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This is the home page of ALE and IDoc technology.


IDoc structure

IDoc extension

  • SDN blog - Some Experience on IDoc Enhancement: example which shows how to add 2 custom fields to IDoc inbound processing (in an LSMW context). It uses an IDoc extension, with a new custom segment of 2 fields, and implements IDoc inbound processing using EXIT_SAPL1001_003 function module (MGV00003 enhancement). There are screen captures.

IDoc processing

  • SDN blog - Troubleshooting of ALE Process: explains what abap code is executed when an outbound IDoc is generated (either message control, or direct path, or change pointer = BD21/RBDMIDOC), and how to find the function module called for processing inbound IDocs. It also explains what to check if data is not received in a system, or an IDoc is in waiting status (+ tRFC errors, how to resend an IDoc, etc.) There are a few screen captures.
  • SAP library - Testing IDoc Processing: WE19 (test tool), WE14




Main transactions and tables

Monitor IDocs and IDoc Statuses




Change pointers

IDoc error handling via workflow

Outbound IDocs via Message Control


  • SDN wiki - Handling Idoc Acknowledgements
  • SDN wiki - ALE Audit for DEBMAS: explains the Audit IDoc in detail, from DEBMAS IDoc generation via BD12, Audit IDoc generation via RBDSTATE program, and trace how to find these outbound and inbound IDocs in the system
  • SDN wiki - ALE Business process: Shows how to simulate an inbound acknowledgement IDoc coming from a vendor after you have sent him the purchase order by IDoc: first a purchase order is created via ME21 and an IDoc is sent using Message Control, second this IDoc is not sent but is adapted via WE19 to become an inbound acknowledgment IDoc. Screen captures are missing, not very clear.

IDOC processing in PI

To be done



  1. Unknown User (107uq2eoh)

    hi forum people

    i had transferred material master record from client 800 to 000 ( with in r/3 system), actually the problem is in client 800 i am able to transfer and showing idoc has transferred and its in green color(status)in WE02( i checked in 800,  for the transaction BD10) and when i log in to 000 client and i entered bd11 to get record and showing idoc created but when i check in we02 it showing application document not posted its in red color (status code 29 ) , can anybody guide me to post the idoc, i wanted to know is there any code or additional things need to be implemented in inbound process.


  2. Former Member


    I've added:

    IDoc Diff - Report To Compare IDoc Messages (with support for Remote IDOC)

    but it's only listed as subpage of IDoc Diff - Report To Compare IDoc Messages. Maybe worth adding it also here?