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ABAP webdynpro utility interface if_wd_application contains several useful methods.

You can find example how to use it below:

Implement the following code in WDDOINIT in your component controller:

DATA: lr_api         TYPE REF TO if_wd_component,

        lr_application TYPE REF TO if_wd_application,
        lr_app_info    TYPE REF TO if_wd_rr_application,
        lr_window      TYPE REF TO if_wd_rr_window,
        lt_parameters  TYPE wdrr_application_parameters,
        lv_app_name    TYPE string,
        lv_win_name    TYPE string,
        lr_bow_history TYPE REF TO if_wd_browser_history,
        lr_client_info TYPE REF TO if_wd_client_information.
  lr_api = wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
  lr_application = lr_api->get_application( ).
  lr_app_info = lr_application->get_application_info( ).
  lt_parameters = lr_app_info->get_application_parameters( ).
  lv_app_name = lr_app_info->get_name( ).
  lr_window = lr_app_info->get_startup_window( ).
  lv_win_name = lr_window->get_name( ).
  lr_bow_history = lr_application->get_browser_history( ).
  DATA(is_supported) = lr_bow_history->get_is_supported( ).
  DATA(lv_client_environment) = lr_application->get_client_environment( ).
  lr_client_info = lr_application->get_client_information( ).
  DATA(lv_height) = lr_client_info->get_client_height( ).
  DATA(lv_width) = lr_client_info->get_client_width( ).
  DATA(lv_device_type) = lr_client_info->get_device_type( ).
  DATA(lv_java_ava) = lr_client_info->get_java_available( ).
  DATA(lv_pdf_ava) = lr_client_info->get_pdf_available( ).
  DATA(lv_screen_hei) = lr_client_info->get_screen_height( ).
  DATA(lv_screen_width) = lr_client_info->get_screen_width( ).
  DATA(lv_screen_orient) = lr_client_info->get_screen_orientation( ).
  DATA(lv_is_acc) = lr_application->get_is_accessible( ).
  DATA(lv_is_state) = lr_application->get_is_stateful( ).
  DATA(lv_remote_addr) = lr_application->get_remote_address( ).
  DATA(ls_uiguideline) = lr_application->get_ui_guideline( ).
  lr_application->print_page( ).
1.  if_wd_rr_application contains the metadata of Webdynpro application for example application name and parameter:

This example shows how to retrieve application parameters via if_wd_rr_application in the runtime.

2. Method get_client_environment( ) can help you know whether the webdynpro is launched from portal or sapgui. You can find constants defined in 


3. Client utlity interface if_wd_client_information can return whether the Webdynpro application is running under desktop, tablet or cellphone, and also the width & height information.
4. it can return IP address of calling program, which is equal to what you see in SM04.
5. Method PRINT_PAGE can enable the printing of current webdynpro page. Once executed, you can find a new pop up window like below.
By clicking on it, the standard print dialog provided by windows OS will be displayed:

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