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  • After an upgrade to ECC6, the structure OIUVKDFI no longer exists in the system. This causes syntax errors when running transaction VF04 .
  • ECC 6.0 version
    Reproducing the Issue
  • Run VF04 with the following parameters:
  • Sales Organization TRMS
  • Distribution Channel TR
  • Division RM
  • Runtime error in program SAPLXV6P will show.
  1. The structure OIUVKDFI is no longer used by standard SAP programs and has been removed from the Oil and Gas Upstream.
  2. Since the standard structure is obsolete now, we suggest you to create a Z structure replica of the same in case you feel the need to use its fields.
  3. Since the Z structure would be in your custom namespace, it should solve your purpose.
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