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Welcome to the ABAP Runtime Environment Troubleshooting Wiki Space. (smile)

This Wiki Space will include latest news/technical information,New Notes,Hot news,Trouble-shooting guides/videos and much more to help you understand ABAP Runtime Environment(BC-ABA*) better and improve your troubleshooting skills.We will continue updating and maintaining this wiki space.

(info) If you have any questions or comments.  Please reach out to the Wiki Moderator Tom Wan.



WIKI Space Editor: Tom Wan  

New Support Channel: Ask an Expert Peer

SAP Support has extended its services for you and has launched the new support channel option Ask an Expert Peer at the end of January.
Ask an Expert Peer is offered in a limited feature trial for select products and lets you collaborate on your technical, product-related questions – one-on-one, with a qualified and approved expert outside of SAP. This way, you benefit from industry insights, along with an experienced perspective about your question. This channel is designed to deliver fast issue resolution for your basic inquiries and how-to questions 
For details, please check this blog.


When reporting incidents to SAP Support, many customers just choose BC-ABA or its sub-component or BC-CUS or because those components are at the top positions of BASIS components. Please note that this will lead to unexpected delays! Choosing correct or relevant component  leads to a quicker assignment of your incident to a specialist and thus a faster resolution. You can learn about how to identify correct/relevant component  from below wiki page:

WIKI : How to select the right component for your incident     









 Introduction/Information for each sub-component of BC-ABA

Component BC-ABA


Componet definition

Although you can choose BC-ABA when you report incidents to SAP but actually this component is meaningless.You should always choose sub-component of BC-ABA.

Component BC-ABA-LA


Componet definition

Component BC-ABA-LA deals with problems with ABAP language (syntax, compiler) and ABAP runtime.

Note: Syntax errors or specific report problems should be directed to the application component where the report belongs to. You can find the responsible application by double clicking on the package in the report attributes.


Component BC-ABA-SC


Componet definition

Component BC-ABA-SC is responsible for problems with dynpro processing and batch input.


Component BC-ABA-TO


Componet definition

Problems with selection screens, selection variants and logical databases are handled by BC-ABA-TO.


Component BC-ABA-LI


Componet definition

This component is responsible for list processing.


Component BC-ABA-TV


Componet definition

Component BC-ABA-TV deals with transaction variants, global fields and table controls.

Basic knowledge

  Introduction to transaction variant.                            








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