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A wiki for myself and everybody who is interested in developing ABAP using CDS (and/or HANA CDS).

A redesign of the content will follow the next few weeks. Time is limited, that's why I cannot name a date.


Most of the content will answer questions which I had to fight in the beginning using CDS. So this might be a good place to start with, because I also start using the CDS feature at the moment(smile)

Here is how Björn Goercke introduce CDS

New Core Data Services Features in SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 10 - Update on CDS by Thomas Jung

CDS - One Concept, Two Flavors - Difference between HANA-CDS and ABAP CDS by Horst Keller

Getting Started

Getting Started with ABAP Core Data Services - this is a great set of links by Carine Tchoutouo Djomo (It includes some of the links provided here, but also many others). It seems to be frequently updated. 

ABAP CDS A short instruction by Horst Keller

ABAP Core Data Services @SAP TechEd 2015

CDS with ABAP in Eclipse

ABAP meets SAP HANA - CDS <-- Article by SAPinsider

Video How to

Official SAP Helpsite

End to End Guide HANA to Fiori <-- Jasmin also added a very good part of CDS, it is worth to read it

CDS View Entities

Annotations (in NW 7.5) - really useful introduction, with useful links, by Horst Keller. with lots of information on the UI annotations

What comes next

In the next weeks I will take some time to build different CDS and want to compare the CDS on different databases and of course SAP HANA

So stay tuned and contact me if you miss something here.

Examples (Github / C&P stuff)

Additional Info

You got something interesting to tell about CDS? Please leave a link here.

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  1. Hi Florian,

    Thanks for this, it is really helpful. I also found the following useful: - CDS in SP 05 (useful for a newb like me to get the basics- by Christian Swnepoel) - new features in SPS 09 by Tom Jung

    BR! Julie Plummer.


    1. Hi Julie,

      thank you for the addition here. Good to see that there are more people like me out there(smile)


      1. So probably it's worth adding the content to the page?

  2. Hi Florian,

    First of all thank you for your effort.

    Since you say "developing ABAP using CDS" but link to Thomas Jung's blog about news in HANA CDS, I'm afraid there's some confusion about these concepts, Therefore,  I wrote a small blog, hoping to clarify a bit.




    PS: B.T.W., curly brackets are availlable in real ABAP (not only ABAP CDS) since 7.02 ... 



    1. Hi Horst,

      thank you for adding a comment here. Your absolutely right. I also recognized the difference during the ABAP on HANA Codejam with Jasmin. At the moment I'm thinking about splitting it in two categories to not confuse someone (and of course me(smile))


  3. Hi 

    Khushdeep Singh


    For some reason, I have been notified of your comment, but I can't see it (!).

    Anyway, I suggest you post your question in the SAP Community: - You will more likely get a response. 

    Best wishes,

    Julie Plummer, SAP PM.


  4. The document in the link for CDS Annotations for Metadata-Driven UIs is no longer available - do you happen to have a direct link to the document?