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Sample question received regarding BC-XOM and OMS versions for use on SAP Netweaver

ECC6.0 EHP7 on Solaris 5.10/Oracle 11g. An external output system is used. "We are doing some planning with respect to an external output management solution, and we need to determine if we

are on BC-XOM 4.0. I did not find any information on determining the BC-XOM version of an environment."


Some additional information for review on this topic:


BC-XOM Documentation: -> "All Integration Scenarios"


SAP NetWeaver AS - Output Management (BC-XOM)


Prepare SAP System to Test SAP BC-XOM Interface Integration: ?



In answer to the above scenario:

BC-XOM version always relate to NetWeaver version. There is no information in system like BC-XOM Version #.##.
So you need to check the NetWeaver Version of your system. That you can do in SAPGUI from Menu -> System -> Status -> Component


Relation BC-XOM Version <-> NetWeaver Version
SCN Page for BC-XOM:



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  1. Are you planning to use RFC server interface or command line method?

    in case of RFC server interface (which is relatively new), the data folder need to be shared.

    If oms is developed in .net language, how to access the shared folder in say HP, RHEL or suse. Need to use samba for sharing directory ? or is there any alternative?

  2. Former Member

    Please provide information about SXMI_XOM_LOMS_CREATE.

    I am trying to create LOMS using the rfc function SXMI_XOM_LOMS_CREATE. The parameter CMDSERVER only accepts spool server name as valid input, else the call fails with UNKNOWN START INSTANCE.

    This rfc function should let use the rfc destination defined using SM59.