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ABAP Objects Examples

ABAP Objects Development and Programming Advanced Examples

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"ABAP Objects is indicated for who wants to guarantee agility during the development, minimize the efforts during the modifications, enhance existing applications and create complex applications using a simple way..."

The Principal Features of ABAP Objects is:

...The ABAP runtime support for both procedural and ABAP Objects programming models enables you to use ABAP objects in any program. I.e. in executable programs, module pools, Function pools. This enables you to use new techniques based on ABAP Objects, such as new interfaces, without the need to completely rewrite your existing code.

In OO Programming the only structuring units are classes. Instead of working with global data, you work with objects, which are instances of classes. These objects encapsulate the state and behavior of self-contained parts of the application...

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ABAP Objects Projects

Share Memory Enable (SHMA)

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ABAP Objects Book's

Next Generation ABAP Development  by Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung

ABAP Objects: ABAP Programming in SAP NetWeaver  by Horst Keller and Sascha Krüger;

Web Dynpro for ABAP  by Ulli Hoffmann;

Design Patterns in Object-oriented ABAP   by Igor Barbaric;