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There are 5 possibilities to print barcodes, each of them coming with rather restrictive requirements:

  • using New Barcode Technology :
  • On a printer that can print barcodes natively using PDL commands
    • It is available for example on Zebra printers, Kyocera FS-1500, etc.
    • You have to create a system barcode (SE73 transaction) based on the so-called old barcode technology (you must enter the printer commands in SB*** print controls for each device type, if SAP does not provide them), and create a character format in your SAPscript that refers to this system barcode.
    • It doesn't work with Frontend printing as the barcode printer command is valid for only one printer model (or printer language). More precisely, it might work, but only if the user chooses to print on this printer model. For a workaround, see barcode.dll below.
  • Purchase and install a barDimm in the printer (only a few models are supported). It will then work as if the printer is able to print barcodes natively, see first possibility (above).
  • For using frontend printing, purchase barcode.dll software which will transform barcode into graphic
  • Use fonts which simulate barcodes. For some symbologies, like EAN-13, you will have to develop an algorithm because a same digit is coded using several "characters" according to its position. For example, in EAN-13, each digit may be coded using 3 bar sequences according to the digit position and to the first digit value.

Barcodes appear correctly only on printout, but only a simulated rectangle made of black and white stripes is shown in print preview and in conversion of form into PDF.

Prefer to use smart forms and new barcode technology if the barcode symbology is supported. New barcode technology is not available for SAPscripts.


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  1. Hi Sandra,

    The New Bar Code Technology is now also possible with sapscript forms if SAP note 1558595 is implemented.

    Regards, Aidan

  2. Hi Aidan, thanks for the info. Wiki updated. You are not a wiki editor yet? I don't remember how we can ask for that, but I'd be very pleased if you could be one of us!


  3. Hi,

    Ours is EHP7 system .

    In SPAD , for the Device Type  HP Laserjet 4000, Print Controls  with SBPXX  suffix and SBSXX  prefix are maintained .

    In SE73 the bar code is standard BARCLVS

    In SE73 for the Device Type , IN print Controls , the Bar Code BARCLVS is assigned to the Prefix and suffix .


    IN script . the  Character Format is BC , the check box is checked and BARCLVS is provided .

    The Print Preview shows the Bard Code .

    But the printer still shows the number and Barcode is not printed .


    Notes Checked :






    Web links checked .


    Can you please suggest what is missing that needs to be checked.