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When you print a SAPScript or Smartform, some of the printout is truncated or cropped or the margins require adjusting.  This page describes the settings you can adjust to resolve such an issue.


If the spool preview for a SAPScript or Smartform looks good, but when you print, the physical printout is cropped at one side or the margins are not correct, then the 'Horizontal Move' and 'Vertical Shift' settings in transaction SPAD for your output device may require adjustment.


  • You can adjust the Horizontal Move and Vertical Shift settings for your output device in transaction SPAD.  This shifts the printout (or effectively adjusts the margins) on the page when you create a new spool for this output device
  • In transaction SPAD, select your output device, and go to the Output Attributes tab.  Here you have the 'Additional SAPscript and Smartform information' section
  • The default value is millimetres.  Horizontal move will shift the print left or right on the printout.  Vertical shift will adjust the print up or down on the printout.
  • For example, if your spool has the last line cut-off at the end of the printout, you may wish to shift the print upwards on the page.  To do this, enter a value for example -5 in the Vertical shift option and save your change.  This will move the print 5 mm upwards when you create a new spool with this output device and print

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