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There are so many good ABAP tips and tricks posted all over SDN and other forums and websites that I though it might be good to begin collating them here. Please feel free to suggest or make changes to this page to keep it fresh. Thanks

External Webs dedicated to ABAP Tips and Tricks

  1. ABAP Tips and Tricks Database on ERPGenie.COM
  2. ABAP Section of ERPGenie.COM
  3. SAPTechies ABAP section

Table of Contents


  1. Upload an Excel file into an internal table & display in alv format
  2. Developing Interactive ALV Report using OOABAP
  3. ABAP-ALV with Traffic Signals using classes
  4. ALV grid control with 2 different approaches!
  5. Alv in Detail
  6. ALV Stock Transfer Program
  8. alv with pagenos and subtotals
  9. Call FM to generate alv tree and deal with useraction
  10. Display Characteristics of Elements of aPDF-Based Form in ALV
  11. Display two or more ALVs on one screen using Splitter Control
  12. Displaying ALV on the Selection Screen
  13. Editable ALV through OOPS
  14. Get Changed Value In ALV Grid Dynamically.
  15. Hierarchical ALV from list display
  16. Logo Display By ALV OOPS
  17. Making ALV to react to Change data automatically
  19. Printing a line after Subtotaling in an ALV
  20. Relevant ALV Grid Programs
  21. TREE ALV
  22. Using the ALV Grid in SAP Reports
  23. Creation two OOPS ALV with editable fields & Save

Adobe Forms

  1. Call Adobe Form through ABAP Program
  2. Code Snippet of printing adobe forms configuredin NACE
  3. Creating Adobe Forms
  4. SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe


  1. ALE Introduction


  2. Document on BADI
  3. Find a BADI in a minute
  4. Find Application class with Exits and Badis for a Transaction


  2. Function Module to create PO using BAPI
  3. How to Find BAPI
  4. Interface creation using BAPI
  5. List of BAPI's


  1. Changing the default password for sap use
  2. Lock and Unlock User IDs
  3. Maintaining Change Log for Database Tables
  4. Unlock login ID
  5. Useful SAP System Administration Transactions


  1. BDC - How to handle error log file to upload the data in call transaction method
  2. Calling a BDC in parallel using update task

Business Object

  1. Triggering a Business Object eventusing Function Module enhancement


  1. Data declaration based on data-type declared in Global class
  2. Development Class Program
  3. Know the difference between Class and Function Module


  1. add days , weeks, months,years to date
  2. add or subtract dates, months,years to date
  3. Checking for a leap year.
  5. Function Module related on Date calculations
  6. get the name of the month , date and year
  7. last date of a month later some years, months,days
  8. Missing Days Extract
  9. month in words date in number
  10. Number of days in a year
  11. time difference between two dates in hours or minutes


  1. ABAP Tip-How to Debug Pop-up window
  2. Debugging workflows and generating sub-workflows
  3. Easy Step To Debug a Smartform
  4. How to get the variant for which a report wentto Dump
  5. New ABAP Debugger


  1. Getting a input field populated on entering the value in one Input field
  2. Learn Making First Table Control
  3. Standardized dialogs (popup function modules,etc.)


  1. Enhancement Program
  2. How to do Explicit Enhancement
  3. How To Do Implicit Enhancement


  1. Commonly asked questions in ABAP


  1. Standard SAP FTP programs


  1. APO Data Dictionary Program
  2. APO Delete Master Data
  3. APO Demand Planning LiveCache
  4. APO to Mapped Network Drive
  5. Asset Detail Report
  6. Avoid loosing long text maintained in sales order when sold to party changed in sales order
  7. Bunch of Plant Maintanence Tables
  8. Cancel billing document (VF11)
  9. Change outbound delivery (VL02)
  10. Creation of RFQ Automatically
  11. Daily Production Report
  12. Data Dictionary Program in APO
  13. Deleting PO History
  14. ECC5.0 AND ABOVE
  15. Equipment Phase in Workbench
  16. Expected Deliveries Report
  17. Factory Production Report
  18. FI Document Status Report
  19. FI PA to SAP Interface
  20. FI Rebate Currency Discount Program
  21. FI SAP to ISS Interface
  22. Function Module to return the current financial period
  23. Functional location Bulk creation
  24. Goods Movement Program
  25. HR Forms
  26. HR Programming - Read Infotype
  27. Human Resource Tables - a quick reference guide for an ABAP HR Consultant
  28. Inspection Report
  29. Integrated Asset Master Consistency Check Report
  30. Interface from KIZAI to eMRO for Depreciation rate
  31. Invoice DAF Program
  32. lock and unlock delivery document
  33. Manufacturing Development
  34. Manufacturing Variance Report
  35. Material Master Upload Program
  36. Material Wastage Report Logic
  37. MM Create RFQ program
  38. MM Material Master Program
  39. MPN, price and standard order quantity
  40. Network and Activities Program
  41. Network Maintain Program
  42. Pallet Traceability Report
  43. Parallel Processing
  44. Payroll Results Using Classes
  45. Physical Inventory Difference Report
  46. Planned vs Actual Report in Manufacturing
  47. Plant Maintenance Network Schedule Program
  48. Plant Maintenance Program
  49. Plant Maintenance Stock Parts Program
  50. Plant Maintenance Update MRP Program
  51. Plant Maintenance Update Network Program
  52. PM Maintenance Order Program
  53. PP Production Declaration Program
  54. Pricing Condition Program
  55. Pricing System Program
  56. Process Order Goods Movement Report
  57. Process Orders Variance Report
  58. Production Declaration for a Process Order
  59. Purchase Order Info Records
  60. Quarterly Reporting of Actuals to Central Procurement
  61. Replacement of VC_I_GET_CONFIGURATION forperfomance tunning
  62. Report to manage the asset quantity and value
  63. RFC Purchase Order Change from Ariba
  64. RFC Purchase Order Creation from Ariba
  65. RFQ Create Program
  66. Sales Order Interface
  67. Scheduled Notification
  68. SCM Variance Report
  69. Service numbers from ServiceEntrySheet usingPO Line Item
  70. Ship Maintenance Preparation List
  71. Stock Transfer Program
  72. To apply batch split in an outbound delivery
  73. To get pricing condition of a Sales Order
  74. Transfer MRO related GL Balances
  75. Transfer MRO related GL balances from e-MRO
  77. Vendor Master Upload Program
  78. WBS Element Report


