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ABAP Clone Hunter is a community project.

The idea is to automatically detect Z objects clone of standard one.

This report is really useful to identify possible clones, the scope of this report is not to identify univocally a standard one but is to give a rated list of possible matches. 

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Reference: Simple ABAP Clone Hunter

Code Exchange Project Homepage


  1. Hi community,

    The clonehunter is a very nice tool. But now it's time to swicth back to SAP standard and use the intergated Clonefinder. Just start the transaction /sdf/cd_cca and enjoy the different use cases from simple clone finding, over a real modification overview, detect dynamic usage of custom code objects; make cross system comparison of coding and in the latest release a transaction code clone finder,

    We offer also some developer APIs and performance improved parallel processing.

    Don't trust any expensive 3rd party applciations. We detect rela clones and help you to improve the custom code footprint.

    If you need more information, just send me an email.



  2. Hi Björn,

    what is the release of NetWeaver where the /sdf/cd_cca transaction is available?

    Best regards

  3. Unknown User (106pwevzy)

    Hello Gregor,

    The clonefinder lies on the ST-PI layer and therefore is somehow independent of the Netweaver release.

    You can identify it in System --> Status and you should see ST-PI 2008_1_XXX, which could be one of the following:

    2008_1_46C,   2008_1_620,   2008_1_640,   2008_1_700,   2008_1_710

    To get the Clonefinder, all you need to be in ST-PI SP4.

    Then use the transaction /SDF/CD_CCA and enjoy!

    Best regards,


  4. Unknown User (106pwevzy)

    If the transaction does not work, try inserting /n at the beginning.