USER_RESET             =


        VALUE_TAB              = it_marc

    *   FIELD_TAB              =

       RETURN_TAB             = it_return

    *   DYNPFLD_MAPPING        =


       PARAMETER_ERROR        = 1

       NO_VALUES_FOUND        = 2

       OTHERS                 = 3



     READ TABLE it_return into wa_return index 1.

    s_werks = wa_return-fieldval.

  25. Guest

    Dear experts,

               I have a query on background jobs in BDC session method, i.e. every day night jobs need to run in background, while I am checking next day all data is updated to data base, but my query is I have requirement like error records file should be at the front end.

    How can I achieve this please help me.

  26. Former Member


    I want to develop a program which is start with user logon(for a specific user)

    then force user to enter some descriptions

    ı will update a dtable which contains user logon time logonoff time user name  and descriptions -with logon-

    many people may enter with same user but it has to work separately.

    Here is my questions have can ı describe user log off time and how can make program to start with user logon

  27. Guest


     How to create monthly mass balance procedure in unidentified loss and %  of unidentified loss using alv list . pls let me share.

  28. Guest

    Hi ,

    i have two internal tables and two grid displays.

    in selection screen i have two requiremnets one is based on customer no and another is sales order.

    the requirement is if i select customer no then it has to disply customer no.

    if i select sales order then it has to display sales order

    i tried it but im getting the result customer no sales order but everytime displaying customer no first.

    plz help me

  29. Guest

    Hi ,

    i have two internal tables and two grid displays.

    in selection screen i have two requiremnets one is based on customer no and another is sales order.

    the requirement is if i select customer no then it has to disply customer no.

    if i select sales order then it has to display sales order

    i tried it but im getting the result customer no sales order but everytime displaying customer no first.

    plz help me

  30. Guest


    I want to know the alternative for RFC Destination.

    How can i get the connectivity from an ABAP system to a Java system without using RFC Destination.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards,


  31. Guest


    I want to know the alternative for RFC Destination.

    How can i get the connectivity from an ABAP system to a Java system without using RFC Destination.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards,


  32. Dear Lata,

    please checkout the Page ABAP Connectivity Home Old. In Addition to WebServices you can have a look into SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

    Best regards

  33. Please add a section to include Non SAP Press books as well

  34. Hi every one,

    I have some doubt regarding MD04 transaction.

    For this transaction i want modify standard screen(i.e making visible to a field i.e Stock in Transit*(mdez-tramg)*, i.e in the standard screen  that field already is there i.e in the table control .

    so how to make that field as visible, means any enhancement is there for MD04 Transaction for this requirement.

    PlZ help me.



  35. Why can't I bookmark+ ABAP Development and Programming +page?

  36. AUTHORITY-CHECK OBJECT 'M_EINK_FRG' not working....

    Any suggestions ??