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ALE Change Pointers :

Applications which write change documents will also try to write change pointers for ALE
operations. These are log entries to remember all modified data records relevant for ALE.
Most applications write change documents. These are primarily log entries in the
tables CDHDR and CDPOS.
Change documents remember the modified fields made to the database by an
application. They also remember the user name and the time when the modification
took place.
The decision whether a field modification is relevant for a change document is
triggered by a flag of the modified field's data element.Flag can be set  with
SE11 by modifying the data element.
For the purpose of distributing data via ALE to other systems, you may want to
choose other fields, which shall be regarded relevant for triggering a distribution.
Therefore R/3 introduced the concept of change pointers, which are nothing else
than a second log file specially designed for writing the change pointers which are
meant to trigger IDoc distribution via ALE.
So the change pointers will remember the key of the document every time when a
relevant field has changed.
Change pointers are then evaluated by an ABAP which calls the IDoc creation, for
every modified document found in the change pointers.

Dispatching ALE IDocs for Change Pointers: The actual distribution of documents from change pointers must be done by an

ABAP, which reads the change pointers and processes them. The standard ABAP

for that is RBDMIDOC.