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  • Incorrect font was used to generate the form.
  • Some characters are in wrong format in output form.
    Ex. bold, different font.
  • Some characters are missing.

Used font is not installed on ADS server or exist map rule in custom_xfa.xci file. 


How to prepare font trace for analysis?

  1. Activate font trace as per SAP Note 1717189.
  2. Generate PDF with additional information as per SAP KBA 2216427 or SAP Note 944221.
  3. Open trace.txt file from PDF attachment list (see SAP KBA 2216427).
  4. Scroll down to relevant output form area. Ex.: PDF, PCL or ZPL.
  5. Use font log informations and analyse the issue.


Examples of messages and solutions:

"Font Arial_Normal_Normal was mapped to Helvetica_Normal_Normal"
In PDF form font Arial was used, but base on existing rule in custom_xfa.xci file was mapped to Helvetica font.
Modify rule in custom_xfa.xci file.

"Character U+0030E2:モ is not found in font Helvetica_Bold_Normal, substituted from font Kozuka Gothic Pro-VI M_Normal_Normal."
Used font Helvetica doesn't contain character U+0030E2:モ and was substituted from font Kozuka Gothic Pro-VI.
Install font with this character on ADS server.

"Font Arial_Normal_Normal was mapped to Adobe Song Std L_Normal_Normal for a unicodeRange."

In file custom_xfa.xci exist rule to map characters for font Arial to Adobe Song Std for this unicodeRange.
Modify rule in custom_xfa.xci file.

"ITC Zapf Dingbats font could not be supported."

Font ITC Zapf Dingbats is not supported. Ues different font.


See also:

1565508 - How to embed font on ADS server
1815722 - How to embed specific font on PDF output