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What is the version of the JAVA Server?

Java version is 700 , 701 or 702

Java version is 711 and higher

How to find out the JAVA version?

If you use the tool: Visual Administrator for the configuration you have version 700,701 or 702, Visual administrator does not exist in newer releases

If you do not have visual administrator, and you use NWA (Netweaver administrator) you have version 710 or higher

You can also confirm this if you look on your java server for folder:


and a file 'go.bat' or '' in it.

if this file exist you have 700, 701, 702

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  1. Dear Dezso,


    Excellent article,one small clarification,once you click on above link Java version is 711 and higher it should take us to nwa tool related configurations which is not happening,please arrange accordingly.