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Analysis Tools

ABAP correctness

  • ABAP Debugger (Classic and New)
  • ABAP Unit
  • ABAP static check
    • ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC)
    • Code Inspector (SCI)
    • Extended Program Check (SLIN)
    • SAP NetWeaver Code Vulnerability Scanner
    • Open Source project SAP2Moose to
      • provide a where used analysis (In both directions with option to display dynamic usages, ...)
      • extract ABAP and other SAP elements to Moose for analysis and visualisation 
    • ABAP static analysis tool SQF

Performance (ABAP, database, network)

  • Single Transaction Analysis (ST12). It groups SE30 and ST05 transactions.
  • SQL Performance Trace (ST05)
    • Explain Plan
  • ABAP Runtime Trace (SE30) (note:transaction SAT should replace SE30 from release 7.02)
  • Profile Data Analyzer (A standalone tool that can analyze and visualize SE30/SAT traces and create analysis reports and flame graphs)
  • Global Performance Analysis (ST30)


  • Memory Inspector (S_MEMORY_INSPECTOR)
  • Coverage Analyzer (SCOV)

Testing Tools


Related Topics

Other resources

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  1. Former Member

    Thank you, it's a good idea to have sumurized performance tools on a same topic.

  2. Anonymous

    Nice one ,What about STAD , ST30 integrated with ECATT

    is there any checklist for performance analysis like in se30 cust table must have an index....

  3. Former Member


    Thanks you for this overview. Is there a possibility to have an overview of all these analysis and test results? I know that some of them can be seen in the Solution Manager Custom Code Lifecycle Management (CCLM). But not all of the right? What if I want to have a global overview of my custom code quality and tests? 

    Thank you.