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The okcode field is deactivated when a modal window (the technical name of popup windows) is displayed, so it seems impossible to enter the debugger (using /H okcode).

In common dialogs, the okcode field is available:

But it is not available in modal windows (we see it but we can't enter anything in it):

The solution is to create on the frontend a SAPGUI shortcut (file with extension .SAP), of type System Command and command /H, and drag and drop it from Windows desktop to the SAP modal window. The creation of SAPGUI shortcuts is explained here: SAPGUI shortcuts.

For official information, see Note 118184 - SAPshortcut - debugger start

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  1. Unknown User (c0gm5cl)

    Create a simple text file on ur drive example debugger.txt containing





    drag this file and drop on the dialog box.

    it will take you to debugger mode,