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SAP provides the CCC converter program to convert characters from an encoding to another one.

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Character encoding (aka code page)

Character encoding is a name ("utf-8", "iso-8859-1", etc.) and an equivalence table with a set of characters and octet values for each of these characters.

Code page is the name that SAP uses instead of character encoding. Code pages have a 4-digit number instead of a character name.

Equivalences between Character encoding international name and SAP code page number

Some SAP programs expect:

  • either a 4 characters code: you then have to enter the SAP code page number
    • You may find the SAP code page number from the international character encoding name by calling SCP_CODEPAGE_BY_EXTERNAL_NAME function module. Or you may look at TCP00A database table.
  • or a 20 characters code: usually, you may either enter character encoding or SAP code page. Usually character encoding case is ignored.

Examples of a few equivalences:

SAP code page

Character encoding international name


IBM EBCDIC 00697/00297




US-ASCII (7 bits)













Usual problems with Character encoding conversion

  • Converting from one code page to another may be not possible for all characters of the source code page, because they do not exist in the target codepage.
    • For example, converting from big5 (Chinese) to us-ascii makes no sense. If you think that it should be possible, then you probably didn't choose the right .
    • In that case, we have to provide a replacement character to the CCC converter
  • Sequence of bytes is not recognized as a character in the source code page. It means that:
    • either the sender program does not respect the code page (then ask the sender program to correct the error)
    • or you should choose another code page (sometimes, differences between code pages are very little)
    • or your program has erroneously shortened input bytes, last input byte(s) does mean nothing.
    • For example, the 2 only bytes D8 00 mean nothing in utf-16le: 2 following bytes are expected to be able to identify the character (here encoded on 4 bytes).

How to call the CCC converter

CCC converter is a kernel program which may be accessed by several programs:

  • CL_ABAP_CODEPAGE class, available since 7.02. The code page cannot be the SAP number, it must be either the "Character encoding international name", or the name as used in java language.
  • CL_ABAP_CONV_* classes, since 6.10, where CL_ABAP_CONV_OBJ is the master class which gives full access to CCC converter. There are also these classes which call CCC converter with default values:
    • CL_ABAP_CONV_IN_CE: converts bytes representing characters in a given codepage into a character or string variable
    • CL_ABAP_CONV_OUT_CE: converts a character or string variable into bytes representing characters in a given codepage
    • CL_ABAP_CONV_X2X_CE: converts bytes representing characters in a given codepage, into bytes representing characters in another given codepage
  • SCP_TRANSLATE_CHARS function module, works with all releases

Note: CCC stands for Character set Conversion Cache, a memory area where SAP stores the code pages it needs for conversions.


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    Very helpful! Thanks again Sandra!

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    Thanks Sandra Rossi

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for this blog!

    I'm trying to create a file in encoding "ISO-8859-15", which should work for example for € (EUR) character, but at the end I get a file in "Windows-1252" encoding and displaying wrong those special characters...

    Any clue about what can be wrong?

    Best regards,
    Marco Silva