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Use SE63 to maintain all required language translation for the smartform.

We can use program RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER or t-code SLXT to create transport request for the traslations.

  •  Execute the program or trasaction.
  • Select the target language in the Target Language field.

Transport Requeset

  • To create a new transport request, select the checkbox  Create New Request. Otherwise deselect the checkbox and select any existing TR from the input help function for the Transport Request field.
  • Give short description for the TR.
  • Select the trasnport type Transport of Copies or Workbench Request.
  • Enter the target system.

Time Period 

  • * *If you want translations which were created on a particular date, use the field Processing Date.


  • Enter Object type as "SSF".
  • Enter Object Processor as your user id.
  • Enter Package you have used.


  • If you want the system to check that objects exist before the import takes place, select the Check if Object Exists checkbox. This ensure that unwanted data is not imported.


The system writes the translations that match your selection criteria to a TR (new or existing TR that you selected).  Now you have the TR number.

Open the TR in transport workbench. There you will be able to see the smartforms included in the object list. You can delete the the smartform translations from the request which you don't require.