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The goal of this page is to collect community feature request for ABAP in Eclipse. The initial content of this page is based on this discussion:

ID FeatureShort DescriptionSupported By
@TODO tagAdd a @TODO marker similar to the TODO marker in Java. The TODO markers should be displayed in the tasklist of Eclipse. It should be possible to display
  • All markers of the system
  • All markers for all objects where I'm resonsible for
  • All markers of my favorite packages of the ABAP project
  • All markers from all objects in transport request I'm involved in.
 2Handling of Exception class exception ID texts

It should be possible to display the text of exception class exception IDin the editor using F2 (Elementinfo). Furthermore a Quick Assist should be available to help to create new exception IDs.

Andy Seltenhammer

Christian Drumm

 3Possibility to attach production System to projectExtend the feed feature to allow attachment of a production systems to a project. Usually the most important dumps are the ones occuring in production systems while AiE is usually connected to development and QA systems. Therfore it would be useful if we could attach a corresponding PROD system to a ABAP Project.

Joao Souza

Christian Drumm

4Opening each method in separate tab like SE24It is difficult to focus on a method when the entire code of the class is visible. It would be useful to have options to just see one method's code like in SE24. 





  1. +1 fof ID1 ... trying since hours to get it working.

  2. +1 for #1 - Additionally I'd like to edit the page if possible (smile)