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I. ADS is not using optimal number of XMLForm processes

Every ADS call generates XMLForm process in the OS. The total number of XMLForm processes are determined by parameter 'PoolMax' and depends of the total number of CPUs and Java server nodes.

For detail scenario and configuration, check following SAP Note:
SAP Note 1522165 - Recommended configuration for central ADS

II. Performance with whole ADS server

1. In most cases, performance issue is related to PDF form architecture and design. To verify general performance of ADS, check standard SAP reports generation time, ex. FP_TEST_00.
2. Check JAVA server where ADS is installed, if other operation are working correct.

III. Performance issue with specific PDF form

1. Check input data file XFD.xml provided by application:
KBA 2359874 - How to collect PDF data during generation runtime? [VIDEO]

If input file is big, PDF will be generated much longer. Try to reduce data or use lower size graphic files.
Check also:
KBA 2514677 - How to generate large PDF files by ADS

2. Check if form is cached on ADS server:
Edit your template with LiveCycle Designer menu:
edit -> form properties -> performance tab check for 'Allow Form Rendering To be cached on server'
Save template and render PDF with this template again.

First time, performance is slow. At this point, generated PDF will be stored on J2EE engine database.
From 2nd time of ADS call, this cached PDF will be used. Then performance should be improved.

3. Follow information provided from Adobe about form performance:
Optimizing and improving performance for Forms