  1. Editing tables using SE16N and the security implications
  2. ABAP system fields
  3. Exertion of SAP notes
  4. NEW FM in Place of Obsolete FM
  5. Obsolete system fields
  6. Online Text Repository (OTR)
  7. SAP Books
  8. SAP Graphics
  9. SAPChess
  10. SAPmvc
  11. SAPmvc Documentation
  12. Send Message to External email id and SAP User id via ABAP
  13. Table Maintenance Program
  14. The Events in Table Maintenance Generator SM30
  15. XSL transformation for complex tree structure to tables


  1. LSMW Steps in Detail


  1. Netweaver Overview presenter


  1. how to display internal table data in excel with picture using OLE
  2. Sample program to open excel sheet using OLE


  1. PDF Downlaod By Creating Spool Request
  2. PDF files in SAP


  1. ABAP-Creating Tabs in Report program
  2. Actual Import Report
  3. Add a custom header for every new program
  4. Avoiding dumps in a program
  5. Designing Selection Screen
  6. Disable popup when uploading excel files with macros
  7. Displaying 3D Graphs in ABAP
  8. displaying top of page at right, center, left
  9. Download File in UTF-8 encoding
  10. Downloading all the programs belonging toa specific package.
  11. Downloading internal tables to Excel
  12. Duplex printing in SAP
  13. Dynamic Content Upload Interface
  14. Dynamic Content Upload Interface File Version
  15. Dynamic Structures and Components in CU62
  16. Dynamic Tabstrip in ABAP
  17. Fetching IP Address of Application Server in ABAP
  18. File Copying using SAP Program
  19. File Deletion from SAP program
  20. Global Macro
  21. How to format CSV files for Excel
  22. Implementing Tabstrips through selection screen
  24. List processing
  25. Logo Display
  26. ON VALUE-REQUEST event
  27. Opening MS-Word doc on selection-screen from presentation server
  28. print the selection screen data on the reportoutput
  30. Send External Mail with attachment
  31. Simple Exercise to upload data using SXDA
  32. Supress popup when using ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE
  33. System fields for LISTS.
  34. Tabstrips in ABAP
  35. upload blank lines in to the internal tables
  36. Uploading data dynamically into structure andcomponents
  37. Validation of a string in terms of case
  38. How to initialize LDB screen elements add element with LDB screen ?
  39. Create & Delete folder on presentation server

SAP Script

  1. Converting Scripts Output Into Pdf Form
  2. Make First SAP Script step by step
  3. My first SAP Script step by step
  4. SAP Scripts in Detail
  6. System Bar Code and using it in SAPscript
  7. System Bar Code and using it in SAPscriptlayout for printing

Smart Form

  1. Assign Smart form translations to a transport request
  2. Learn making First Smartform Step by Step
  3. Send Smartform As .Xls As Spread Sheet


  1. Creating dynamic variant using table TVARV
  2. Deleting file from Windows
  4. Different Pop_Ups in ABAP
  5. Examples and demos by SAP
  6. Few Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Few Keyboard Shortcuts in New ABAP Editor
  8. How to include an authorization grouprestriction in an SAP query
  9. How to make table maintenance generator
  10. How To search the Transaction by text
  11. Important Function Modules In SAP
  12. Important Transaction Codes used in CTS
  13. List of Commonly Used Function Modules
  14. List of Customized Sapscripts
  15. List of programs not assigned to any TCode
  16. List of Transaction codes
  17. Locating SD User Exit routines
  18. Move a file from source to target directories or Delete file
  19. New ABAP Editor
  20. Passing data from one ABAP program to another
  21. Relationship between tables
  22. SAP TechEd09 - Phoenix Session CD205 - Tips and Tricks to Learn and Leverage Newer Technologies
  23. SCANS a transaction Code
  24. Scheduling background job by triggering an event
  25. SELECT Statements and CURSOR statement -Performance Analysis.
  26. select the text from lower case data element
  27. Sy-Subrc
  28. To activate objects programmatically
  29. To convert the Unit of Measure to alternate UOM
  30. to create worklist for users
  31. To send 2 int tables data astwo attachments to mail id outside sap system
  32. Transporting Table Entries in ABAP programmatically
  34. Working with files
  35. How to Create you own Number Range ? (SNRO)


  1. ABAP-Developed a Tool For Downloading Programs
  2. Application Log Display
  3. Application Log Program
  4. Barcode Printing in SAP
  5. Control Recipe, PI Sheet Program
  6. Document for configuring SAP R3 to sendmail to external domain
  7. Download All programs and FMs of a package
  8. Process Output types through program
  9. Prog to upload from XL to DDIC Table
  10. program to get the archiving object size
  11. Read any OTF Data in Adobe Reader


  1. SAP Business Workflow
  2. Useful Transactions in SAP Workflow
  3. Copy of SAP Business Workflow


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