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  1. ABAP Foundation.
  2. Enhancements and Modifications  - BADI, Enhancement Framework, User Exits, BTE, and other enhancement types.
  3. Core Data Services (CDS)
  4. Data Transfers - BAPI, BDC, ALE, LSMW, DX-WB
  5. ABAP User InterfacesWeb Dynpro, BSP, Control Framework, ALV, Interactive Forms (PDF), etc.
  6. Form Printing - SAPscript, Smart Forms, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.
  7. Sending Mails
  8. SAP Business Workflow
  9. SAP Customizing Tools
  10. Create Dynamic Table for Structure using Runtime Type Identification (RTTI)
  11. XLSX Upload - A Unified Approach
  12. ABAP Tips and Tricks 
  13. Examples and demos by SAP
  14. Community Projects:

  15. FAQ 

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