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What is a classic BAdI?

BAdI stands for Business Add-In. These are like user exits but are implemented using ABAP Objects. BADIs can be implemented in every stage of the systems landscape. That means there are more than SAP and Customer specific views, but also country or language specific views.

They are named "classic" BAdIs since the concept "new" BAdIs was introduced in NetWeaver 7.0 (along with enhancement framework and switch framework).

For each Business Add-In you have one interface and an adapter class that implements this. The interface is implemented by the user.

The generated class (Add-In adapter) has the following tasks:

-         Control

The adapter class calls the active implementations.

-         Filtering

If a Business Add-In is to be executed only under certain conditions, the adapter class ensures that only certain implementations will be executed.

More information can be found inSap Library

How to Search BADI for a Transaction?

Go to the Transaction, for which we want to find the BADI,
Get the Program Name of Corresponding Transaction.
(Click on System->Status. Double Click on Program Name)
Once inside the program search for 'CL_EXITHANDLER=>GET_INSTANCE'.
Make sure the radio button   "In main program" is checked.
A list of all the programs with call to the BADI's will be listed.
The export parameter 'EXIT_NAME' for the method GET_INSTANCE of class CL_EXITHANDLER will give you the BADI name for the Transaction.

?Finding BADI Using SQL Trace (TCODE-ST05).

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  1. Unknown User (xumzaug)

    It's Very Usefull.Thankyou Very much.


    Mahesh Nagiri

  2. Unknown User (r8mpmzo)

    Thank you,

    i didn't Know that it could be so simple.

  3. Unknown User (ndbf1mq)

    Hi Abapers ,
    if you need to add customer screen and fields in delivery transactions, use these BADIs:

    LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_HEAD Tab Page for Your Own Data - Header Detail Delivery
    LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_ITEM Tab Page for Own Data - Item Detail Delivery
    LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_OVER Tab Page for Own Data - Item Overview Delivery
    Regards ,

  4. This is very helpfull help for understanding the flow of BADI, 

    Could please provide me a real time example where you have implemented BAdIs


    Best Regards,

    Adarsh Sharma 

  5. Thank you.