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 Use the following checklist when you create a customer message regarding COMMUNICATION (component BC-SRV-COM*).      

 o  Contact information: Name and telephone number of the reporter      
 o  System information: SAP NetWeaver Release (SAP_BASIS) and Support    
     Package number                                                      
 o  Problem description: Name of the application wherefrom the          
     mail/fax/sms is send,                                                   
    step-by-step instructions, screenshots, dumps, and traces           
 o System access: Opening of the system, maintain customer logon       

 The SAP NetWeaver release and correct Support Package level are importan pieces of information for processing the problem.              
 To determine these, choose "System" -> Status...". Choose the magnifying glass button ("Component information")  beneath              
 "SAP System Data". The relevant information  is alongside the  "SAP_BASIS" entry.                                                     

 The kernel level is the next relevant item of information. Use transaction SM51, select the application server, and then choose       
 "Release Notes". The creation date and Support Package details are sufficient. Please send info regarding the Mailserver/Faxserver

(name, type).      

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION                 

Describe how to reproduce the problem in as many details as possible. Enter the name of the application wherefrom the Mail/Fax/SMS is send.   
If you have customer own program then please enter the name of the function modul or class which is used for sending the document.          
Be sure if your release > 610, than you are using the SMTP node for sending email/SMS. (see note 455140)                                     
If you have to use an RFC node then please check the outcome of the program which creates the document. You can do it with the help of       
SXDUMP, please read the note : 320503                                    
If you are using SMTP node and you are facing communication problem with the mailserver, than please attach the level 3 dev_icm

trace to the message. You can get this trace in transaction SMICM.                    
There are several example programs for different scenarios. These programs can be found in transaction SE38 under bcs_example*.            
If you plan to create your own application for sending email/SMS/fax than please use our example program for your basis.                      

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